Mystery Vehicle

August 12, 2014

Take your best guess as to the year, make and/or model of this mystery car for a chance to get an official Historic Vehicle Association ball cap. One winner will be selected at random from the pool of correct answers and will be notified via e-mail.

If you think you have the answer, just head over to the HVA’s Facebook page, or log your best guess in the comments section below. Guess correctly and you have a chance to get a cool HVA ball cap for your trouble. This basic black cap features the HVA emblem on the front. One winner will be drawn randomly from the pool of correct responses on Friday, August 29th and notified via e-mail. 

August Mystery Vehicle


  1. Richard Metzger Boynton Beach, Fl


  2. Duane Quenzel Horsham,Pa.

    1935 Locomobile

  3. Wayne Pursh Pittsburgh PA

    King Midget

  4. Dick Knoll United States

    Looks like a Rolls Royce from the 30's but the roofline makes it look French. You got me on this one kids !

  5. Roger Garnett Lansing, NY

    I don't know about that homemade body work (Yikes!), but from the wheels & knockoffs, it looks like it's riding on an MGA Twin Cam or MK II Deluxe.

  6. Charlie Home

    Looks like a Top Gear project "urban assault vehicle" awaiting the Stig's ministrations.

  7. Al New Jersey

    It looks like a 1950's MACK truck

  8. Javk FLA

    It looks like a Rolls Royce armored car from WWII.

  9. Dean Champine Wausau, WI

    I believe this started life as a 1966 Olds Toronado

  10. John R.Duncan Charlevoix, Michigan

    Boy, knock off hubs, split windscreen, I really have to take a wild guess at this one. 1945 Modified MG battlewagon! John R.Duncan

  11. Morgan Olson Muskegon, Michigan

    I think it is a 1961 Rover variant?

  12. David Williams Tulsa, OK

    Looks like a VW to me.

  13. scottanderson home

    1941 stanley war truck.

  14. Tim Craig United States

    Pontiac Aztek prototype!!!

  15. Marc Woods Westmont, IL

    1949 Volkswagen cassis home made body

  16. Dave Texas

    1953 military officer car

  17. Wally Toledo, OH

    A Rolls Royce from WW1 era

  18. Jeff Maryland

    That is a prototype of a general-purpose desert field car built by Alvis for service with the British forces in North Africa in 1941 or 1942. It was never put into production because it was too heavy and too ugly, and it wasn't needed besides, with the availability of US-made Jeeps when the US entered the war.

  19. Jeff Dreibus United States

    Wow, I have no idea . . . but it looks eerily similar to the electric car that the Top Gear UK boys once built!

  20. Robert Stack Enfield CT

    MG circa 1940

  21. james munyan Mauldin SC

    1949 MG TD Protype.

  22. Greg mazur Penna

    Looks like a British homemade project. Most of the parts are MG T. Type and photo is in England 50~60 ' era. Probably runs as well as factory edition.

  23. Greg mazur Penna

    The chassis dimensions under that homemade body is exact specification of 1959 MGA twin cam.

  24. Eduardo New York

    i think the mystery was made in 1914.

  25. Eduardo New York

    i think the mystery was made in 1939

  26. Marc Rossi San Diego

    I don't know the year but I'm guessing mid '70s Safari Kar. There were a couple different models. I'm not familiar with this one but I know they were a small company that made them and they were not in business long.

  27. craig grillo poconos

    34 Voison

  28. frank new jersey

    It might be an 1924 / 1925 Diamond Reo

  29. Guntram Florida

    Mid 1950's Jaguar prototype

  30. Steve K Ohio

    The first rat rod?

  31. jimmie roan san antonio tx

    wow, i am stumped on this one, i sure hope you tell us soon what it is. the closest guess i see is the voison but really don't think so, they were beautiful cars and know for their aerodynamic style. the big truck looking wheels, and knock off at that, really threw me off. the entire cab leaning back, the tube on front fender, the European license, the moonshine looking jug on back of front fender, the very old style gas pumps in back ground, all of this should have been a clue, but i'm still clueless. i guarantee i will be doing some research when you reveal the name, i'm intrigued.

  32. Henry Reed Seattle, WA

    The only car that had that front suspension (the "L" arm and the coil spring) in that position was the Rover P-6. Those must be fake knock-off wheels, and of course the body was an American "red neck" job! The radiator is quite hefty, so it must cool the later V-8 Buick 3.5 L engine, which is consistent with the "red-neck" theme. That engine was not introduced until 1968, so the basic chassis+engine must have been from then or up to 1977 when production ended. There were other car(s) that had horizontal coil springs in front, but the only one that I know of is the Citroen "A" series, such as the 2 CV and variants of that design. I guess that the flat, split windscreen was installed because of the fixed shape of the firewall, and because it fits with the overall red-neck body "design". Thanks for permitting my comments.

  33. rob Oregon

    Early popemobile

  34. Richard Murphy United States

    It is the prototype 2017 Packard with their evolving Fusion Reactor engine connected to a Tesla electric drive. That big Radiator is for the Reactor coolant. Some of the rear end metal work is Lead (for reactor shielding), some is open air ((due to the high cost of lead). The split windshield and body shape is to fool the 'Vette owner into thinking it is a easy stop-light drag win. Top speed is projected to be about 90 mph, but its 0 to 60 is under 2.0 seconds, so it takes a gas engine car more than 1.5 miles to catch up to it. The optional interior is Chinchilla with salt water Croc accents. Those two wheels came off a wrecked 2 ton truck. The other side does not have any wheels yet, but the company does not want that known, so it is a secret guys. They won't tell me why the headlights are in FRONT of the bumper. Further updates may be forthcoming.

  35. jim kaufman fla usa

    Richard murphy -------i read your assertation on the mystery car and i think its the greatest

  36. Gerald Garbis United States

    Looks like a 1938 BMW by the wheels and the fact that the license plate looks to be German

  37. Maximilian Brand Bellows Falls, Vt.

    I think the chassis is a late 30's BMW, and the body is homemade of sheet steel or possibly even wood