Jenkins VW featured in special episode of Cars That Matter Podcast

The Cars That Matter Podcast, produced by long-time automotive writer and enthusiast Robert Ross, dives deep into the backstory of cars that have captured people’s hearts throughout the decades. The podcast has featured many distinguished guests such as David Gooding (Gooding & Co.), Terry Karges (Executive Director of The Petersen Museum),  Wayne Carini, Donald Osborne, and more, who have told their tales of the special cars they have encountered and experienced throughout their careers.

In Cars That Matter’s latest episode, the focus turns to the 1966 Volkswagen Type 2 Deluxe Station Wagon (aka Microbus) owned by Esau & Janie B. Jenkins. Known as the Jenkins VW/Jenkins Bus, it was inducted into the National Historic Vehicle Register in 2019 for its connection to the Jenkins family and their involvement in the Civil Rights movement. Before the car could be inducted into the National Historic Vehicle Register, it needed to be excavated from the backyard of the Jenkins home where it sat for 40 years and go through a lengthy preservation and stabilization process by B.R. Howard & Associates as well as the team from The NB Center for American Automotive Heritage.

In the episode, Robert Ross tells the story of this historic vehicle and speaks with Diane Parker (VP of the HVA), the B.R. Howard & Associates team on the process of its stabilization, as well as interviews with Elaine and Bill Jenkins, children of Esau and Janie B. Jenkins, on their memories with the family. Click below to listen to the episode now or listen on the episode’s webpage, Apple, Spotify, or Stitcher!

Jenkins Backyard Daylight 01
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