Arizona Collector and Older Vehicles Get Pass on Emissions Testing

Phoenix—Arizona Vintage Car Collectors will get a free pass on emissions testing thanks to legislation signed into law Sunday by Governor Jan Brewer. Senate Bill 1324 sponsored by 30th District State Senator Frank Antenori (R-Vail) exempts vehicles manufactured in or before 1974 and specifically “collector vehicles” from the annual testing.

Vehicles manufactured prior to current emissions laws are missing the essential equipment to pass testing. Owners of these vehicles are often left to make the tough choice between not operating their collector car, or retro-fitting equipment to pass emissions testing, and voiding their collector classification. The exemption permitted by this bill is in keeping with the Historic Vehicle Association’s mission of “Keeping Yesterday’s Vehicles on Tomorrow’s Roads.”

Including Arizona, 24 states now exempt collector or older vehicles from emissions testing, and 17 states do not test emissions of any vehicle. Tennessee legislators passed House Bill 688, sponsored by Representative Jim Gotto, specifically exempting collector vehicles from emissions testing.  This legislation has been transmitted to Governor Bill Haslam’s desk for signing. Visit the HVA’s state-by-state breakdown for more information on emissions laws.

The “Hero of the day” award goes to Senator Frank Antenori for driving (pun intended) this hobby-friendly legislation. Antenori is an Iraq War veteran who won a Bronze Star for Valor, and in 2006 authored “Roughneck Nine-One: The Extraordinary Story of a Special Forces A-Team at War. In his civilian life, when not legislating, Antenori is a Program Manager in the Aerospace Defense Industry overseeing the development of hybrid vehicles for the Unites States Military.

Congratulations and thank-you to Senator Antenori for all his many contributions.