Three of America’s Best Salvage Yards

May 13, 2014

Once upon a time, thrifty car guys looking to get an old car up and running would simply take a trip down to the local scrapyard to find their parts. Like a field of dreams for anyone who likes to tinker with old cars, real salvage yards with real classic cars are few and far between today. Here are three that offer both the thrill of discovery and parts aplenty to budget-minded restorers.  

French Lake Auto Parts

French Lake Auto Parts

Located 60 miles west of Minneapolis, French Lake Auto Parts has been in operation since 1956 and offers 10,000 cars and trucks ranging from 1900 to present and in all makes in models.

What To Look For: Due to its northern location, interiors and soft trim is usually in better condition than you’ll find in salvaged vehicles in the southern U.S. Bodies, however, tend to be rusty but can often be salvaged. French Lake Auto Parts regularly replenishes their inventory with several loads of “new” automobiles (totally several hundred additional cars) throughout the year.

Check ‘Em Out: For more information, call 1.320.286.2560. Or check out their website at

CTC Auto Ranch

CTC Auto Ranch

Stocked with over 4,000 American cars of every make in model, CTC Auto Ranch is one of the most popular salvage yards in the country if you’re looking to refurbish a muscle car from the 1960s and ’70s.  CTC also stocks many popular cars from the early ’40s and ’50s and the occasional “intact gem” that can be sold as a whole project car.

What To Look For:  Thanks to the hot, dry Texas climate, CTC Auto Ranch offers a lot of old cars with rust-free bodies. From trim and glass to sheet metal and all variety of engine and transmission parts—CTC will also ship parts anywhere, no matter how big or small. 

Check ‘Em Out:  For more information, call 800.482.6199. Or check out their website at   

Wildcat Auto Wrecking

Wildcat Auto Wrecking

The only "all MoPar" wrecking yard in the Northwest, Wildcat Auto Wrecking has over 800 salvaged cars in inventory (Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto, Chrysler-Imperial) and bills itself “one of the largest in the universe for parts and stock cars.”

What To Look For: Based in Oregon and specializing in cars and trucks from the 1950s through the early 1970s, WAW is known for offering rust-free car bodies (generally) with usable interior and “soft” parts., fenders, bumpers, manifolds, motors, glass, moldings, grilles, doors—more or less everything.

Check ‘Em Out: For more information, call 503.668.7786. Or check out their website at

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  1. Andrew. Price Bradenton Florida 34202

    Do you have any parts for 69 Shelby gt500

  2. Darrell Kentucky

    What about the salvage yard that was on TV, Desert Valley Auto with Ron and Jason McClure. there place is pretty big !

  3. William A. Moran Tupelo, MS

    Thank you......I'm quite interested.

  4. Andrew Omaha, Nebraska

    Hi guys. Another good yard is located south of Wymore, Nebraska, off hwy 77. Watts auto repair and salvage. Only yard where 30's 40's and 50's cars are right up by the frontage yard! Around 3,000 cars and 1500 trucks mainly old American iron.if you call, tell him the Torino kid sent you!

  5. Candi Dallas, Texas

    Every time I read about CTC Auto Ranch as being classic/vintage car mecca, for the life of me I can't figure out why they can't find it in their heart to be open on the w/end? Did it ever dawn on them how many of us work Monday through Friday to help pay for our expensive hobby! Maybe someday they will decide they could use more customers and I will finally get to see what is beyond the rolling fences as I drive down I-35.

  6. Norm Cant Burlington Ont. Canada

    Do you have any old International Harvester Trucks or parts for them. ( 1952 ) Thanks Norm

  7. Jerry Brinnehl Tinley Park il. 60487

    thompson auto salvage Chebanse, IL 60922 still has 60's &70's cars (815) 697-2223

  8. shawn Belleville ont.

    nice yards

  9. Henry Bivens Charlotte, NC

    In North Carolina / Richard's Auto Sales & Salvage / specializing in 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's / Thurs & Fri 10am - 5pm, Sat 8am - 1pm / Hwy 49, 12 miles S. of Asheboro, NC / email - / (336) 857-2222

  10. Don Babb Rogue River , Oregon

    Selling car collection. %90 Fords. No parts will be taken off of the cars, All vehicles are mostly complete solid collector cars. I do not have any 1934 Ford 3 window coupes in mint condition with 15 original miles for $65.00 but I have other cars I'm sure you would enjoy. Thank You for your interest. 541-5828966

  11. Charles Hicks Roxboro,NC


  12. Donnie Phoenix, AZ.

    I'm surprised you did not list this place ?

  13. Don Detmer New York

    I used to love strolling through the junk (salvage) yards in my youth. It was fun to reminisce about old cars you had or those you always wanted. You could even find something you needed. Sadly, now it is forbidden to go into scrap yards anymore, yet another freedom that has gone by the wayside.

  14. B claremont Colorado

    For trucks going back into the 1940's check out Canyon Truck, 12868 County Road 3, Cañon City, CO 81212. They allow you to wander the yard and pick parts.

  15. Ron Emory Mesa Arizona

    I need front and back seats for a 1968 chevy Chevelle Malibu 2 door

  16. Paul B Albany, NY

    Really wish there were more places like this around the Northeast; due to our climate and what I'm sure has got to be insane insurance premiums, junkyards like this are almost nonexistent. However, for anyone near the New York/Pennsylvania border, there is a self service junkyard called Gary's U-Pull-it that offers close to 1000 GM, Ford, Chrysler and imports ripe for the picking at bottom dollar prices. The only downside is that except for an errant muscle car or vintange jeep that has already been picked clean, 98% of the cars are 25 years old or newer. Great for keeping your daily driver running, though!

  17. tom midwest

    New L & R door moldings for 92-93 Dodge Daytona, ground effects?

  18. Rocky ILLINOIS

    Looking for front & rear out side moldings for 1991 buick park ave

  19. David melendez Las vegas

    I need parts for a town and country woodies or sedan

  20. T Missouri

    I know of an All-Mopar yard a few miles from six flags here in Missouri. they got a few hundred cars, 60s and 70s mostly, some fifties too. Its called clay and sons, in Catawissa.

  21. Jeff Vermont

    One of the best places for 60-70 cars, projects and parts is in East Calais Vermont. Check out the website @

  22. Jason Phillips Deer ar.

    I am looking for passenger side quarter panel moulding

  23. ojomo adewakun nigeria

    I wish to be a customer to your company whereby i can be buying salvage vehincle on line. Please,if ther is chance for that. you. email me

  24. Clyde Wallis Holland, Texas

    do you have any 1946 chevy truck parts. thanks


    Gday would you possibley have any 1960 , 61 PLYMOUTH VALIANTS , I am looking for the dash bezel and the LH rear door stainless steel molding please . With Thanks. Bill

  26. Jerry Avery Moorcroft, wy

    Looking for 1934-39 triple diamond grill emblem

  27. Ormie Francis Peterborough Ont

    I have an 1992 Dodge Daytona that I really need a crank sensor for I have looked every where for one and can not find one. Please If you can help me .I am in need of one badly. 1992 Dodge Daytona Iroc turbo 2.2

  28. Christopher Elliott Minnesota

    I am look for 1955 left and right fenders

  29. Joseph Braddock England UK

    Looking for steering knuckle spindle arm driver side for 1952 3/4 ton 3600 Chevy pickup

  30. mike dayton ohio

    I need 2-3 parts. Intake and exhaust manifold for a 1962 Chevy 2/Nova 4 cylinder 153 cid engine and a windshield for a 1961 Ford Econoline.

  31. Stephanie Germany

    Hello, i´m looking for the forward Bumper from a 1960 DeSoto. Can you help me? Thanks, Stephanie

  32. Johnny I Long ISland NY

    Looking for a 1967 Buick Skylark passenger side fender..

  33. rory texas

    I'm looking for a 1973 or 1974 Dodge Charger with a good body. Please get back with me. Thank you, Rory

  34. Brenda St. Louis, MO

    Looking for a driver side front fender for a Pontiac trans am 1984??

  35. phlander ms

    Looking for a passenger side front door for a 68 cutlass sedan. It a 4 door

  36. Bob Pittsford Vermont

    I'm looking for the spare tire bracket that attaches to the frame near the rear of the truck. It's a 1966 Chevy C-10 long fleet. I believe 1960-1966 will fit.

  37. guillermo perea san luis

    hello loking for a mirroe manual left side drivers side chevrolet el camino 1986 base thanks

  38. Glen Salina, KS

    If it is old car parts you are after, check out Easy Jack's on I70 just west of Junction City. Loads of cars from 1920 up.

  39. Phillip Ohio

    Hi, I'm looking for some chrome for the grill of a 1940 Plymouth P-10 Deluxe. Thanks for the help

  40. Phillip Ohio

    Hi, I'm looking for some chrome for the grill of a 1940 Plymouth P-10 Deluxe. Thanks for the help

  41. Phil Iseman Mansfield Ohio

    Im looking for a good rust free or near as possible rust free body minas front clip and motor for a 1970-1972 Pontiac gto or lemans.If anyone knows of one or where to find one please contact me at this e-mail address.thankyou

  42. g burney auckland new zealand

    1969 toronado oldsmobile parts 2 door aluminion kick plates wanted

  43. Tony Salem Oregon

    Looking for the air conditioning hoses (suction and discharge) for a 1993 Chrysler New Yorker 5th ave 3.8l engine. Can you help? Thanks

  44. ralph coppola guilford,ct.

    looking for a 1970 to 1972 chevy nova for a drag project car.less motor and transmission.i have approx.3,500 to 4,000 dollars saved.i have looked every where.please contact me at 203-457-4403 or e-mail me at i am located in connecticut. thank you. ralph coppola.

  45. don van laanen eagle idaho 83616

    need a radio & heater for 1941 chev special deluxe coup

  46. Sebastian D'Agostino Bayside, New York

    I am looking for front and rear chrome bumpers for a 1941 chev. special deluxe 4-door sedan

  47. Howard Lardell Twinsburg,Oh 44087

    Hi, I'm looking for a fender for a 1968 Plymouth Fury 3 left side. Thanks

  48. Robert Hendrix Tacoma Washington

    Need factory oil pan for 68 Oldsmobile 455 is high compression engine with large flat bottom drain plug on bottom

  49. Ray Saugerties ny

    Looking for 1971 dodge Monaco parts

  50. Chuck Daniels San Fran, bay area

    I need 1939 Lincoln Zephyr doors, coupe or sedan. Or just the flare on the bottom which covers the running boards. Or any other miscellaneous parts for the Zephyr.

  51. DeRon GOODLOW Pittsburgh, pa

    I'm looking for a EGR valve tube for a lincoln continental 99 through 2002 can u help me? Thanks

  52. barry 92065

    1937 Plymouth PT50 grill / Plymouth truck

  53. steve fl.

    both doors -panels 1968 firebird...

  54. vinroy baronette vermont

    hello, i'm looking for parts for my 1970 oldsmobile delta 88. my phone number is 802-595-2626. please call and let me know if you have any parts for this vehicle. thanks