Automotive Navigation Systems

How far we’ve come with automotive navigation in a mere 35 years. With GPS navigation systems built into every mobile phone and standard equipment on many cars, now we can easily answer that timeless holiday travel season question—Are we there yet?—with accuracy down to the mile and minute.

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Studebaker: First In Muscle Cars?

A conventional view of automotive history remembers that the muscle/pony car era pretty much began with the debut of GTO and Mustang, respectively, in 1964½. Not according to Hagerty Historian, Glenn Arlt, who looks back a decade prior to the evolution of Studebaker’s line screaming “family sports cars.”

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Recycled/Reused Car Names, Part Two

From Plymouth’s not-so-legendary version of the Suburban to a look at the “original” Mustang (not by Ford)…Readers so much enjoyed Glenn Arlt’s look back at his favorite “reused” old model car names that we decided to ask Hagerty’s favorite historian to give us a few more. Read on.

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