Automotive Ephemera Now Available Via the Simeone Museum

The Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum in Philadelphia has long been a hidden gem, full of spectacular automobiles with storied histories. Now, in addition to an amazing collection, they have begun offering a unique service. Read on to learn more.

Packard Standard 8

Accurate documentation of original features and special details of historical automobiles is an important part of verification for originality, determining manufacturer’s intent, confirming presence of authorized and unauthorized modifications, and even allowing a reminiscence of the cultural milieu in which the automobile was produced. Too often, the only access one has to a very specific automobile by year, series number, body style, etc., is in photographs of restored cars. And often, even those are not available for particularly unusual models.

Ultimately, it is the manufacturer’s sales brochure and other manufacturer-produced publications that allow for this verification. These documents help assist authors in producing accurate histories, inform buyers of the validity of their potential purchase and mainly preserve a detailed portrayal of what the manufacturer actually produced.

1925 Bugatti Close Up jpg
For the past 60 years, collection of these brochures has been meticulously curated, cataloged and preserved. Many are no longer available elsewhere because of the ravages of time and the very simple fact that sales brochures were ephemera meant to be discarded when no longer needed. Beginning with the earliest examples from 1892 to the year 2000, over 1,400 different makes of cars are represented, most of which cover complete yearly production runs.

Images from the sales brochures such as various external views, images of the engine and chassis, and whatever pictorial information the manufacturer wished to display are now available from the Simeone Foundation Automotive Library. Sent as high-resolution images by e-mail, the cost for research, retrieval, collation, e-mailing and re-filing is $25 per image.

Simple ordering instructions can be downloaded at

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