Mystery Vehicle

January 14, 2014

Thank you to everyone who submitted their best guess as to the identity of this month's Mystery Vehicle. The vehicle in question was in fact a 1949 Crosley Hotshot. Congratulations to Jackie Holland of Toccoa, GA, whose correct response was selected as this month's winner!

If you think you have the answer, just head over to the HVA’s Facebook page, or log your best guess in the comments section below. Guess correctly and you have a chance to get a cool HVA ball cap for your trouble. This basic black cap features the HVA emblem on the front. One winner will be drawn randomly from the pool of correct responses on Friday, January 24th and will be notified by e-mail. 


  1. Stan fowler Naples,fl

    1948 Crosley Hot Shot

  2. Bob Hagan Valrico

    Crosley super sport.

  3. Herb West Bloomfield

    Crosley, 1954

  4. Herb West Bloomfield

    1952 Crosley super sport.

  5. Richard Campbell New York

    1949 Crosley Hot Shot. Winner of the first Sebring index of efficiency race.

  6. Bill Bauder Manor,Texs

    It's a 1950 Crosley Hotshot. -I raced a much modified one from 1951 to 1957. Wish I still had it. Great little car

  7. Ron DeWoskin Madison, WI

    1950 Crosley Hotshot

  8. Jerry Porter Plymouth Michigan

    Crosley Hot Shot

  9. George Kater Williamsburg ,Va

    I breve it s a crossly hot shot

  10. Ken West Chester, PA

    1951 Crosley Super Sport

  11. Wayne Pursh Pittsburgh PA

    1951 Crosley Super Sport

  12. Paul Malecki Albany NY

    That it's a Crosley Hot shot is easy; how many instantly recognize this one as the giant-killer at Sebring (without scouring the internet first)?

  13. Sam Michigan

    1950 Crosley Hot Shot

  14. John Manship White Bear Lake MN

    1950 Crosley Hot shot

  15. Michael Garvey St George, VT

    1951 Crosley Hot Shot

  16. charles butka king george va

    1949 crosley hot shot

  17. TOM MORGAN United States

    50 crosley hot shot

  18. Bob Knowler Sioux City, Iowa

    Crosley Hot Shot, like the one pictured above it.

  19. Richard Mansfield Sewickley, Pa.

    It's a Crosley "Hotshot"

  20. Don Rubeniuk Canada

    1950 Crosley Hot shot

  21. Richard Steinkopf Wilmington, NC

    It is a Crosley Hot Shot.

  22. john raines Corry, Pa.

    1949 Crosley Hot Shot

  23. Johnny Holden Satsuma,Florida

    It is a Crosley Hot Shot... Had my first date in it... not much room

  24. Greg York Bullhead City, AZ

    1950 Crosley Hot Shot Super Sport...winner at Sebring. My dad raced (amateur) his 1950 Hot Shot for 4 years in Gymkanna races in Southern California 1950-1954 (Member of Northrop Sports Car Club - Southern California). He won most of his trohpies in that car. We used to go to all of the sports car races in Southern California (Ventura to San Diego) and camping since he put a removable luggage rack on back. Great memories...great little car.

  25. dave becker Nova Scotia , Canada

    1950 Crosely Hotshot roadster

  26. Bob Scholten Jenison, Michigan

    1949 Crosley Hotshot

  27. ken Lemoine framingham MA

    a 1950 Crosley Hot Shot and the picture was at Sebring during the race in Dec 1950.

  28. Richard Reynolds Grand Rapids Mi

    Crosley Hotshot

  29. Mon Dorris Gardiner, NY

    Ahh...a Crosley Hot Shot. Almost as cool as my classic Mini Cooper

  30. Erika Davis michigan

    '29 mercedes ssk

  31. Jeff Henry Clarksville, Tn.

    1950 Crosely Hot shot

  32. Larry Szostak Hickory Hills, Il

    Crosley Hot Shot

  33. Henry Arizona

    1950 Crosley Hot Shot. Side note: My dad worked for Crosley Motors in Marion, Indiana production control department) until they closed operations in the late forties. There were too many kids in our family to fit into a Crosley so he drove a Buick!

  34. Paul Ahvenainen Sebastopol, CA

    1949 Crosley Hotshot

  35. Rick Brewer Union City, Tn

    Crosley Hot Shot

  36. Doc Switzer Sarasota, FL

    1950 Crosley Hot Shot, #19, The first Sebring Race on December 31, 1950

  37. Barry Barwatt Chocowinity, NC

    1950 Hot Shot Roadster

  38. Mike Stover St. Augusine

    Vic Sharpe's 1950 Crosley Hot Shot

  39. Bill United States

    But it looks like SAAB copied it in the randition of my 63' SAAB 2 cycle.

  40. Wally Marsden United States

    1949 Crosley Super Sport

  41. Ted Cuda United States

    Hard to tell without seeing the doors or lack there of. The Hot Shot dad no doors and the Super Sport had doors. If my memory serves me correct, the Hot Shot was built from 49-52 and the Super Sport from 50-52. I had a52 Super Sport when I was a kid in the Detroit area.

  42. m mosley hilo Hawaii

    1950 crosley hot shot

  43. Randy Drees Hamilton,Ontario,Canada

    1949 Crosley Hot Shot

  44. Ted Cuda Bonita Springs FL

    Without getting a good look at the side of the car, I would say a 49 Hot Shot. The Hot Shot was made from 49-52. The Super Sport, If my memory serves me correctly, was built from 50-52. I had a 52 Super Sport when I was a kid living in Dearborn, Michigan. I also had a 48 & 49 Station Wagon. Fun cars to drive.

  45. Jim Liberty United States

    1949 Crosley Hot Shot. I remember them as new, and still love them. A wet sleeve motor if I remember, welded up from components. .............................Jim.

  46. M. Elliott San Diego, CA

    Crosley Hot Shot Super Sports

  47. Ira Rimson Albuquerque NM

    1950 Crosley Hotshot. Raced against similar at Thompson CT in early '50s.

  48. P.Johnson Rochester Hills Michigan

    This little baby won the 1st Sebring Fla. race 12/31/1950, beat out Ferrari's, Cadillac Allards,Mercury Allards & Fiat's, driven by Frits Koster and Bobby Deshon in a 6hr race..1950 Crosley HotShot

  49. sam boggs Abuquerque NM

    1949 Crosley Hot Shot

  50. Steve Yeklig Knox Tennessee

    Crosley Hot Shot but since it has doors I think that makes it a 'Super'.

  51. don sunny & warm florida

    1950 crosley hot shot

  52. Jim Henderson Weatherby Lake, Missouri

    The car is a 1949 Crosley Hotshot. The picture is from the very first Sebring 6-hour endurance race held December 31, 1950. The car was driven in the race by Bobby (Ralph) Deshon and Frits Koster. Because the race was run under the rules of the Index of Performance, the little Crosley actually won the race.

  53. Kenneth yatawara little rock ar

    Crosley supershot roadstar 1950

  54. Ron New Jersey

    I give up. '67 Toronado?

  55. Bernie Albrecht North Jersey

    It looks like a Crosley "Hotshot"

  56. sidney minton bartlett, TN

    1950 Crosley Hot shotIt still exists. A fellow brings it to local car shows and he says it is the car that won Sebring

  57. John Crume Tampa FL

    This #19, 1949 Crosley Super Sport (with doors) won Sebring in 1951. Can you say "Index of Performance"?

  58. Richard Mitchell 34681

    Looks like a Crosley Hot Shot - maybe a '49

  59. brad mason lake city, mi.

    1950 crosly hotshot

  60. mark new york

    its a 1950 crosely hot shot

  61. Rich Wisconsin

    1950 Crosley hot shot ,with modified wind screen

  62. John Kost Leawood, KS

    It is a 1950 Crosley Hot Shot Super!

  63. kent rhinehart mich. 48173

    i beleive its a 1950 crosley hot shot.

  64. L Kwolek Rochester, IN.

    It is a 1950 crosley hot shot.

  65. john willsey gladwin mich

    1950 Crosley "Hot Shot " i was in high school at the time, and it was featured in the " new's of the day " at a movie theater in Lansing mi . i thought " i want one " !!! but my first car was a 1929 model "A " town sedan ( murray body)

  66. Jeff Epremian Arlington, VA

    1949 Crosley Hotshot -- winning at Sebring!

  67. William Fisher Alban, Ontario, Canada

    1949 Crosley Hotshot

  68. jimmie roan san antonio tx

    that is a 1949 crosley hot shot

  69. Glenn Brummer Indianapolis, IN

    Probably a 1949 or 1950 Crosley Hot Shot - it's the car that ran in the 6 Hours of Sebring in 1950 - driven by Ralph Deshon and Fritz Koster - entered by Victor Sharpe, Jr. of Tampa, FL. IT WON!



  71. Tommy Entenza Jacksonville, FL

    Greg & Paul's memory's are spot on!

  72. Thomas Pindroh Maple Heights, Ohio

    Crosley Hotshot

  73. Denis Allen Las Vegas, NV

    1950 Crosley Super

  74. Mike Scullin Alpine, NY

    Crosley Hotshot

  75. Martin McGladdery Farmington Hills,Michigan

    1949 Crosley Hot Shot

  76. VIC SNIVELY Vandalia, OH

    1949 Crosley Hot Shot

  77. Philippe Tusler United States

    I couldn't guess myself, but my dad sold Crosley's, among others, in Pasadena at Peter Satori motors.

  78. Bob Ewing Whittier,, CA 90601

    A 1949 Crosley Hotshot at Sebring 12 hours.

  79. dave nickel mulliken michigan

    1950 Ccrosley hotshot ,I had a1951 station wagon in high school, jokers would pick it up and put it between trees. I'd jack it up and push it over to get it out. The starter went bad so I would jack it up put it in 3rd gear, turn rear wheel to start it." The good old days."

  80. Richard Sherman Massachusetts

    This car is the 1949 Crosley Hotshot. The first car produced in postwar America. weighing in at 1, 100 lbs and 145 in. long. The picture was taken on December 31st, 1950, during the Sebring race (which tre Hotshot won, beating Ferrari and Allard).

  81. mike butler United States

    1950 crosely hot shot super sport

  82. mike rossi vashon,wa.

    1950 Crosley cd four SuperSports roadster

  83. Dick Webber United States

    Crosley Hot Shot

  84. Raymond Purnell Phila,Pa

    1950 Crosley Super Sport

  85. Art Zimmermann River Edge, NJ

    1950 Crosley Hotshot

  86. Richard HIll United States

    this is a 1950 Crosley Hotshot

  87. Mark Massachusetts

    1951 Crosley Hot Shot

  88. herb haller Laurel, Maryland

    1950 Crosley Hot Shot

  89. John Panteloukas Holiday, FL

    Early 50s Crosley Hotshot SS

  90. T Lehn NY

    1949 Crosley Hot Shot

  91. Ron Fitzgerald michigan

    This is a 1949 Crosley Hot Shot.

  92. Bob Gregg Paisley, Florida

    1951 Crosley Super Sports

  93. Jackie Toccoa Ga.

    1949 Crosley Hotshot

  94. John Kern sandpoint Id

    1950 crosely hotshot ss

  95. nicholas michigan

    crosley hotshot

  96. Jim Nineveh, Indiana

    1950 Crosley Hot Shot

  97. steve sanderson toronto . canada.

    1949 crosley hot shot

  98. Bill Cunningham Lakeland, TN

    It is indeed a 1949 Crosley Hotshot. I am the current owner of this very car. It did win the first endurance race held at Sebring FL on 12/31/1950. The car was expertly and accurately restored by Tim Freshley and is currently residing in my garage in Lakeland, TN just East of Memphis.

  99. Patrick Lane United States

    1959 Crosley Hot Shot

  100. Weldon Knape Sun Lakes, AZ

    1949 Crosley Hotshot (per MR. Cunningham's comment)

  101. Ted Forlenza Staten Island

    1949 Crosley HotShot

  102. Bobby Mink Oregonia

    1951 Crosley Super Sport

  103. Bob Solak North Ft Myers

    1950 Crosley Hot Shot

  104. LaVon Gray Raleigh, NC

    1949 Crosley Hot Shot

  105. tom jarosch was lansing, michigan

    I am a little late. It's a Crosley, like the one above. This is a 1950 HotShot.

  106. Dixon Anderson Federal Way, WA

    Well, it has to be a 1949 Crosley Hotshot. I remember riding my Whizzer past a few of these cute little Crosleys in the early 50s.

  107. Bill Cochran Hayward, WI

    1950 Crosley Hot Shot

  108. Jim Guibord Dearborn Heights, Michigan

    1950 Crosley Hot Shot

  109. Bob Gardinerr Calgary, Alberta

    the car is a 1949 Crosley Hot Shot

  110. Haydee Melgar Paterson NJ

    The mysterycar is a Crosly 1950 Hot Shot Speed Channel

  111. Mike Magri Windsor,Ontario,Canada

    The car is a 1949 Crosley Hot Shot.

  112. Mark McNeill New York

    it's a 1950 Crosley Hot Shot

  113. DAVID ZIEMS oak harbor ohio

    1950 Crosley Hot Shot winnwer of first Sebring race in 1950

  114. Daryle Murray Oklahoma City, OK

    1950 Crosley Hot Shot