Legislative Watch: New 2012 Laws That May Impact You

The year’s just getting started, but across the country the legislative calendar is already heating up with a number of political initiatives that have historic vehicle owners talking. Here’s a nationwide rundown of pending initiatives and what you can do to make your voice heard. 

Heads Up: West Virginia

Bill Number: H.B. 4068

Status: Recently introduced, hearing in committee.

Potential Impact: This bill would assess antique motor vehicles for property taxes at their salvage value. The salvage value could not exceed $500. At the most costly rate in West Virginia (approximately 3 percent), the actual property tax paid by antique motor vehicle owners at the maximum salvage value would end up being about $15 per year.  

Tell Them What You Think:  Contact West Virginia Finance Committee Member Harry Keith White (Chair) [email protected] or bill sponsor delegate Allen V. Evans [email protected].

Heads Up: Virginia

Got Your Number: H.B. 878 

Status: Subcommittee hearing took place on February 8.

Potential Impact: H.B. 878 would completely exempt all vehicles 25 years old and older from the annual license tax, as well as limit the tax to $100 for all other vehicles undergoing active restoration or repair. Parts cars that are stored on private property for fewer than 60 days would remain exempted.

Tell Them What You Think: Contact bill sponsor Mark D. Sickles at [email protected]. 

Heads Up: U.S. Congress and Ethanol

Got Your Number: H.R. 3199

Status: Passed U.S. House Committee.

Potential Impact: Congress would require further testing of the effects of mid-level ethanol blends containing up to 15 percent ethanol prior to any sort of widespread distribution and confirmation that there would be no negative effects whatsoever were it to be used across the country.

What You Can Do: Keep up-to-date on the HVA’s EthaNO! page for further updates.

Heads Up: Wisconsin

Got Your Number: AB 580 

Status: To be heard by the Senate and Assembly Transportation Committees.

Potential Impact: This would positively affect the ability to register and use a number of historic vehicles in the state of Wisconsin, altering existing state law which can makes it difficult to register and use older vehicles.

What You Can Do:  Contact bill sponsor Glenn Grothman at [email protected] and Committee Chair Senator Mary Lazich at [email protected].

Heads Up: Maryland

Got Your Number: H.B. 550 and H.B. 268

Status: Hearing has been set for H.B. 550 on February 28th.

H.B. 268 has been submitted for hearings at this time.

Potential Impact: H.B. 550 seeks to increase from 20 to 25 years the age a motor vehicle must reach before being considered eligible for historic plates, while also limiting the type of usage allowed with the plates. H.B. 268 seeks to limit the number of vehicles a person can sell within a given year before they have to be considered a car dealer.

What You Can Do: Contact the Environmental Matters Committee at:

410-841-3990 or bill sponsor Delegate Kirill Reznik at [email protected].

Heads Up: Washington

Got Your Number: S.B. 5586

Status: Approved by Washington Senate Rules Committee

Why It Matters: This bill would allow for the repair or modification of six or fewer vehicles that are undergoing restoration on private property. It would also permit parts cars to be maintained as a source of parts for vehicles undergoing restoration, establishing reasonable provisions for vehicle screening on private property.

What You Can Do: Contact bill sponsors Senator Mike Carrell [email protected] and Senator Randi Becker [email protected].

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