October 2014 Events Recap

With the changing of the seasons and the cooling of the weather, the show season begins to slow down for the year as cars across the country begin to make their way back to their garages in anticipation of the coming snowfall. Perhaps a bit melancholic, but hey, October’s also home to one of the best events on the calendar: Hershey.

Hershey Fall Meet

Unlike last year’s veritable washout, this year’s event saw the weather a bit more cooperative, allowing thousands of visitors to peruse untold numbers of automotive ephemera. While the rain made a brief appearance prior to Saturday’s car show, by late morning it had cleared enough for those gathered to take in a number of exceptional cars on display.

Concours d’Elegance at French Lick Resort

1907 Premier

Earlier in the month over in Indiana at this year’s Concours d’Elegance at French Lick Resort, the HVA Award was presented to this 1907 Premier owned by Clem Lange.

Barber Vintage Festival

Dubble Trubble

In Birmingham, AL, the Barber Vintage Festival celebrated its tenth anniversary. In attendance and winner of the THIS BIKE MATTERS award was the Dubble Trubble Triumph motorcycle.

National Automotive Heritage Summit

HVA Summit

This past month also saw the 3rd annual National Automotive Heritage Summit, hosted by the HVA. Held in Middleburg, VA, this year’s event gathered a number of prominent figures within the hobby for two days of discussions and presentations relating to restoration best practices and the preservation of our automotive heritage via the National Historic Vehicle Register. With the latter, plans surrounding its expansion and eventual implementation on a smaller scale were discussed, laying additional groundwork for an ongoing project that will look to expand in scope in the coming years.

Along with this, the event showcased the next vehicle to be added to the National Historic Vehicle Register, the 1947 Tucker ’48 Prototype known as the Tin Goose. Unfortunately, while being towed to a display area, the driver’s side rear axle weld gave out, causing the wheel to fall off. While no structural damage was incurred, the car was essentially incapacitated and had to be rolled back onto the truck with the help of a dolly. Much like its official debut in which it also experienced a number of difficulties, this incident simply became yet another in a history of such things happening to the car prior to momentous occasions.

For more information on these and other events, along with a list of where the HVA will be next, please visit our events page.

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