This Car Matters: 1964 Meyers Manx Dune Buggy (“Old Red”)

May 13, 2014

In advance of the announcement that the very first fiberglass dune buggy, the 1964 Meyers Manx known as Old Red, would be joining on the National Historic Vehicle Register, the Historic Vehicle Association caught up with its creator, Bruce Meyers, to discuss the vehicle’s history and learn a little more about the man behind the design. Check out this month’s video to learn more. 

For its THIS CAR MATTERS movement, the HVA is asking people to share their stories about special vehicles — ones that helped to shape their lives and communities, our history and our heritage.

Check out the video below and if you haven't yet shared your story, head on over to the HVA’s THIS CAR MATTERS page to find out how you can participate.


  1. Bryan in Texas Texas

    Absolutely wonderful video!

  2. paul gordy lake havasu city

    Myers Toad Paul has, a sparkling redish pink,,,,gets more comments all the time of how cool it is.....

  3. Skip Panzarella NY

    I built bodies ECF Dune Buggies.East Coast Fiberglass. My first build cutting yup VW's.

  4. Jim Nieters Ann Arbor, MI

    Your Meyers Manx story brings me back to my teen years busting knuckles beneath Beetles, pulling engines, chopping off front and rear bodywork to create poor man dune buggies, and so on. Hat's off to the man who started or really spurred the body on shell genre. Now I as a former proud 14 year owner of a Devin D based on a 1959 Beetle chassis, I would be most grateful for story on the Devins. I remember that they were made for Hudson J and Healey (3000, 100's) chassis as well as VW's. My own story was a real odyssey in both acquisition, title issues: was never transferred by Curt Flood's lawyer at the time and I had to locate the previous owner and get a new title) and the craziness of a 14 year old's ideas of rebuilding - who needs fuses with a fiberglass body? And then attempts to add 'more power" via a turbo Corvair engine, that succeeded in blowing out 1st gears and transaxles plus their moorings ...I found the Devin languishing in the laydown area behind Dorsey Schroeder's race shop on my way to junior high. I would be happy to relate my story and involve my friend who now owns the restored Devin - please let me know.