1947 Tucker 48 Prototype “The Tin Goose”

1947 Tucker 48 Prototype "The Tin Goose"

HAER Number



Huntingdon, PA

Date(s) of Construction

April 1947 – June 19, 1947

Original Owner and Use

Tucker Corporation

Display, promotion, and testing

Present Owner and Use

William E. Swigart, Jr.
Huntingdon, PA

Automobile Museum Display

Designer / Engineer / Builder

George S. Lawson, Alex Sarantos Tremulis and J. Gordon Lippincott & Company, designers
Benjamin G. Parsons, engineer
Herman Ringling and William Sampfli, builders

The 1947 Tucker ’48 Prototype, known as the Tin Goose, is nationally significant based on four criteria. First, the Tin Goose is associated with important events in automotive and American history. It played a central role in the rise and fall of the Tucker Corporation between 1947 and 1950. It was the first automobile built by the Tucker Corporation to promote the company to investors and dealers and was also an important part of a subsequent public controversy, Federal investigation and lawsuit that led to the company’s failure. Second, the Tin Goose is associated with a significant person in American history. Preston Tucker was an important automotive industry entrepreneur and was the founder of the Tucker Corporation that built the Tin Goose. Third, the Tucker exhibits significant design and construction value. The Tin Goose incorporated safety equipment and many innovative features that were not previously available in American production automobiles. Fourth, the Tin Goose offers informational value as the first Tucker automobile constructed and as the prototype for the additional 50 Tucker automobiles eventually built. It retains much of its original materials, components and craftsmanship as well as, evidence of features and components that were modified during development.

The period of significance for the Tin Goose was from June 1947 until the vehicle was sold at auction in October 1950.




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THIS CAR MATTERS: 1947 Tucker 48 Prototype
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