1964 Meyers Manx “Old Red”

1964 Meyers Manx "Old Red"

HAER Number



Valley Center, CA

Date(s) of Construction

October 1963 – ca 1964

Original Owner and Use

Bruce Meyers
Newport Beach, CA
Registration: OTV 553

On/Off-Road Recreational Vehicle

Present Owner and Use

Bruce Meyers
Valley Center, CA

Display and limited exhibition

Designer / Engineer / Builder

Bruce Meyers
Newport Beach, CA

The 1964 Meyers Manx known as Old Red, is nationally significant based on the relation to four criteria. First, it is associated with important trends in automotive history and culture, a significant event. Old Red shaped the rise of the dune buggy phenomenon in the United States and abroad beginning in the mid -1960s. Second, it is associated with Bruce Meyers, a pioneer of the dune buggy craze and a significant person in the context of off-road vehicles and the fiberglass kit-car industry. Third, Old Red features significant design and construction value: it is the first dune buggy built with a fiberglass body and its design transformed the dune buggy industry. Fourth, it offers informational value as the first in a series of approximately 7000 Manx dune buggies built by B.F. Meyers & Company, it is the inspiration for over 250,000 similar cars manufactured by other companies, and is thus the most replicated car in history. The period of significance for Old Red was from its completion in 1964 to the end of Meyers Manx production in 1971.




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