Jenkins Bus put on display at The Petersen Automotive Museum

The Petersen Automotive Museum is home to one of the greatest collection of cars ever put on public display. With a wide range of cars from movie history, famous races, conceptual designs, and historical artifacts, it is without a doubt a must-see museum for any automotive enthusiast.


More often than not, the cars in this museum are kept to, as you can imagine, museum quality. With well-detailed paint jobs and cleaned interiors, they’re ready to be the subject of a thousand pictures and be the awe of thousands of attendees each year. However, The Petersen has decided to add a new vehicle to its display that goes in a different direction.


The Jenkins VW has taken residence at The Petersen Automotive Museum through the spring and will be on display among many other examples of the finest automobiles ever assembled. Still bearing many of the marks from its 40+ year stint in the backyard of the Jenkins family, the Jenkins VW’s rustic charm and rough finish makes it a rather interesting juxtaposition amongst the rest of the vehicles in the museum. However, its historical impact and cultural importance to the American civil rights movement make it shine amongst all of the vehicles the gallery floor.


Also on display with the Jenkins VW in the Petersen Automotive Museum sits four other cars on the National Historic Vehicle Register including the 1932 Ford V-8 “McGee” Roadster, 1951 “Hirohata” Mercury Coupe, 1964 “Gypsy Rose” Chevrolet Impala, and the original 1964 Meyers Manx “Old Red.” Don’t miss your chance to see all of these amazing pieces of American automotive history all in one place at The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California!


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