Ethanol Update

Chalk up another victory on the path to repealing the EPA’s ill-advised move to increase the amount of ethanol in our fuel by 50 percent.

Good news from Washington in the ongoing E15 debate. Recently, the HVA provided key legislators in congress with important scientific research from the United Kingdom’s Department for Transport that firmly established the fact that ethanol-based fuels are not compatible with historic vehicles. For a full copy of the U.K. report click here. Representatives in Congress were apparently listening and last week passed a budget bill with an amendment that eliminates all funding to the EPA for any activity related to moving ahead with the implementation of E15.

The fate of this amendment in the Senate, however, is uncertain and faces some uphill battles, but the HVA will continue to aggressively advocate on behalf of the historic vehicle community.

To weigh in on the debate as it hits the U.S. Senate, and to tell your Senators to support the “Sullivan Flake Amendments” on E15 go to Feel free to attach the HVA ethanol flyer that outlines all the science showing why further legislative action that promotes E15’s production and usage should be blocked.

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