Inoperable and Abandoned Vehicle Information

We all want to contribute to the beautification of our cities and towns.  But, unfortunately, what distinguishes a collectible or something of value from ordinary junk isn’t always clear. In many areas, inoperable historic vehicles, parts cars, and driveway restoration projects are seen as nothing more than public eyesores that adversely affect property values and residential character. Do you know how your local ordinance views inoperable vehicles? If not, check out our Abandoned and Inoperable Vehicle Ordinance Database for more information:  


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*This Inoperable and Abandoned Vehicle Ordinance resource is the beginnings of what we intend to be a living document, added to and updated as ordinances change and others come to our attention. Since there is no existing database to easily search or pull this information, these documents are the result of hundreds of hours of manual searches and phone calls. Given these challenges to accurately research and compile this type of information, we're asking for your help and feedback to make this as comprehensive and accurate as possible.