Five Things Every Meyers Manx Owner Should Know

March 13, 2014

This month, the Historic Vehicle Association announced that “Old Red”—the world’s first fiberglass dune buggy—will be the second vehicle to be listed on the National Historic Vehicle Register. In the spirit of fun, the HVA caught up with its legendary creator, Bruce Meyers, who shared his top beach-cruising performance tips. 


No other vehicle in history captured that easy going, fun-loving West Coast aesthetic quite like the Meyers Manx. After its debut in the mid-1960s, this iconic vehicle’s unique style and innovative design captivated the automotive world and spawned hundreds of thousands of imitators.

Bruce Meyers

The man behind the Meyers Manx is now deservedly recognized as an automotive visionary. In his Newport Beach garage, Bruce Meyers single-handedly engineered a one-of-a-kind car that was not only cool to look at but also made its mark as a record breaking, off-road performer.  

Meyers Manx Dash

Meyers is a genius under the hood and a master behind the wheel. So when the HVA caught up with him recently and he started talking about how to get the most out of a Manx, we decided to take some notes:


  • Keep your PSI low (6-8 pounds in the front, 10-12 pounds in the back). Lower tire pressure allows you to float through the sand with ease and without getting your brains jarred.


  • Twin pipes rob horsepower. While it may look cooler and is certainly louder, it doesn’t make you any faster and, in fact, will often rob you of valuable horsepower.


  • Use light-weight wheels and tires. Along with a low PSI, light-weight wheels and tires provide for smooth sailing over even the toughest terrain.


  • A real Manx sports a gel coat, not paint: Thousands of boats in thousands of harbors all over the world use this stuff [gel coat]. They sit out in the sun baking for hours on end and are all doing just fine. Additionally, thanks to the flexible fiberglass body and its inherent ‘boing-ocity,’ the gel coat ensures dents and scratches vanish with a little buffing here and there.


  • Pick your line and go like hell. Once you’re in the dunes keep your momentum going. Any hesitation will result in more than a few problems.

 Meyers Manx

Do you enjoy exploring the coast and getting off the beaten path in a Manx of your own? The HVA would love to hear from you. Take a minute to head over to our Facebook page, share your stories and photos and see what other HVA members are saying. 


  1. Lori Ann Dario Simi Valley, California

    I don't know if Bruce realizes how much joy he has brought into our lives with his "vision". Recently my husband Mike and I had the pleasure of driving our ManxVair dune buggy cross country from San Diego to the Outer Banks of North Carolina on a trip named the Sea to Sea Safari . We traveled along with Bruce, Winnie and a whole group of buggy owners from CA, NV, AZ, PA, CT, NY and 2 couples from Australia . We met so many nice people along the way. You could only imagine some of the looks we received going down the highway, but they always ended with a smile and a wave. Each night when we when we arrived at our hotel we were greeted by other buggy owners that were following our adventure on the web. There were some that drove hours just to get to meet up with us and especially Bruce & Winnie. AMAZING. We had the time of our lives. Thanks Bruce :)

  2. Harvey Mayo sacramento ca

    Fun Car

  3. Tom Szwajkos Laguna Niguel, CA

    I ave an regional Meyers Manx with a 180 hp Chevy Corvair Turbo engine. I love cruising PAcific Coat Highwy in my Manx. All f the kids love the Manx and always stop, smile and point to it. Nothing better than pulling along side a new Porsche and the owner's child gets all excited seeing the Manx. Totally upsets the parent! Bruce created an icon and I am extremely proud to know him and be his friend.

  4. Wayne Lyall Prince George B.C, Canada

    Have had a Dune Buggy over thirty years , Build 47 of then and sold to other buggy owners still building them!!!!!

  5. steven fowlerf South Padre Island, Texas

    We sport a 1964 bug (Little Red riding bug) with a 1600 engine as we search the Beach for nesting Kemps Ridley turtles. This is a volunteer effort to save the Ridleys

  6. Jim Anderson Lake Villa, IL

    Got my first look at a Meyers Manx at 6 years old in 1968. Found pictures in a 1967 magazine my grandpa had in his basement. I had wanted one ever since. Forty years I waited through lifes other priorities, and finally found one. Ironically, it turned out to be an early 1967 version. Have been working on it off and on for the past five years as time and money have permitted. Just the brakes and seat covers left to finish this spring, and I'll be out having fun this summer on the 50th. Anniversary of the Manx. I did drive it for a bit last summer, and got so many smiles, waves and honks of the the horn. This little buggy gets more attention from young and old because it's cute, fun and people can relate to it. Thank you Bruce Meyers!

  7. Brad Mandak Lima, Ny

    I heard Bruce say all this himself for the most part. A very cool man that introduced us all to a very cool car. "More Smiles Per Mile"!!!!!!!

  8. Mark Landon AZ

    Bruce Meyers is a great man that had the idea of an car that was not hard to put together and have a great time with, He made several different bodies over the years and is still going Thanks Bruce and Winnie Meyers for the fun all us buggy people have

  9. Ed McGuirk Benicia,CA

    I have been the Proud owner of my Meyers Tow'd since I was 14 years old in 1975. The fun little ride taught me a great deal about off road driving and... Helped introduce me to my beautiful wife of now 32 years. Originally painted with green gel coat, 6v system, and a small vw motor, it has been rebuilt, painted yellow and modified with a safety cage and a rack. We are lucky to have found the Manx Club and look forward to seeing Bruce and Winnie at every event.

  10. Tom Baker Mountain View

    Great to see Bruce and "Old Red" getting well deserved recognition by HVA. I too am proud to be a Meyers Manx buggy owner, since 1968 in my case and treasure the time spent at the club events with Bruce and Winnie and all the fine folks in the club. Thank you Bruce & Winnie for creating such a unique vehicle and fun club!

  11. Rick turner Portland or

    I was thrilled I came around the corner and there it was 66 meyers manx . I don't know if it is a true but all I can do is hope it,s a real one it has a real old bug chassis wide bolt patern on the wheels it is a real joy to have it it has the origanal paint still holding up fairly well I paid less than it is worth I think this is great I love you Bruce for what you invented I took the tarp off and everyone that walked by smiles it is a true wonder vehicle thanks Bruce meyers you made my life better I would give up my 65 chevelle first and get that meyers buggy going sorry chevelle

  12. Rick turner Portland or

    Hello I would like to talk to Bruce meyers to tell him all the fun I am having putting this buggy together it is a real joy with the engine out the back I have become a vw enthusiest all I can say is it is allot more fun than my 65 chevelle i took the tarp off and every body walked by and smiled from ear to ear I have a long way to go the owner last did not cover the carb or the muffler and it pored water for35-45 seconds I pored mystery oilin the intake ports and in the spark plugs let it set for a week and got it freed up but don't have a clue if it is shot or not all I can hope it will run I have a brother that said he would sell the chevelle and work on the manx what would you do Bruce I know the manx would be the most fun. But I have put about allot of money in my chevy I would like to know what you think Bruce please email me at

  13. Steve Ford Hanover, Pa.

    I live on the east coast and want to get brochures, contacts, etc. on getting a manx. I have not been able to find any info. about who to talk too. Any help would be appreciated.