The Castle Duesenberg set the foundation for the most luxurious car brand in America’s history | Documentary

The Castle Duesenberg is a 1921 Straight Eight which was the first passenger Duesenberg sold to the public. This was the brand’s first foray into a combination of performance and luxury in a road car which set the foundation for the Duesenberg brothers to create one of the most luxurious and exclusive automotive brands to ever exist. To commemorate this iconic American car brand, we inducted the Castle Duesenberg / 1921 Duesenberg Straight Eight as the 27th car added to the National Historic Vehicle Register.


Watch our latest documentary The Castle Duesenberg: Luxury Legend to learn the story behind the Duesenberg Brothers, how their company grew and eventually faded away, and how the Castle Duesenberg survived to this day to tell the story of the grandest eras in America’s automotive history!

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