The Ethanol Myth

Ethanol promises clean air, a better environment, and no more dependence on foreign oil. All that sounds pretty good…and then you take a hard look at the facts.

For years, ethanol has been touted as the solution to clean up our air and lead America away from dependence on foreign oil. In reality, an abundance of scientific and economic data exists to refute these ideas. But that hasn’t stopped the federal government from plowing ahead.

Recently, the EPA moved forward with a rule allowing E15 production and sale for 2007 and newer model years. The decision came despite the fact that numerous studies indicate serious safety and compatibility concerns with older- model vehicles. That’s enough to concern anyone who loves historic vehicles. But that’s not all.

Ethanol production continues to get massive government support and ever increasing subsidies, yet continues to fail on delivering anything it promises. Ethanol has, however, made plenty of headlines as one of the primary causes of increasing food and fuel prices—a problem that is only projected to get worse. Growing more corn for fuel instead of food has already been linked to food riots around the globe, leading one United Nations special reporter to call it “a crime against humanity.” Further disturbing is the mounting concern by environmental watchers that—instead of being environmentally-friendly—ethanol production will actually cause long-term environmental damage.

The need for alternative fuels is clear and we support it, provided the alternative is safe for ALL vehicles on the road. It shouldn’t require massive taxpayer subsidies and it should be good for the environment. Ethanol meets none of these basic criteria and we think the government should devote its time and our taxpayer resources to finding a real solution that does.

So, what will it take to persuade Washington to stop wasting time and money on ethanol? With your help, the HVA is going to find out. We plan to challenge the federal government’s disastrous ethanol/bio-fuel mandate and its corn-fed, special-interest supporters.

The threat ethanol poses to historic vehicles is bad enough. But beyond that, the current ethanol policy supported by the American government serves only the interests of the agri-business.

Whatever spin comes out of the nation’s capitol regarding ethanol, we’ll be checking the facts and holding our elected and appointed officials accountable every step of the way until the mandate for E15 is repealed and the ethanol myth is dispelled.

For more information and fact checking and to sign up for our online petition please go to:

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