The Roundup: Cars at the Capital Edition

Washington sightseers and old car lovers weren’t the only folks who turned out at the National Mall last week to get a unique automotive spin on U.S. presidential history. Reporters from some of the most recognized names in news were also there to cover this annual Historic Vehicle Association event. Check out what they had to say.

White at Night

For his report for The Washington Post, John Kelly, got a brief history of President Taft’s steamer and the Reagan’s Jeep from the HVA’s Director of Operations, Diane Parker. From there, Kelly gives a rundown of other famous vehicles owned by prominent Washington politicians. Click here to check it out. And if that’s not enough to satisfy your interest in cars driven by the political elite, click here and here to check out these two articles from the HVA news archives.



HVA President, Mark Gessler, shared with Chicago Tribune writer Larry Printz the reason old cars are so fascinating to people and why they must be preserved. “This isn’t just a hobby; it’s heritage.” Click here to read more.


Hot Rod 2

How many ways can you spin a story about two of the most interesting vehicles in U.S. presidential history? Click here to see. USA Today covered this year’s Cars at the Capital collection by including the HVA’s THIS CAR MATTERS video spotlighting Taft’s 1909 White Model M along with 18-photos from the Ronald Reagan Library showing how the 40th President of the United States liked to roll in his 1962 Willys CJ-6.


Courtesy of the HVA_17

Does the kind of car we drive really reflect our personality? For correspondent Bill Griffith, Cars at the Capital offered a rare glimpse of the personal side of two former American presidents. Click here to read Griffith’s report.



Detroit Free Press Auto Critic, Mark Phelan, gives the backstory behind this year’s Cars at the Capital collection, along with quotes from one of President Reagan’s Secret Service protectors, John R. Barletta, and Reagan Ranch Director, Andrew Coffin. Click here to read the story.