World’s oldest military jeep in Huntsville’s Veterans Memorial Museum

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A documentary is in the works for a piece of military history on display in Huntsville.

A rare, unrestored Ford Pygmy is inside the U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum on Airport Road. It’s believed to be the world’s oldest remaining military jeep.

Ford began producing the Pygmy prototype in 1940. They were shipped to Europe and Japan during World War II.

On Wednesday, staff of the Historic Vehicle Association from Washington, D.C., was at the museum to gather data and video on the vehicle.

“We felt that this is the embodiment of the Jeep, one of the significant Jeeps that was built. It really helps to tell that story. It’s an unrestored car, which really matters to us because it shows some of the original craftsmanship, how the prototype was created, how Ford built it, how the designs were implemented right there in 1940,” said Casey Maxon.

The Pygmy is being inducted into the National Historic Vehicle Registry. All documentation, such as photos and drawings, will be kept in the National Archives.

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