The Roundup: Road Trip Century Celebration Edition

The idea of driving a 100-year-old car across the country certainly seemed to resonate with people. In nearly every city we stopped, media outlets turned out to cover the story. We’ve collected but a handful from the past couple months for this special edition of The Roundup.

Car and Driver

Car And Driver

One of our great supporting partners, Car and Driver, ran a concurrent blog of our trip, sharing the story of our retracing of Edsel’s trip with its readership.


[photo credit: Mlive]

Before hitting the road, the folks over at MLive met up with the team at the Ford estate in Dearborn, site of the original road trip’s departure 100 years ago..

Mitchell News Journal

Mitchell News Journal

Our own Jim Gallagher received a little hometown press of his own, giving an interview with the Mitchell News Journal. In it, he expressed his thrill of being able to see the country largely avoiding the interstates, quite a change for the retired long-haul truck driver who knows most of the them like the back of his hand.

Albuquerque Journal

ABQ paper

Spotting the same car they’d seen on the cover of that day’s Albuquerque Journal caused the Turpin family to make a quick stop while visiting the Painted Desert/Petrified Forest National Park. Rushing towards us with newspaper in hand, they were thrilled to have spotted us and even requested Casey sign their copy of the paper.

Detroit Free Press

Edsel Ford

Back in Detroit, our trip was covered not once, but twice by the Detroit Free Press. In the first, auto critic Mark Phelan recounts the history of the original tour, while in the second he offers a recap of our trip 100 years later. Both include great short videos well worth checking out.

NBC Bay Area

Perhaps more so than any other stop along our route, the San Francisco press, particularly the NBC Bay Area crew, was out en masse to cover our arrival. All of the major local news outlets turned out for the end of our 3,500-mile cross-country trek.

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