The Roundup: April 2015

While the Internet often seems to be little more than a breeding ground for assorted memes, mundane life moments and cat videos, it does offer a handful of genuinely worthwhile articles deserving of your attention. Here at the HVA we’ve taken it upon ourselves to sort through countless articles to find some of the best for your consumption.

Taking Stock

Hot Rod Network takes a close look at the 1966 Mercury Comet NASCAR racecar of Darel Dieringer—a car from a different time and place when the “stock” in stock car really meant stock.

Honda Gold Wing Celebrates 40 Years

When Cycleworld first tested Honda GL1000 Gold Wing 1975, they predicted that “The Gentleman’s Choice” may soon be the touring machine on American highways. Forty years later, the online version of the magazine examines the legacy of the bike that revolutionized the concept of motorcycle touring.

Long Live Lotus

Hemmings Daily blog contacted a number of insiders to share some fascinating stories (and some great brochure photos) about Lotus’s early days in America

Suburban’s 80th Anniversary

According to Chevrolet, Suburban has had the longest production run of any American vehicle. takes a look at this longtime favorite of soccer moms and Secret Service agents with this 12-generation retrospective.

Irish Pride

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Petrolicious turned the spotlight on one of the few modern cars to ever roll out of a factory in Ireland—the DeLorean DMC-12.