Legislative Watch: March 2011

In March you can count on the days getting longer, NCAA basketball, daylight savings time, the swallows returning to Capistrano and legislators shuffling bills like cards in what amounts to high stakes, poker game. Upcoming legislative issues include more funding for ethanol research, emissions exemptions for historic vehicles, and more. Here are the some bills historic vehicle owners are going to like and others the HVA consider wild cards.

On Emissions

Three states continue to push forward in their HVA supported efforts to exempt collector vehicles from emissions testing. In ArizonaTennesseeNevada and Indiana legislation to exempt historic vehicles from emissions testing is actively moving through the process.

Click here for an interactive map of the emissions laws in the U.S. and Canada.

Anti-hobby Inoperable Vehicle Ordinances

Indiana and Washington lawmakers have the chance to make big points with historic vehicle owners by blocking legislation aimed at preventing a property owner from restoring vehicles or keeping parts-cars on their property. The HVA has suggested pro-hobby language to the legislature in these two states just in case these bills start moving through the legislature.

On Ethanol

Ethanol continues to get a lot of attention in national news and state legislatures but the impact on collectors is finally being heard and considered. Recently, the New York Times and the Atlanta Examiner ran stories commenting on the impact of ethanol on collector vehicles.

New Hampshire lawmakers have certainly gotten the message and may move on a HVA-supported measure banning corn-based ethanol as an additive to gasoline sold in that state. Meanwhile, North Carolina is in line to take a closer look at the way gasoline containing ethanol is labeled. Not surprising, Nebraska is taking the opposite approach considering legislation eliminating ethanol labeling completely.

Click here to check out the HVA’s ethanol label requirements at the pump in your state.

Historic Vehicle Registration Fees and Use

We are encouraged by the number of HVA-supported bills aimed at simplifying or reducing restrictions on historic vehicles.

  • Maine is considering two pieces of legislation: one permitting buses in the historic vehicle classification and the other exempting antique vehicles from the state’s muffler requirement.
  • A new bill in New Jersey would allow once a week pleasure driving of antique vehicles.
  • Illinois is considering an option to allow historic vehicle owners to purchase an expanded use permit.
  • New York is considering a change to a one-time registration fee for historic vehicles. The fee would go from a $28 annual fee to $100 fee for as long as you own the vehicle.
  • In Iowa, legislators are considering a revision that would change registration from an annual process to once every-two years (with a corresponding fee to reflect a new, two-year charge).

The HVA would like to know how you feel about annual versus one time registration for collector vehicles. Please click here to visit the HVA website and participate in our on-line poll.

Street Rods and Custom Vehicles

The Washington State Senate has approved an HVA-supported bill that exempts street rods and custom vehicles from emissions testing and permitting use of blue dot tail lights.

Meanwhile, New YorkNew Mexico and Texas are all considering legislation to register street rods and custom vehicles. Bills in Texas and New York would exempt these vehicles from certain equipment and inspection requirements.

Inoperable or Nuisance Vehicle Laws

Texas and Arkansas are considering legislation that would effectively put an end to restoring barn-finds or having parts-cars. These bills put limits on the length of time an inoperable vehicle can remain on private property and the number of parts/scrap vehicles purchased annually.

The HVA is strongly opposed to these bills and will keep you up to date on what’s happening with this assault on the hobby.

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