Web Talk: Driving Carroll’s Shelby, From Father to Son, Graduation Cars

Check out some of the Facebook comments and website feedback that caught our attention from last month’s edition of eNews.


Driving Carroll’s Shelby

On June’s This Car Matters story spotlighting the Carroll Shelby’s legendary Daytona Cobra CSX2287…

“Not sure if this is the same car Ken Miles drove, but if it is I also drove it. I worked in the cargo building for Trans World Airlines in the 60s in Los Angeles. We were located directly across LAX from Shelby American and shipped many of the Shelby production cars and race cars. The production cars were usually driven on the airport service roads from Shelby to the TWA cargo building and the race cars were delivered by car hauler. Either way they all showed up with a small amount of gas in the tanks, which had to be removed before being loaded on an airplane. We didn’t have any other way available to us to remove the gas other than to run them — that’s what we said anyway.”

—Russ Keller, Kansas City, MO


From Father to Son

In the spirit of Father’s Day, we asked readers for stories about how their fathers got them hooked on old cars…

“I wish I had my dad around now. I miss him very much. He died in 1981 when I was only 14, but I do remember his vehicles . . . I still have some Pontiac car dealer ads from late 60s for the station wagons which is what he owned. I [also] remember a green ’70 or ’71 Chevy pickup [and] a Chevy El Camino — the last vehicle he owned before he died.”

—Michael Rhodes, Noblesville, IN


Graduation Cars

June’s eNews story that spotlighted five popular graducation cars“— cars that passed from sub-model/option package to their own unique model—elicited some great memories and even some gripes from readers. Yikes.

“Cool article, the theme of sub-model-turned-model could apply to a whole host of cars & trucks, especially during the time periods this article highlights —Chevelle, Buick G.S. line, etc. This article focused on cars that evolved options into production models. But when I think of trucks and jeeps such as the Cherokee variations, Dodge Ram, Ramcharger, Power Wagon, the convoluted option versus model name game really gets into full swing.”

—Nate, Minneapolis, MN

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