Mystery Vehicle

November 12, 2013

Congratulations to Bob Scholten from Jenison, Michigan for answering correctly. For his correct answer, Bob will receive an HVA hat. Congratulations Bob!

If you think you have the answer, just head over to the HVA’s Facebook page, or log your best guess in the comments section below. Guess correctly and you have a chance to get a cool HVA ballcap for your trouble. The cap is basic black, fully adjustable to fit any sized head, and featuring the HVA emblem on the front and the FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens) emblem on the back. One winner will be drawn randomly from the pool of correct responses on Friday, November 22nd.


  1. Jeff Campbell California

    1935 Rolls-Royce Moxie Car

  2. John A Grand Rapids MI

    1932 Buick (Moxie car)

  3. Doug Baker Camano Island, WA

    1935 Rolls-Royce Moxie Car

  4. Deb Chandler Kalkaska, MI

    1935 Rolls-Royce Moxie Car

  5. Blake Nottingham Titusville PA home of the first oilwell

    1935 Rolls Royce Moxie car

  6. Jeremy Kinsey Lake Geneva, WI.

    That my friends is a Moxie Car, made from a modified 1929 LaSalle. owned by Ben Clark from Clark's Trading Post in Lincoln, New Hampshire.

  7. Ralph Cooper Michigan

    Trick Answer: Rolls- Horse New Model Year 2014. Everyone for trying should received a HVA ballcap! Good Advertisement. don't you think? Have a Great Day.

  8. Philippe Tusler United States

    It appears to be the only Moxie car built on a 1935 RR chassis, with English livery. The one surviving LaSalle Moxie Car has prominent outrigger side mirrors off the top corners of the windshield. None are visible in this picture.

  9. Dick Sossomon Raleigh, NC

    1960 Ford Mustang experimental pre-production car.

  10. Philippe Tusler United States

    I don't believe it's a replica, as the replicas have an arc at the top of the windshield, and the one in this picture is straight.

  11. John Peirson Vancouver, Canada

    A photo of the whole car is on page 83 of "The Complete Works - The Best 599 Rolls-Royce Stories". The text says it was a used Silver Ghost modified around 1923. The drum headlights and vertical radiator shutters suggest a 1926 Springfield Ghost or an early Springfield Phantom I. The Flying Lady, Rolls-Royce Owners' Club masgazine, of March 1977 (page 1958) has the same photo, and says it appears to be a 1923 Springfield Ghost.

  12. Art Gischia USA

    It's a one horse White, with manual steering

  13. David Johnson New Orleans, LA

    1932 Cadillac Moxie Advertising Vehicle

  14. chris riley Ct

    Model A or T Ford

  15. Tim Craig Brentwood, TN

    A Pontiac Aztek prototype... OOPS! Sorry. I was looking at the horse's rear and it reminded me of the Aztek's designer...

  16. Robert Hyndman Valparaiso, IN

    1922 Buick Moxie Car

  17. Bob Scholten Jenison, MI

    1923 Buick "Moxie" car - The owner is John Wissick of Spring Lake, MI

  18. Mike Starring Whidbey Island, WA

    1935 Rolls-Royce Moxie Car

  19. Bernie Albrecht North Jersey

    It's a modified '23 Rolls-Royce named "Moxie".

  20. Glenn Brummer Indianapolis, IN

    The Moxie parade car is a modified 1931 LaSalle owned by Ted Valpey, Jr.

  21. John Sanderson Oakland MI

    1922 Buick Moxie Cola promo car. This was at the 2013 Eyes On Design Show at the Edsel & Eleanor Ford Estate on Fathers Day.

  22. Dick Knoll Humble, Texas

    1935 Rolls Moxie Car

  23. Bob DeVore Martinsburg, WV

    This car is one of the original Moxie cars built on a 1928 LaSalle chassis

  24. David Switzer Sarasota, FL

    originally commissioned by Moxie in 1928 and built on a La Salle chassis

  25. David Switzer Sarasota, FL

    originally commissioned by Moxie in 1928 and built on a La Salle chassis

  26. Bob McDevitt New Hampshire

    Ford Mustang Prototype not sure from the picture if it fully intact

  27. glenn walker little rock, ar 72223

    1923silver ghost

  28. Bob DeVore Martinsburg, WV

    This is the Buick that was made into a Moxie car. The steering wheel is the same as that of the Buick shown at Hershey.

  29. David Switzer Sarasota, FL

    originally commissioned by Moxie in 1928 and built on a La Salle chassis

  30. Clarke Parkville MD

    I horsepower White (prototype)

  31. Steve lee Dallas,TX

    1923 Springfield ghost,

  32. BP Tustin, CA


  33. P.Johnson Rochester Hills Mi.

    1929 LaSalle, Moxie soft drink makers custom Advertising Vehicle Giddy-up

  34. Craig Tacoma Wa.

    I don't see anything in the pic. Looks like a horse with a steering wheel. Therefore it must be the 1965 Mustang.

  35. Doug Campbell Michigan

    Replica Moxie Car built from a Buick

  36. Elmer Oltmann United States

    1935 Rolls-Royce Moxie Horsemobile

  37. Karl Meyers New Bern, NC

    I'm sure it's a Moxie car, around 1929-early-1930 ish. That's my guess, and I'm stickin' to it!!

  38. Richard Steinkopf Wilmington, NC

    It is the "Moxie"advertising vehicle and I believe it was at Hershey this year.

  39. Richard Coldham Canada

    Yep its a Moxie Mobile

  40. Don 2931 N 23 St W Muskogee, ok 74401

    Moxie car

  41. Ed Walsh Acton, Maine

    it is a 1929 LaSalle The Moxie Car.

  42. Juergen Keetz Cotopaxi/Colorado

    It`s a Rh white Caballo Cabriolet.

  43. Lee Hockman Sugar Hill, GA

    fake horse mounted on a parade vehicle, ca 19 hundred and something.

  44. Cherie WA

    It is a Moxie Horsemobile. Moxie, a soda company, had these Moxie Horsemobiles and Moxie Carmobiles made for promotional purposes beginning in 1918. I am sure the idea came from earlier inventions of the velocipedes made for children. Very interesting!

  45. Bret Ketner United States

    That is a friend of mines car, It is a reproduction that rides on a 23 Buick Chassis. The owners name is John Wissink from Spring Lake Michigan. It was reproduced from several photos to be made as close to the promotional cars that advertised for the soda manufacture Moxie.

  46. John Kadash Collegeville, Pa.

    Definable a Moxie Car

  47. Robert J. Petri Racine, WI

    My best guess is a 1920 Buick Moxie horse-mobile.

  48. Donald Franklin Mt Pleasant, SC

    60's Lincoln Continental hardtop

  49. Mike Pohl Plymouth, MN

    Moxie Soda advertising vehicle

  50. Joe O'Neill Clayton, NC

    1922 Buick Moxie Car

  51. Larry Szostak Illinois

    It's a 1935 Rolls-Royce Moxie Car

  52. Rich Tweedle Clinton Twp., MI

    Moxie Horsecar. They started in 1918,using various chassis'.

  53. Vince B. Pilot Mountain,NC

    1967 Pinto.

  54. John Fehlberg Romeo, Mi

    1929 La Salle

  55. Michael Lauth Port Huron, MI

    1923 Buick " Moxie Car"

  56. lee utah

    model T


    It looks like my 1994 Mustang Conv. "Iris with a white top", all I can see in the picture is the white top! I Really think it must be a one-Horse power white horse, in very good shape!

  58. Matt Tucci Ohio

    1999 white horse, with a 1942 guy on the back.

  59. Bill Poulin 211 Ledge Rd. Seekonk, Ma 02771

    Packard, moxie car there is one at "Clarks Trading Post in New Hampshire"

  60. Steven Grand Haven, MI

    That is a 1923 Buick made into a Moxie car to promote the soda. John Wussink of Spring Lake MIchigan owns a replica and has brought it to our local car shows.

  61. David Gray Huntsville, texas

    35 Rolls Royce Movie Car

  62. Bill Scott Aston, PA

    A reproduction of the Moxie Mobile. I believe none of the original survived, built this is built on a LaSalle Chassis. My Nerve Food News (newsletter for all Moxie fans) showed John Wissink's Moxise mobile that was at Hershey.

  63. Keith Roeber pewaukee, wisconsin

    It's what I'll be driving after signing up for the "Affordable Health Care Act"...

  64. Rad Farmville,Mn


  65. B Kaminskyj Mississauga Ontario

    This is the original 1 Horsepower, single seater pony car, built for off road use. Excellent mileage because it produced its own gas. The model in the photo is equipped with an after market steering system.

  66. jerry bowman wooster,ohio 44691

    it is a oatsmobile!

  67. Wilf Ontario, Canada

    A Moxie Cola car...could be on a LaSalle or other chassis...a man in York, PA had one that he sold to a buyer in Germany

  68. Garvin Tate Rockwall, Texas

    The best known Moxie Car is the1935 Rolls-Royce Moxie Horsemobile which was sold for $55,000 at the May 20, 2011, Mecum Auction in Indianapolis. There were a variety of other Horsemobiles built on other chassis, all for the purpose of promoting the foul tasting soft drink called Moxie.

  69. tucky P O Box 3552, Portsmouth, VA 23701

    1924 Ford Model T with 1 horsepower .

  70. John Peirson Vancouver, Canada

    When I submitted my earlier comment I did not know there were several Moxie cars. I see now that the horse in my photos is slightly different from yours - dark steering wheel on a white column, different arrangement of reins, more erect neck etc.

  71. Woody Snell Alabama

    No doubt about it; this is a 1903 Nag with 1 Hp, English made seat and painted pearl white.

  72. Dan Packard Michigan

    1923 Buick Moxie Movile.

  73. Richard Ferrero New York

    "Silvermobile" with the Lone Ranger's son Irving behind the wheel.

  74. Anthony Middletown , Ct.

    Moxie car ....

  75. Tim Michigan

    Mustang concept

  76. Marty Rich Pittsburgh PA

    1914 Moxie Buick

  77. Eric Matthews Niagara Falls

    Moxie Car

  78. Jim D Kalamazoo, MI

    It's a 1935 Rolls-Royce Moxie Car !!!