THIS CAR MATTERS: 1957 Continental MK II

January 14, 2014

Get the story on the 1957 Continental MK II once owned by Edsel Ford’s widow, Eleanor. The Historic Vehicle Association recently caught up with Steve Duba, the proud owner of this amazing vehicle.  

For its THIS CAR MATTERS movement, the HVA is asking people to share their stories about special vehicles — ones that helped to shape their lives and communities, our history and our heritage.

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  1. P.Johnson Rochester Hills Michigan

    Ford Lost money on every one of these beauty's sold...they were so cool though, a convertible was planned but never made it to production.

  2. Geoge home

    nice video

  3. Robert L. Tracht Huron Ohio

    I own a 56 Continental Mark 11, exactly like this one and would a like a copy of the DVR, if available!!!

  4. Robert L Tracht 3403 Cleve. Rd. W.Huron, Ohio

    I own a 56 Continental Mark II, exactly like Eleanor"s except its is 56. The only difference being, AC was not available in the 56 models. I would like to purchase a dvr of the above, which I would use a part of my display @ car shows.