The Roundup: July 2015

In this month’s web roundup, we link you to articles spotlighting a secret stash of 1960s superspeedway winged-cars, the time legendary drag racer Don Prudhomme filled in for Steve McQueen, the incredible advertising creations of Jordan Automotive Design and more.

Craziest Barn Find Ever


“Walking in through the small door and I was presented with an area as big as a football field,” recounts Hot Rod Network’s Ryan Brutt.The lights only worked in the front part of the warehouse, so it allowed me to see that right there by the door were three 1969 Ford Talladegas, two Mercury Cyclone Spoilers, one 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona, one 1970 Plymouth Superbird, and one 1969 Charger 500.”

This only begins the amazing collection of 1960s superspeedway winged-cars Brutt discovered collecting dust in a Tennessee warehouse. Check out the article for the complete story and photos.

The Time Don Prudhomme Filled in For Steve McQueen



In researching Baja racing, Hot Rod Network’s Elana Scherr, noticed drag racing legend Don Prudhomme’s name on an entrants’ list from the 1968 running of the Mexican 1000 (what the Baja 1000 was called in the early days). Old archive photos showed “The Snake” decked out in Steve McQueen’s Solar Plastics film company logo. So what gives? Scherr called up Prudhomme to find out. What followed is a wonderful story (with lots of old photos) detailing his relationship with Tony “The Loner” Nancy and the time Prudhomme filled in as Baja co-driver for actor Steve McQueen.

Early Ford Dealership In Photos


Noted Ford historian Henry Dominguez has a new book, and last month Hemmings Daily gave readers a captivating sample of what’s inside. In The Ford Dealership, Volume I: 1903-1954, Dominguez uses words and historical photos to examine the success of the “Blue Oval” and how it had as much to do with the showroom floors as it did on the factory assembly line.

Jordan Automotive Advertising Designs


Over at Motorcities, last month’s “Story of the Week” profiled the founding of Cleveland’s Jordan Motor Car Company in 1916. It’s worth a look. At the heart of the story are some of the unforgettable print advertisements—some of the most classy, stylish and successful old car ads ever written.

When Bridgestone Made Motorcycles


“Here’s a story that features plenty of BS,” quips Greg Williams in this month’s Motorcycle Classics. “And before anyone gets huffy about our language, let’s set something straight: BS stands for Bridgestone, as in Bridgestone motorcycles.”

Yes, the famed Japanese tire manufacturer once made motorcycles. In this story, Williams offers a history of BS in America before focusing on the restoration of one particular BS barn find—the 1971 Mach II SS.