Mystery Vehicle

April 08, 2014

Congratulations to Chris Paulsen of McPherson, KS for being selected as this month's Mystery Vehicle winner for having correctly identified this 1913 Buick Model 31. Thank you to everyone who submitted guesses and congratulations to Chris!

Mystery Vehicle

If you think you have the answer, just head over to the HVA’s Facebook page, or log your best guess in the comments section below. Guess correctly and you have a chance to get a cool HVA ballcap for your trouble. This basic black cap features the HVA emblem on the front. One winner will be drawn randomly from the pool of correct responses on Friday, April 25th and notified via e-mail.


  1. mark elliott st.petersburg,fl.

    a White automobile?

  2. Oscar Annis Nashua, NH

    It looks like a 1921 REO

  3. Wayne Pursh Plum Borough PA

    1918 Marmon

  4. David Nau Boston

    1913 Oakland

  5. Randy R. Louisiana

    1912 Oldsmobile Limited

  6. Chris Paulsen McPherson, KS

    It's a 1913 Buick Model 31. It's their mid-sized Touring offering that year. Built later in the year as evidenced by the electric headlights. The earlier 1913's used gas haedlights. Interestingly, it still has the prestolite tank on the running board to fuel the acetylene starter.

  7. Curtis Hawk Illinois

    1910 REO

  8. Alan K holly Mi

    A case six

  9. Craig v. California

    1909 Oldsmobile with the side fuel tank

  10. norman hill north carolina

    1919 REO

  11. Duane M. Pittsburgh

    1915 Studebaker

  12. Frank Shusta Ely, Mn.

    1912 Locomobile

  13. Richard P. Lexington, MA

    1921 Moon

  14. rob wilson United States

    1915 Simplex

  15. Glenn Brummer Indianapolis, IN

    1915 Oldsmobile Model 42 - just a guess - couldn't get the picture to enlarge.

  16. Jon Karlin Olympia Washington

    A 1915 Dodge

  17. Doc Sarasota, FL

    1913 Alco Model four?

  18. Jeff T. Maine

    1911 model 30 oakland

  19. Hank Fos Cali

    1911 Buick Model 21

  20. jimmie roan san antonio tx

    pretty sure it is a marmon, guessing 12 or 13 but not sure. I believe it was called a marmon six

  21. David Kirby Alberta Canada

    I think that this car is a 1913 Paige Detroit Touring, possibly a model 36.

  22. Roy Simmermaker litchfield il

    1912 Oakland model 40

  23. jim Perryman Tulsa Ok.

    1921 Essex

  24. jimmie roan san antonio tx

    I already submitted what I thought it was, just looking forward to you telling us later the year and make. the more I look the more it resembles a marathon too. do we have to request the answer or will it be in next email?

  25. Carroll Williams Texas

    1913 Oldsmobile Limited

  26. Peter Donnelly Minneapolis, MN

    1919 Franklin

  27. Peter Donnelly Chaska MN

    1910 Pope Hartford

  28. Russ Morgan Idaho

    1913 Chalmers Detroit

  29. Ronna Haak Phx. Az

    This car is a 1912 Buick

  30. Bruce F Virginia

    1912 Thomas Flyer

  31. Steve Schaeffer Lancaster, Ohio

    1912 Alco 7 Passenger Touring Car Model 9-60

  32. Don Procko mystic

    1912 Turdburgler- Touring

  33. Ed Foster Michigan

    1926 Buick

  34. Tom Rickey Granger,Ind.

    1920 Pierce Arrow

  35. Stan Rahn Reno, Nevada

    Its a 1912 Buick

  36. Steve mcdonald Chesapeake beach, maryland

    Appears to be REO from around 1912, has what appears to be an acetylene tank on the running boards and the wheels and front fenders appear to be from a REO of that era

  37. Don Risen Modesto, CA

    1910 Buick

  38. JR Tulsa

    1912, JJ Case

  39. mitch garstang St Peters, MO USA

    1910 Maytag Model F

  40. Allen Orlando, FL

    1912 Pierce Arrow Model 48 Touring

  41. Jim Hartzler Mesa, Az

    1913 Buick Touring

  42. Curt Carrick Omaha

    1918 Standard Eight

  43. don u clearwater, fl

    1914 Hupmobile

  44. bill la rue ocean springs,ms.

    this looks like one I saw,in a barn,while building the Connecticut turnpike,in the late fifties,a 1919 locomobile.

  45. Todd K. NoDak

    1922 Willys Overland model 4

  46. Ray Karam Phoenix, AZ.

    This is a 1912 Oakland Model 40.

  47. Ken. Hedrick Indiana

    1921 John Deere

  48. Randy N Kansas

    1914 Buick

  49. Ross B Beal Fairbanks, AK

    1912 Oakland

  50. Dean Z Massachusetts

    Looks like a 1913 Buick Model 31.

  51. royboy TX


  52. George C Indian River Mi.

    1918 packerd touring car

  53. Mike Garrison Rice MN

    1914 Overland!

  54. Michael Lamb Texas

    Thomas Flyer

  55. LaVon E. Gray Raleigh, NC

    1921 Peerless?

  56. Scott E. Harborcreek, Pa.

    Stanley Steamer

  57. Heidi Denver,co

    1915 Harvard Coupe Pioneer Motor Car Co. Troy, NY

  58. Sam Means Austin Texas

    1912 Franklin

  59. Rod Harruff Indiana

    1913 Buick Model 25

  60. Fred Spokane,WA

    1913 Buick

  61. Angela R. Texas

    1909 Huselton

  62. Don Royer Lafayette, LA

    Geronimo (manufactured in Enid, OK)

  63. Jeff B. CA

    1912 or '13 Buick. Not a REO, Marmon or White. Oakland had a semi-circular radiator in 13. Olds limited was much bigger and had 2 running-boards per side. This car has been modified, it has electric lamps, but the acetylene tank is still on the running-board for the gas headlamps, and the black & brass kerosene side-lamps are still present. . Buick used gas lamps in 1912 & 13, but had all electric lights by 14. Rothschild style body too, which was popular in 1912-14, but I was unaware Buick used those. That's my best guess from such a tiny photo.

  64. John Baker Malabar Florida

    1914 VIM

  65. James Deatherage United States

    I think that it may have started out as a 1913 Buick, with added parts to throw us off. The steering wheel is still on the wrong (right) side so it is around that time frame.

  66. al gust toronto, ontario

    I think its a 1913 Chevrolet Six

  67. al gust toronto, ontario

    I think its a 1913 Chevrolet Six

  68. P.Johnson Rochester Hills Michigan

    Thats a tuff one, judging by the cowl, fenders and radiator, its a 1913 Buick, model 40 Touring

  69. Darrell Cornell Waupaca, WI

    1921 Rio

  70. william clowes martville ny

    this is 1913 buick model 25 do to acetylene tank and changed to headlights to throw you off and that would be model 31 which had headlights this was the last year for right hand drive I saw one like this when I was a kid in the 50's at the gas station I worked at as the owner had one in sad shape at the time.

  71. John S. Michigan

    1913 Buick model 40

  72. Mark Halifax NS

    I think it is a 1911 Oldsmobile

  73. Mike Haidet San Jose, Ca

    1913 Buick model 25 touring

  74. Thomas Pindroh Maple Heights, Ohio

    1913 Buick w/mods.

  75. m mosley hilo Hawaii

    1913 buick model 31

  76. Jim Guibord Dearborn Heights, MI

    1913 Buick model 25

  77. Mike Bizzozero Barre, VT

    1923 Oldsmobile

  78. Michael Moore Grants Pass, OR

    1921 Oldsmobile Model 46 Roadster