Web Talk: A Soldier’s Sacrifice, The Green Disease & So Many Great Roads, So Little Space

Check out some of the Facebook comments and website feedback that caught our attention from last month’s edition of the HVA eNews.

A Soldier’s Sacrifice

On April’s story, Remembering the Fallen, about Lance Corporal Phillip Vinnedge and his parents’ effort to turn a 1951 Chevrolet 3100 into a rolling memorial for their son and the 24 other Marines in his unit killed during their seven month combat tour in Afghanistan…  

“This story brings back a rush of emotion knowing firsthand what a strong motivation memories of a car back home and a loving supportive family can be when you are in combat. Often these memories give the strength to get you through.”

—Terry Nicholas, Texas

“Sorry for [the] loss of your son and the other soldiers who fought to protect our freedom… What a nice way to honor and have an everlasting memory of these soldiers and sharing it with others. You are special people and I will keep you in my prayers.”

—Steve Clark, Indiana

The Green Disease

Judging by the response to Hidden Treasures: Finding a Historic Military Project on a Budget, HVA members love their “green machines”…

“[Restoring military vehicles] is a fun and rewarding hobby and much less expensive as most classic civilian vehicles. The restoration is easy and very straight forward. Anyone with minimal mechanical skills can handle anything that comes up… Thanks for this article.”

—Jerry Gardner, Texas

“I’ve got the green disease pretty bad. I’ve been addicted to the simplicity, durability, impressiveness, and head-turning factor of military vehicles for a few years now… There is nothing like the satisfaction in owning and maintaining old military equipment.”

—Josh, Pennsylvania

So Many Great Roads, So Little Space

Thanks to all the readers who—after reading the article Ten Great Driving Roads You May Not Know —took the time to tell us all the “even greater” roads we were forced to leave out. Here are just a couple…  

“How could you omit Utah 12 running from Bryce Canyon National Park to Capitol Reef National park? I have driven all the western roads on your list. They are all nice, but with the exception of Going-to-the-Sun, Utah 12 reigns supreme.”

—Frank, Washington

“[The Dragon is] a great ride, but there are other roads in West Virginia and Tennessee that rival it. Try Route 33 from Franklin, West Virginia to Harrisonburg, Virginia—180 degree switchbacks immediately followed by 9-degree inclines. And Route 16 from Tazewell down to Marion in VA is not too shabby either.”

—Dennis Culligan, New York

“Try the Back of the Dragon, also known as Route 16 from Mouth of Wilson to Tazwell, Virginia. It’s 52 miles of challenging mountain roads that’s not as crowded as the Tail of the Dragon and has much steeper and tighter curves.”

—Pete Shaginaw, North Carolina