Legislative Watch: February 2011

Lawmakers in America and Canada have now convened for their 2011 legislative sessions. So far, the HVA has sifted through 59,748 bills and are encouraged by the “good traction” pro-hobby issues and initiatives are getting in a number of states. Here’s a quick look at some of the legislation we’ll be watching this year.


In keeping with our focus on clearing the air on collector vehicles and emissions, we are thrilled that Indiana, Nevada, and Tennessee agree with us and the information the HVA provided them and are actively considering legislation that would exempt historic vehicles from emissions inspections. Last week, Arizona took its pro-hobby emissions program one step further and voted on legislation that would exempt all vehicles 25 years or older from emissions inspections, regardless of collector-vehicle status.


While the majority of states continue to push legislation designed to encourage the development, production, and use of alternative fuels such as ethanol, a few efforts caught our eye. In New Hampshire, a bill was introduced that would ban the sale of corn-based ethanol while Hawaii is considering a bill to require that all gasoline sold there contain 15-percent ethanol.

Historic Vehicle Registration Fees and Use

Historic vehicle owners in a number of states have good reason to be encouraged by bills currently in the works in a number of states. Do your part by getting in touch with your state or local representative and voicing your support.

  • Maine lawmakers are considering a bill that would include antique buses as historic vehicles.
  • New Jersey has a bill that would allow for once a week pleasure driving of collector vehicles.
  • New York may soon provide for a one time registration fee for a historic vehicle.
  • West Virginia is considering a bill that would provide a personal property tax exemption for vehicles registered as historic vehicles.

Specially Constructed Vehicles and Street Rods

New York, Texas, and Washington have again introduced legislation that would provide for specially constructed vehicle and street-rod registrations that also provide exemptions and protections in the same manner as historic vehicles.

To help you stay up to speed on all the bills and issues impacting collector vehicles and your right to drive them, click here to check out HVA’s regularly updated legislative page. If you have questions, need additional information, or would like to alert the HVA to legal issues impacting HV hobbyists in your area, send us an email at [email protected].

Get Involved

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