The Year in Photos

Driving a Model T across the country for last year’s Road Trip Century Celebration made 2015 tough to beat in terms of photographic opportunities. But then along came 2016, a year that offered just as many, if not more, unique shots. Take a look back at some of our favorite photos,captured by Historic Vehicle Association staff photographers Casey Maxon and John Paul.


Barber Vintage Festival, held on the grounds of the Barber Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, AL – photo by Casey Maxon


Two former presidential vehicles were featured at this year’s Cars at the Capital, including President Reagan’s 1962 Willys – photo by John R. Paul


Cruising down Highway 1 as part of this year’s Pebble Beach Concours Tour d’Elegance – photo by Casey Maxon


Illuminated at night, the display cut quite a figure in front of the Capitol Building – photo by John R. Paul


The first ever Chevrolet Camaro was added to the National Historic Vehicle Register in August – photo by Casey Maxon


Even with the hundreds of great cars lining Woodward, the Camaro display still managed to stand out – photo by John R. Paul

Cars at the Capital 2016_1_Courtesy of HVA_Casey Maxon

This year’s Cars at the Capital proved even more spectacular when the sun went down – photo by Casey Maxon


Ronald Reagan’s beloved Willys, added to the Register this spring, sits outside the ranch house at Rancho del Cielo – photo by Casey Maxon