Cabin-Fever Classics: Six Cool and Kooky Snow Movers

April 08, 2014

Anyone who has seen The Shining knows that cabin fever can make people do crazy things. But we’ll let you be the judge. Here’s a collection of photos proving that just because you can attach a snowplow to anything doesn’t always mean you should. 

The Little Snowplow That Could—Fiat

Fiat Snow Plow

Sure, the Fiat’s perhaps the most wildly impractical winter vehicle you could consider with a list like this. But add a plow to the front and you’ve got a wildly impractical form of winter transportation that just might get you more stuck should you come into contact with any actual snow.

Snow Roller—Rolls-Royce

Rolls Royce Snow Plow

Forget Homer Simpson’s “Mr. Plow” persona. With this regal ride, you’ll be winter royalty. Just call me King Plow. Oh, and watch out for the salt.


Chevrolet Snow Plow

The fabulous fifties epitomized the trend in automotive accessorizing. But a snowplow on a Buick? We think this might be a bit much. 

April Fools—Porsche

Porsche Snow Plow

The Porsche Plow: For people who have an affinity for irony and a healthy appreciation of the absurd. Oh, and probably a fair amount of disposable income.

Snow Hog—Harley-Davidson 

Harley-Davidson plow

Wish you could ride your motorcycle every day of the year? Well, just slap on one of these bad boys when the snow flies and hope for the best! Who knows, you might not ever have to worry about riding again.

What Were You Thinking—Mustang

Mustang Snow Plow


What is the craziest classic car you’ve ever seen plowing snow? Tell us about it in the comments section below or, better yet, if you have a photo of your favorite head over to the HVA’s Facebook page and share it with other HVA members.


  1. Jerry Lingerfelt Central Florida

    That 50's model Silver Cloud looked mighty good for someone to attach a snow plow. Since it was a single headlight I suspect it is a 56 or 57 model??? I hope that is a photoshopped picture. I loved my old 56 Silver Cloud. Hated to part with it when I moved to Fl but could only keep one extra car here and I chose to keep my 36- 25/30. She still purrs like a kitten. JL

  2. David WV

    My friends ian VT attached a snowplow to an early 90's Subaru Loyale wagon, and it worked great! Also, a company back I the 1970s did indeed make small plow rigs made to fit things like Subaru BRATs and Datsun pickups. When there's a will there's a way!

  3. Ryan Lester Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada.

    I have a 74 VW Super Beetle that plowed snow for 15 years on my acreage. It was too rusted to do a restoration, and I needed a snowplow so I decided to put a snow blade on it. In a former life, I was a plow truck operator. So I put a 6 foot blade on the front of the bug and figured I would use it for a year until I could afford a proper unit. Well, I was so surprised at how well it pushed snow that I kept using it for many years. Initially I did a quick rebuild of the engine and put in a used clutch. (it wasn't supposed to last more than a year). With snow tires I rarely got stuck and I plow my neighbors driveways as well. Finally after 11 years, the clutch started to slip so I put in a new one. The gas heater still works fine and I never really had mechanical problems with the car, it was nearly indestructable. Two years ago I switched to a 4-wheel drive with a bigger blade. The bug still runs great and is no worse for wear than when I started. Even though I now have power windows and a cup holder in my new plow, I do miss plowing with the bug. If you are interested, let me know and I could send pics and even a video of it in action.