Remembering Frank Hagerty

April 08, 2014

Life-long car guy and co-founder of Hagerty Insurance, Frank Hagerty passed away on March 18th surrounded by his family. He was 79.

He originally had plans to become a northern Michigan cherry farmer, but ended up transforming the specialty insurance market for vintage wooden boats and classic cars.

Together with his wife Louise, Frank Hagerty co-founded the company that bore his last name in 1984. Hagerty Insurance started in the couple’s basement in Traverse City, Michigan, and grew to become what is now the largest insurance agency for collector boats and cars in the United States.

Since the news of his passing, Road & Track, Hemmings and Old Cars Weekly are just a few of the media outlets having paid tribute to Hagerty’s amazing life, his passion for old boats and cars along with his incredible contributions to the world of collector cars. An unforgettable character and founding supporter of the HVA, Hagerty's love of and passion for the automobile will be greatly missed.


  1. Charles joanos Astoria, NY

    God Bless this man. He has helped many of us with classics cars throughout the years with the valuable information he has provided through the web site and his publication. It is a pleasure being part of the Hagerty family. My condolences to his family.

  2. Larry Steller Phoenix, Arizona

    As a customer with a classic car, I have enjoyed the relationship with Hagerty Insurance and wish to convey my condolences to the Hagerty family and Frank's many friends and associates. Larry Steller

  3. Bill Gucfa Rehoboth, Massachusetts

    Thank you Mr. Hagerty, for understanding our passions when others just wanted us to junk them. My condolences.

  4. Billy Stone Amarillo TX

    Because of Hagerty Insurance, I have been able to have a few collectable cars and Hot Rods. They will eventually go to my children and then grandchildren. I can not say thanks enough to Hagerty Insurance and the Hagerty family. May God bless you during this time of loss.

  5. Matilda Jamison New Carlisle Ohio

    My sincerest sympathy for the family of a wonderful person. Many thanks to his company for helping get my '59 TR3 back together after an accident. Without them it would be history.

  6. kevin Samanta Brantford, Ontario

    Condolences to the Hagerty Family, Thank you for starting this wonderful company and bring people who love cars together. You will be missed.

  7. jim jackson east orange, nj, usa

    "My condolences go out to The Hagerty family. May Almighty God be pleased with Frank's soul."

  8. Chris R Cronkrite United States

    Thank you for being one of the many cog's in the machine that makes it possible and affordable for people to enjoy and love their classic cars of which I am one.

  9. Anthony Macchiarola Wappingers Falls n.y

    I have been a part of the HAGERTY family for approximately 6 years now, and I can tell you that it is a class act Company. From the service provided to the magazine and to the countless information given freely and happily make it a pleasure to own a classic. My heart felt condolences to the entire HAGERTY family. Frank Hagerty, thanks for everything and God Bless, may you rest in peace!!!

  10. CL Turcotte Bryan Texas

    God Bless this wonderful man.He has done so much for the car folks.He will be missed.My prayers go out to the family.

  11. Michael Mulligan Kalamazoo Mi

    thank you for sharing this, he was a smart person who we all appreciated



  13. John D. Cunningham Vancouver, WA

    Mr. Hagerty's legacy carries on and I will have a toast in his honor this evening. Cheers!



  15. John Bronik Oakland, mi

    My condolences to the family. I started insuring my historic cars with Ins. shortly after he started the Co. Seems like forever, but forever goes quickly here. I still have four cars insured with you. I'll keep him in my prayers. Sincerely

  16. Don Vicari Ione, California

    Sorry for your loss/great to be a part of the Haggerty family

  17. Reginald Urness Grand Forks,ND 58201

    Many years ago I was at a car show someplace that I don't remember and was sitting a at table eating dinner when Frank sat down with me and also ate. He introduced himself and said he was in the antique auto insurance business. I am sure it was was about the same time he started the company. I have told the story many times that I have had the privilege of knowing and dinning with Frank Hagerty. I have three model T fords and one model A ford and they have been insured by Frank all these years. I am 87 now and still driving my cars every day and thinking about running for the board of The MODEL T Ford International. I am sorry to here about Franks death, he died much to young.

  18. Michael Maesch Clarkston, MI

    This is the first that I have heard of this and am quite saddened by the news. I have several cars insured through Hagerty and found them great to work with on collectable cars. His innovation made my life much simpler and saved me time and money. My condolences go out to his family in these difficult times.

  19. Barb Minar Jordan, Mn.

    So sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my Dad at age 73 in 1986. He was a small town Ford dealer in partnership with his 2 brothers. He took the 1957 T-Bird in on trade when it was relatively new, and it has stayed in my family... I have it insured with your fine company. I know you are as proud of Frank Haggerty's accomplishments as I am of my Dad...

  20. larry roteman Lummi Island Washington

    Although we did know Mr. Hagerty we thank him for his love of cars and boats and for making it possible for us to afford insuring our vintage cars

  21. steve kathcart staten york

    My condolences to the family and friends ! the name Hagerty is a name everyone in the car business knows . rest it peace and may god be with you .

  22. Alan Barfield Macon, Ga.

    Mr. Hagerty created a heck of a company! Know that his family will carry on the tradition.

  23. Jim Palmer Litchfield Park, AZ

    I've only been a policy holder for two years but have been impressed with the way I've been treated by the company and appreciate the support given by Hagerty Insurance to the old car hobby. No doubt this reflects the direction and vision of the company's founder, Frank Hagerty. Frank epitomizes the American dream of success through risk taking,hard work and determination. With more men and women like him, we could quickly overcome the economic malaise that persists in this country.

  24. Gary James Bridge Montgomery, AL

    Dear Family of Mr. Hagerty. I was so saddened to just sit down at my computer and get this notice. I have been with Hagerty Insurance for almost 10 years now as I own 3 Antique/Classic vehicles. I just renewed my insurance for all three yesterday. May he rest in peace. I thank him for building a company that is customer oriented with satisfaction for his customers. God bless. Sincerely, Gary James Bridge, 602 Alamo Drive, Montgomery, AL 36111

  25. Wade Saleeby North Carolina

    Thank you for insuring and protecting my classic cars. Peace and God's blessing to you and your family.

  26. Tom Vettraino Deadwood, SD

    I grew up in Detroit, and thanks to the Air Force ended up in Los Angeles for 33 yrs. Cars are in my blood. I love the fact that Frank Hagerty started in a small Michigan town and devoted his life to providing a service to other like minded car lovers. People can make a difference, and Frank proved that. Providing car insurance doesn't seem personal, but he wasn't a corporate type and felt the passion of other car lovers. Rest in Peace, and thank you from a 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente.

  27. Jerry Engelhaupt Madison AL

    So sorry to hear this sad news. Please accept my condolence. I have had my "50 Olds insured by Hagerty for about 14 years, and buy it through Allstate as they state it is better than anything they can offer of their own.

  28. Dave Hamilton British Columbia Canada

    Condolences to the Hagerty family. My corvette is covered by Hagerty and will be from this time on.

  29. Steven Socha United States

    A man with a great vision of how historical and pleasure cars should be protected. Who knows how much money he has saved collectors over the years from insurance companies who think a car is just a car. My condolences to his family. Your memory will live forever in the collector car world. Godspeed y friend.

  30. Vivian D. Rider Gainesville, GA

    My condolences to the Hagerty family on the loss of Mr. Hagerty. He was quite a visionary! Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the Hagerty insurance family which he founded.

  31. Ken Schulter Colorado

    Please extend my condolences to the Hagerty family. I recently chose Hagerty to insure some vehicles and my dealings with Hagerty have been first rate. I am confident that he is now insured by God and is alternating between his beloved classic car and boat smiling down on all of us "classic folk." Thank you. God bless. RIP.

  32. Wesley Vork Carlton, MN

    Sad to hear of Mr. Frank Hagerty's passing. His innovative ways of tayloring insurance to the collector car market makes life much easier for everyone involved in the hobby. We have several vehicles insured by Hagarty and are very impressed with the company's understanding of this very unique market and it's very unique needs, the roots of which undoubtebly can be traced all the way back to Mr. Hagerty. Our sincere condolences to the entire family. Wes & Becky Vork.

  33. Tom Hughes ElkCity Oklahoma

    Please exstend my condolences for your loss may gods graces be in your future he was a icon in the insurance industry i have 2 cars hes allways been there for us .