Legislative Watch: Big Wins for Historic Vehicle Owners

Big wins and protections nationwide—a state-by-state rundown of why historic vehicle owners have reason to celebrate.

“If winning isn’t everything,” Vince Lombardi once said, “then why do we keep score?”

If you define a legislative “win” for historic vehicle enthusiasts in terms of successfully defending our rights to own, use and drive our vehicles with as little government interference as possible, then our scorecard is chock-full of nothing but wins so far this year.

Thanks to the efforts of HVA members, our Car Club partners and hobby activists, we have gained good ground in the legislative arena nationwide. Here’s a quick look at how our offensive and defensives initiatives stacked up on the legislative score card:

Pro-Collector Legislation that is now law:

  • Arizona, Maine and Tennessee all passed emissions and inspection exemptions favorable to historic car owners
  • Colorado, Utah, Washington and Wyoming passed laws reducing registration burdens on collector vehicles
  • Nebraska passed a law that simplifies the transfer of ownership of parts-cars between states
  • North Carolina changed its laws to improved fuel pump labeling for gas with ethanol

Anti-Collector Legislation that was defeated:

  • In Arkansas, historic vehicle clubs and owners contacted their elected officials and killed proposed “inoperable vehicle ordinance” legislation
  • In North Dakota an attempt to ban after-market suspension, steering and brakes was blocked by strong lobbying from HVA partner car clubs
  • An attempt to increase property tax assessment valuation was defeated in West Virginia after strong opposition from collectors
  • A rule to prohibit the registration of certain imported vehicles was defeated in Wisconsin by a strong, coordinated hobby effort

For a detailed summary of the new laws that have passed or for updates on legislation that may be moving through the process in your state click here.

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