Web Talk: The Economy of Style, Keeping It Clean, Canadian Crock & Coupe-Utility Cool

Collecting cars a young man’s hobby? New Canadian tax a crock? Last month’s edition of the HVA eNews got plenty of feedback from readers. Check out some of the online comments and reactions that caught our attention.


The Economy of Style

“The best piece of advice is to purchase your vehicle for the right price. Overpaying for a vehicle that needs restoration (be it a lot of restoration or just a little) is the sure fire way to get offside quickly.”

—Brent Fullard, Toronto, Ontario, on response to a HVA Facebook page question asking readers for money-saving restorations tips.

“One thing I have learned is that ‘this is a young to middle aged hobby.’ I know many will disagree, but life changes as one gets up there in age as do values.”

—John Ilg, in a HVA website response to the article “Can I Still Afford This Hobby?”


Keeping It Clean

“My understanding of the old aftermarket 45 players was that they were only good for parking somewhere and listening. Driving with a record in one (much less playing!) was a sure way to destroy the record. Would still come in handy for playing at an impromptu party, or… well, this is a family friendly site. I’ll leave my other thoughts where they are!”

—Frank Swygert, in a Facebook response to the article “Automotive Oddity: The Highway Hi-Fi”

“This idea was expanded later to play 45’s in any car. The unit mounted under the dash. You loaded the records with side to be played facing down. As the record finished the arm retracted and the record fell down the shaft that held the records and the next one was ready to play. I had one of these in 1966. I had it running thru a reverb unit. If you hit a bump just right you got the greatest [bong!] sound.”

—Jim Blakely, in a HVA website response to the article “Automotive Oddity: The Highway Hi-Fi” Pontiac

Canadian Crock

“What a crock. Another tax grab from the Canadian government.”

—Dave P, in a HVA website response to the article “Canada News: New Tax Targets Used-Cars Sellers” 

“This stinks and all, but be glad you don’t live in Virginia. Our tax rate on cars is lower, but we have to pay it every year.”

—Chris Del Rossi, in a HVA website response to the article “Canada News: New Tax Targets Used-Cars Sellers”   


Coupe-Utility Cool

“Call me a nut, but I love these vehicles. They have it all…a car’s ride, a bed for light hauling, and funky looks. They’d still be viable if the ride of modern trucks had not improved so much.”

—Joe Essid, in response to the article “On the Tube: More Than a Car. More Than a Truck.” 

“We could use a new kind of coupe truck if Detroit made one for today, rather than just reproduce an old concept.”

—Jim Cassano, in a Facebook response to the question of whether coupe-utility vehicles like the El Camino deserve to a make a comeback.