Legislative Watch: Congressional Bill Introduced Recognizing National Historic Vehicle Register

On Thursday, July 31st, a bi-partisan Bill was introduced on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives that seeks to further elevate the status and federal recognition of the National Historic Vehicle Register. Read on to find out more about this historic achievement.


In order to further ensure a broader appreciation of our nation’s automotive heritage, Congressmen Gary Peters (D-MI) authored and introduced H.R. Bill 5366 with Congressman John Campbell (R-CA) as the co-sponsor. This bipartisan bill, entitled “The National Historic Vehicle Register Act of 2014,” seeks to provide a higher level of recognition for the National Historic Vehicle Register. The bill authorizes the Secretary of the Interior, acting through the Director of the National Park Service and coordinating with the HVA, the authority to expand and maintain the National Historic Vehicle Register. More specifically, H.R. 5366 seeks to “establish a program to accurately document vehicles that were significant in the history of the United States.”­

Peters and Gessler

Additionally, H.R. 5366 spells out the specific criteria for vehicles to be considered and added to the National Historic Vehicle Register, as well as the corresponding documentation (narrative, photographs and line drawings) required to accompany each vehicle. Along with the vehicle criteria, H.R. 5366 also states the privacy of the vehicle’s owner will not be violated in any way, nor can a vehicle be documented without their consent.

Dodge Deora

With the National Historic Vehicle Register already established and requiring no further law or passage of legislation, H.R. functions to create higher level recognition of and raise awareness for this important step in preserving our automotive heritage. During the August press conference formally announcing the bill, Congressman Peters and HVA President Mark Gessler were surrounded by a host of vehicles that served as examples of potential future additions to the Register.

For more information on the National Historic Vehicle Register as well as full coverage of today’s press conference, please visit the HVA’s website and Facebook page.