Auburn Heights Trail Opens To Historic Vehicle Drivers

Last summer, Delaware State Parks announced plans to soon begin construction on a special stretch of road for drivers of historic vehicles. Find out how officials got one step closer to their goal—an ambitious plan to create an attraction that just may become an icon in the historic motoring world…

Roughly a year ago, the Historic Vehicle Association reported on a unique plan by Delaware State Parks officials to create a road that will eventually traverse through the historic, 800 acre property surrounding the Marshal Steam Museum.

In that June 2001 article, Destination Delaware, Environmental Program Administrator Matt Chesser, outlined a one-of-a-kind initiative to capitalize on the Marshall Steam legacy by designing a six-mile road through the scenic grounds that would be available to drivers of vintage automobiles. According to Chesser, this road would allow cars from the Marshall Steam Museum, and those of the public, to drive safely through a pristine area of historic properties, giving a sense of almost going back in time.

Last month, the first mile of that road was officially opened.

“It was pretty exciting and the trail was well received by everyone in attendance,” says Chesser. “The road is paved, has beautiful valley views, and—at only twelve feet wide—gives the driver that narrow, old road kind of feel.”

The road also sets the stage and scenic standard for what is to come. Chesser says the plan remains to develop the remainder of trail system over the next three to fours years. In addition to the many historic buildings already located on the sprawling property, Chesser says there are still plans to possibly redeveloped site to include restaurants, shops, and possibly a bed and breakfast inn.

To find out more, contact Matt Chesser at [email protected].


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