THIS CAR MATTERS: Supercharged 1953 Cadillac Eldorado

December 10, 2013

Get the story on the only 1953 Cadillac that General Motors modified with a supercharger. The Historic Vehicle Association recently caught up with Holly Smith, an expert on the car, to hear the story of this amazing vehicle.  

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  1. Bill Graham Scottsdale, Az

    The object that makes the vehicle special is the supercharger, yet due to the low camera angles, the supercharger is not even visible. I really enjoyed it otherwise. I never knew this car existed. I am surprised it hasn't gotten more coverage.

  2. Mike Kanalos Michigan, were all great cars are born.

    It appears that the car has a blower and not a supercharger. Very similar to what a dragster would use. A supercharger would force the outside air into the carburetor were a blower sucks the air thru the carburetor. GM used a modified blower from Detroit Diesel for this Cadillac.

  3. Car Collector Chronicles

    The license plate on the car echoes Mike K's statement, now doesn't it?

  4. Ken W Omaha

    This would appear to be the first COPO GM factory car.

  5. jimmie roan san antonio tx

    beautiful car, I had never heard of it before and I pride myself on finding rare automobiles for others. and hate to bicker over something trivial, but just so there is no misunderstanding, blower is just slang for supercharger, or at least from over 55 years in the industry that is what I have always understood to be the way it is. but as with any human I could be wrong

  6. Steve Herron Poulsbo Wa

    The term supercharger and blower are used interchangeably. Merely the placement of the carburetor does not change the function of the blower. There are different types of course of blowers and superchargers but the terms have no identifying characteristics. A paxtom centrifugal blower may also be called a supercharger. See

  7. rob frye washington state

    Your video of the supercharged '53 Caddy was awful! You didn't even show us the most important part of this car- THE SUPERCHARGER!! Really bad!

  8. Mike Augusta

    Looks like a car I saw at Milton Robson's barn. Very cool for 1953. Same age as me.

  9. Mitch Minnesnowta

    Mike Kanalos, a blower and supercharger are the same thing. Drag racers gave the superchargers the slang name of "blower" years ago. A TURBO forces air thru a carburetor or throttle body in the case of EFI.

  10. Ken Sheffer Metro Detroit

    I think you mean 'where' not 'were'. And actually 'supercharger' is a generic label and refers to a mechanism that acts to supply more air to an engine than would be pushed in by atmospheric pressure. The manner of driving the supercharger and the internal mechanism that increases the charge all come into play in further delineating the specific label.

  11. bob simard sr augustine fl.

    Illove that car and want it

  12. P.Johnson Rochester Hills Michigan

    I like the lock on the Hood, Early theft deterrent device, But the Riviera style rear wheel opening's mess up the beautiful rear quarters. The Exhaust exiting through the rear bumpers was standard on all 53"s. I Have seen this car in person and the work is all very well done, although I think the original design was better looking.