Making the Register: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro

The circumstances under which Logan Lawson happened upon the very first Chevrolet Camaro sounds a little farfetched…especially when you consider that the person who found it was just a kid at the time.

9_First Camaro_Image by HVA_June 2016

Poring over message boards one day after school, Lawson—all of 13 at the time—came across a for sale notice that didn’t quite add up. For starters, the body of the Camaro in the picture looked odd. But the real head-scratcher was the VIN—#123377N100001.

Seeing far too many zeroes ending in the number “1,”Lawson suggested to his dad that maybe they should check it out. What they found was a heavily-raced, rusted-out shell of what they soon determined was something truly special.

A little digging revealed that the first part of the VIN (123377) signified the various options of the car. The letter “N” signified that it was built at the Norwood plant, while the “100001” designated that here—without any fanfare, sitting outside in the rain—was the very first Camaro to ever roll off the production line.

  • Association with significant event

22_First Camaro_Image by HVA_June 2016 (1)

There was perhaps no greater automotive rivalry than the one that existed between Ford and Chevrolet following the former’s introduction of the Mustang in mid-1964. And while it would be another three years before Chevrolet was officially considered a competitor, once they unveiled their Camaro the race was truly on for market supremacy. This was apparent from the very first year of production when—despite Chevy keeping relatively quiet about the new launch and without an official prototype—orders for first generation Camaros vastly surpassed the available inventory.

  • First/last/best/only remaining

25_First Camaro_Image by HVA_June 2016

Being the first of anything almost always ensures at least some place in history. But to be the first of one of the most popular cars of all time is something else, entirely. And while its design was by no means revolutionary, the pilot Camaro’s golden exterior and swept fenders served as the starting point for an additional six generations…so far.

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