Remembering Dr. Clifford Nass

December 10, 2013

Clifford Nass was a friend of the Historic Vehicle Association, a Thomas M. Storke Professor at Stanford University, and the Co-Director of the Revs Program at Stamford. The pioneering sociologist and car enthusiast who studied how the digital age and modern technology negatively impacts society died suddenly last month during a hike at Lake Tahoe at age 55. 

Dr. Nass collaborated with the Historic Vehicle Association on our national automotive heritage initiatives and preservation research. Dr. Nass’ work for the Revs Program at Stanford helped put the automobile at the center of the university through his Big Idea Festival and papers on driver psychology, the representation of cars in video games, and understanding corrosion and preservation of automobile surfaces.

In addition to his work with the Revs Program at Stamford, Dr. Nass conducted research into the interaction between humans and technology and how our modern, screen-centric, multitasking world was negatively impacting our ability as individuals to concentrate, analyze and empathize. Dr. Nass recently gave a TED talk on his pioneering research.


  1. Bill Graham Scottsdale, Az

    We lost an outstanding human being in so many ways.

  2. Monte Gingery Potomac,MD

    He was enthusiastic about what he was doing , and that ain't bad. A Good Guy.