Mystery Vehicle

December 10, 2013

Thank you to everyone who submitted guess for this month’s Mystery Vehicle and congratulations to Rich Metz of Stevens Point, WI whose correct answer of a 1954 Dannenhauer & Strauss was selected as this month’s winner. For his correct answer having been selected, Rich will receive an HVA hat and additional swag. Congratulations Rich!

If you think you have the answer, just head over to the HVA’s Facebook page, or log your best guess in the comments section below. Guess correctly and you have a chance to get a cool HVA ballcap for your trouble. This basic black, fully adjustable cap features an adjustable fit and the HVA emblem on the front. One winner will be drawn randomly from the pool of correct responses on Friday, December 20th


  1. Adam Borkat Marietta, GA

    I'm thinking DKW.

  2. Stephen Gray United States

    Subaru 360?

  3. mark Bartman 121 kelly road butler pa 16001


  4. Peter Gruner Lexington VA

    Beutler bodied Porsche, mid-late 1950's

  5. Joe Marron lincoln, NE.

    1951 Crosley

  6. Dan Arena Syracuse, NY

    Dannenhauer & Stauss, circa 1950

  7. Don Pruitt China Grove, NC

    Definitely a VW-Porsche hybrid. 1950 Ghia Porsche coupe.

  8. John Adams La Mesa CA

    Looks like a mid 50's Rometsch, but doesn't have the typical "eyebrow" over the front wheel well.

  9. Ron Portland Kansas City MO

    Alfa Romeo

  10. Joseph Anderson noth carolina

    DKW F9 or IFA

  11. Richard Christensen Prescott, AZ

    1954 Dannenhauer & Stauss coupe

  12. Ken Boyd Washington, NC

    With the suicide doors, I suspect the vehicle is French. My guess would be a 1950s Simca.

  13. David Rugg Minnesota

    Borgward Isabella

  14. Bill Robie port richey,fl.


  15. Ed Brown Florida

    Thinking early Skoda

  16. Brian Lewis Taos, NM

    Tatra T600

  17. Dave California

    VW wheels? Front bumper has a VW look to it? Interior (what I can see) has a VW look. I would guess a VW Hybred

  18. Joe NYC

    Dannenhauer Strauss the 356 predecesor

  19. Dave Kennedy United States


  20. Eric Boman New York

    1950's Skoda

  21. Jim Arlington, WA


  22. Morgan Staines Sacramento, CA


  23. Pete Vistakos Livonia, Michigan


  24. Bill Haupt Monroe NY

    A 50s Dannenhauer & Stauss coupe , period VW and Porsche mechanicals.

  25. ed glowczak buffalo,ny

    carmagea vw


    Lancia from early1940s

  27. WoodBoatChick wisconsin

    Fiat Topolino

  28. Jerry Casey Connecticut

    Early 50's Rometsch on a VW chassis

  29. Brian Lewis Taos, NM

    Tatra T600

  30. Gerald Garbis Grants Pass, Oregon

    356 Porsche w/ custom body by Karmann

  31. chevy lind nyc

    62' Sudan mk2 Jaguar

  32. Bob Wilhelm Martinez ca

    1954 Dannenhauer and Stauss.Only one left of three built.

  33. Frank vellake Gainesville Fl

    I believe it is a Horch.

  34. Brian Lewis Taos, NM

    Dannhauser & Stauss, Coupe.

  35. Greg Madej Pittsburgh,PA

    Dannenhauser & Strauss coupe.

  36. Duane Mrazek United States

    Tatra I think from the early to mid 30's

  37. Bill haener California

    First Porsche

  38. Dale H Moody Arizona

    A Buetler Porsche (Swiss)

  39. john hawley St Joseph, MI

    VW Karmann Ghia

  40. jimmie roan san antonio tx

    looks like an early Porsche 356 prototype from maybe 1948 or somewhere around there

  41. Patrick Brennan Rocky River

    Borgward circa 1959

  42. Anthony Pistorino Middletown, Ct.

    Volvo , 1950 ish

  43. JACK BOTTOMS Buffalo,ny


  44. JACK BOTTOMS Buffalo,ny


  45. David Howell Burbank, CA.

    DKW Sedan.................late fifty's early sixty's.

  46. Mike Scullin Alpine NY

    1954 Dannenhauer & Stauss

  47. Josh Allfree Louisville, KY

    A 1954 Dannenhauer & Stauss hardtop coupé

  48. Thomas Pindroh Maple Heights, Ohio

    Dannenhauer and Strauss

  49. Dan Rindner NJ

    1953 VW Type 1Coupe, Dannenhauer & Stauss

  50. Lynn Pindroh Maple Hts., Ohio

    Dannenhauer and Strauss coupe

  51. Doug Jarvis fond du Lac Wi

    I think it is a French car: Facil (Faack-el) Vega

  52. jim armstrong marblehead, MA

    this is a Dannenhauer & Stauss coupe

  53. David Sarasota, FL

    1956 Dannenhauer & Stauss coupe

  54. Steve Herron Poulsbo Wa

    Yep definitely a 1954 Dannenhauer & Stauss coupe ,,, looks the one found in the US in a barn in oregon

  55. Paul Ahvenainen California

    Dannenhauer Strauss

  56. William Gilbert Corvallis, Oregon

    1951 Porsche Veritas

  57. Ray Florida

    54 Dannenhauer & Strauss Coupe

  58. Sarah Wilson Coquitlam, BC, Canada

    A 1954 Dannenhauer & Stauss coupe when it was shown at the 2013 Carmel-by-the-Sea Concours

  59. Albert Pittsburgh, PA

    Dannenhauer & Strauss Volkswagen coupe.

  60. Dennis Boese USA

    For sure a Dannenhauer & Strauss, circa 1954

  61. Kabinenroller Cold Wisconsin

    It looks to be a Maico.

  62. Leo Amato Boca raton, Florida

    Most likely an early Porsche, 50's

  63. Peter Daley Mashpee,Mass

    Dannenhauer & Staus coupe---early VW

  64. Mark Coplan Boca Raton, FL

    Looks like custom Porsche 356. Early 1950s.

  65. Gary Harper Raleigh, NC

    Looks like a cross between a Karmann Ghia and a Beetle. The front looks like a Ghia. The top looks likes a Beetle.

  66. Jeff California


  67. Robert Clark San Francisco

    Looking closely at the wheels and the forward facing (suicide door) door handles, this looks like the 1933 Volkswagen concept from Ferdinand Porsche, presented to the Reich Ministry of Transport on January 17, 1934 in Porsche's "Study for the Production of a Germany People’s Car" From that proposal, Porsche received the order to develop the car at the initiative of the Reich Government. And while the original agreement was to build only one prototype of the Volkswagen, the RDA increased the order on 7 December 1934 to three cars assembled in the garage of Ferdinand Porsche’s private residence.

  68. Wm FTW

    Dannenhauer & Strauss, Stuttgart

  69. terry eureka montana

    it is a Renault!

  70. Bob DeVore Martinsburg, WV

    German Auto Union DKW

  71. bill wheeler Campbell River BC

    MG Magnette

  72. Ken Kaiser Houston, Texas

    Some type of Saab

  73. Doug Masto New Jersey

    1954 Dannenhauer & Stauss coupe, but I'm not first.

  74. Ron Neugold Redding, CT

    Reutter prototype Coupe built for Porsche.

  75. Tim Parkersburg, WV

    looks like a Henry J

  76. Al byers Stouffville ont. Canada


  77. Len Hoskinson Miami

    Renault Dauphine

  78. Marc B. Dripping Springs, Texas

    Dannenhauer & Stauss or D&S coupe, 1954 (same vintage as me - probably same questionable quality of build). Crazy mix of Porsche and VW parts, but it must have been great fun! Probably still is. Thanks!

  79. Don Rosa United States

    Definitely a Dannenhauer & Stauss..a coach built VW modeled after the Porsche 356. Probable early 1950's.

  80. Jim Johnson Wisconsin

    Buetler Porsche....privat coachbuilder

  81. Chuck Graham Windsor CT

    1954 Dannenhauer & Stauss Coupe

  82. tom jakeway Lewis, CO

    Dannenhauer & Stauss coupe 1953-1954

  83. Marc Zebouni Baton Rouge LA

    Early 356 Porsche looks like the right answer, Beutler? Graber?

  84. Ken MacKay Sheldon, SC

    Morris Minor

  85. rich D/FW, TX

    I'm thinking Simca.

  86. Gregg Denver

    Looks suspiciously like a Jaguar MK I Saloon modified as a two-door.

  87. thomas Lucus fort defiance,va.


  88. Ray United States

    A very limited production 1954 Dannenhauer & Stauss hardtop coupe.

  89. Ray United States

    A very limited production 1954 Dannenhauer & Stauss hardtop coupe.

  90. jim watkins sf, ca

    1957 chevy bel aire. I Don' t need a 1 in 20 chance for a hat. Make it worth my while!g

  91. Don Risen Modesto, CA

    1950 or 1951 Lloyd.

  92. Pete cele Freehold,nj


  93. Dave Larsen MA USA

    Rosengart Ariette?

  94. Leslee Star Salem, OR

    It reminds me of a friends Jaguar.

  95. Michael Garvey Clifton Park. NY

    1950 Simca 8 Sport

  96. Louis Cohen New York

    Volkswagen Karmann Gia

  97. Luc Petre Florida


  98. Mark Windham United States

    1954 Renault Frégate

  99. Mark CA

    Auto Union

  100. mike smith boise id


  101. Rob Wilkinson Santa Barbara

    Early 50's Dannenhauer & Stauss

  102. ted schofield Arizona

    early Jag

  103. Richard Steinkopf Wilmington, NC

    My guess is it is a postwar Panhard

  104. John Stauffer Lancaster Co.,PA

    Rear roof profile reminds me of a Morris Minor, however, the front half puzzles me!

  105. scott hampton tampa fl

    Porsche 356 notchback

  106. Mark Brandon Idaho


  107. George deWalder Weaverville

    1953-55 Simca coupe

  108. Jim Morey Somers, Ct


  109. Dave Brammer Hurricane, WV


  110. Sculla Conrad Novato, CA

    1953 Dannenhauer & Stauss Cabriolet

  111. Dick Cruickshank North Carolina


  112. Dave Magruder Cumming,ga

    Porsche proto type. There is a guy here in Atlanta that has one in Tucker. The porsche family car

  113. Andrew Petreas San Francisco ca

    I think DKW probably F9 or F10?

  114. Robert J. Petri Racine, WI

    1954 Dannenhauer and Stauss Coupe at the 2013 Carmel-by-the-Sea Concours on the Avenue.

  115. bradford mitchell United States

    its a 1954 dannenhauer and stauss coupe

  116. Pat rick Cheak Illinois

    A 50s Dannenhauer & Stauss Coupe

  117. Michael Delasco Connecticut

    Custom bodied Porsche

  118. Jim Clevenger Billings MT.

    Nash-Healey's--1952 Restyle

  119. Murray Scott Ontario, Canada

    Borgward Hansa 1500 Isabella

  120. Alastair Aitken Whittier, CA

    Dannenhauser & Strauss coupe.

  121. Stuart Norman Wisconsin USA

    That is a 1953 Dannenhauer & Stauss Coupe.

  122. Loral Lords United States

    It is either a DKW or an early Borg-Ward

  123. Dan Kunic Ottawa, ON Canada

    1950s DKW. I.e., the Das Knaben Wunsch (The Boy’s Wish). The German made proto-Audi.

  124. Loral Lords Vancouver,Wash

    It is either a DKW or an early Borg-Ward

  125. P.Johnson Rochester Hills Michigan

    German Dannenhauer Stauss Coupe, 1 of 3 made in 1954 and the only survivor. It was found in Oregon in 2011 sitting in a barn since the early 70"s. Originally equiped with a Porsche engine and brakes.

  126. Ron Plummer south central penna


  127. Larry Szostak Hickory Hills, Il


  128. Mike Rowles Dayton, OH


  129. Volker (Frostie) Schneemann Florida 34201

    This is a Dannenhauer&Stauss 1953

  130. Bob Henry Lethbridge, Alberta Canada

    It looks like a D K W

  131. tom s ct

    First thought was veritas

  132. Jerry Johnson TN

    It's a Dannenhauer & Stauss Hardtop Coupe

  133. John Panteloukas Holiday, Florida

    Early 50s Porsche

  134. JACK waynesboro Pa

    Buetler Porsche

  135. Dan Silva North Dartmouth,Ma.

    Karmann Ghia

  136. Don Hurst Bluffton, SC

    I think it may be an early Porsche 356 coupe.

  137. Steve Barnes Idaho Falls Idaho

    VW of some kind maybe older Karman Ghia

  138. Erling Onsager Jacksonville, FL

    Borgward 1950

  139. Glenn Brummer Indianapolis, IN

    It took awhile to figure this one out, but it's a Dannenhauer & Stauss VW with a Porsche engine from the 50s.

  140. Scott Stanko MI, United States

    Dannenhauer and Stauss Coupe

  141. terry stanley fulton ms

    It's a renault

  142. Soren Los Angeles, CA

    It's the rare Dannenhauer & Stauss Coupé. There are quite a few Cabriolets, but not even a handful of those hard top cars were ever built. This has to be the 1954 that was discovered in a barn in Oregon in 2010. First time I see it restored. Nice job!

  143. Geoffrey Drummond United States

    Panhard mid-1950s

  144. Cheryl Coddington USA

    D & S Hardtop Coupe

  145. Russell Twine Covington, WA

    1954 D & S Hardtop Coupe

  146. wendell roberts houston, Tx.

    1954 Dannenhauer & Stauss coupe

  147. Phil California

    Dannenhauer & Stauss coupe

  148. Steven Sidnam Lake Mary florida

    I think it is a 1952 Renault dolphine sport coupe with a four cylinder fuel injected engine

  149. Robert Huntley Modesto, Ca

    Dannenhaer &Stauss Coupe 1953

  150. Edward Gerasimowicz trenton, nj

    looks like a Puegot to me,

  151. Terry J. Butler Alexandria, IN

    It's a Porsche

  152. Ron St. Paul MN D & S Coup 1-3 barn find.

  153. Hugh G Rection california

    Webley-Vickers 60/40

  154. tom cleveland bella vista ar

    1960 renault

  155. tom cleveland bella vista ar

    1960 renault

  156. Tim Li

    1954 dannerhuser& Strauss

  157. chuck kirkland, wa

    Dannenhauer and Strauss coupe early 59s w/o VW moon hubcaps

  158. Tim Brentwood, TN

    1948 Porsche 356

  159. Bob Hutchens Indy, U.S.A.


  160. bill s pelham manor,ny

    54 porshe

  161. Maureen Buffalo Ny

    1954 D&S Coupe

  162. Duval Lemoine Reno Nevada

    This is a Karman body work, either a Porsche or VW Karman Gia 1950's

  163. Mark Erickson Goodyear Az

    Early VW Karmen Ghia is my guess

  164. Mark Erickson Goodyear Az

    Early VW Karmen Ghia is my guess

  165. Don Bean Muskogee, Ok

    Porche coupe

  166. Bonnie Codd Maryland

    A 1954 Dannenhauer & Stauss hardtop coupe - only three ever built

  167. Dr. Charles Patagonia, AZ

    Dannenhauer & Stauss coupe 1953-1954; 2nd chance choice, Veritas 2+2 Saturn Coupe, 1953

  168. branch searcy ar.

    BMW 507

  169. branch searcy ar.

    BMW 507

  170. manfred pfeiffer phoenix


  171. James Clements Albuquerque, NM

    1952 - 1954 Dannenhauer & Stauss coupe {actually a 2-door hardtop} series coachbuilt in Stuttgart on VW chassis. Sources indicate perhaps 80 to 140 total produced, of which perhaps three were coupes and the rest cabriolets, all with the same basic form. Hand hammered over wooden bucks and finished to a high standard, the cost of production eventually made them uncompetitive. Nicely styled cars, but very few have survived.

  172. Charles Edwards Dayton, NV


  173. Rich Metz Wisconsin

    Dannenhauer & Stauss 1954, custom body on a VW chassis

  174. Doug L Bancroft Michigan

    Pretty sure it is a VW or Porsche special from the 50's.

  175. Chris Bloomington, IN

    1953 Dannenhauer Strauss Coupe, and a beautiful one at that.

  176. Paul Kirby Ramsey, NJ

    Porsche. early Drauz coupe

  177. todd minnesota

    1954 Dannenhauer & Stauss hardtop coupé... was owned by a tobacco dealer from Wiesbaden. one of three built

  178. LeRoy Short Independence MO

    1965 Renault Dauphine

  179. Billy Tacoma

    1953 Putzka Minkz

  180. Billy Bob Jack Plano, TX.

    '58 Renault or '56 Porsche

  181. Tom Byrnes Slidell, LA

    1954 Dannenhauer & Stauss coupe

  182. Jay Wallace 14 Hallock Ln Center Moriches NY 11934

    1954 Dannenhauer & Stauss hardtop coupé

  183. George PA

    is it a Alexander?

  184. Bob Mathiebe Canada

    Kharman Ghia