Mystery Vehicle

October 08, 2013

Thank you to everyone who took at stab at this month's Mystery Vehicle. This month's winner is Richard Campbell of New York. For correctly guessing a Kurtis 500S Mr. Campbell will receive an HVA ballcap. 

If you think you have the answer, just head over to the HVA’s Facebook page, or log your best guess in the comments section below. Guess correctly and you have a chance to get a cool HVA ballcap for your trouble. The cap is basic black, fully adjustable to fit any sized head, and features the HVA emblem on the front and the FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens) emblem on the back. One winner will be drawn randomly from the pool of correct responses on Friday, October 25th.


  1. Awini Ambuj Shaker New Delhi, India

    KURTIS 500s 1953?

  2. Joe Pakiela United States

    It is a Kurtis-Kraft roadster. Frank Kurtis started building midgets in the '30 s.Later about 120 Indy Cars. Also street driven cars. Really cool

  3. BILL GRAHAM scottsdale az.

    that is a curtis. built by the indy car builder.

  4. L. DeWayne Cecil Maggie Valley, NC

    That's a 1953 Kurtis Kraft 500S roadster.

  5. Joe Vaccarella United States

    It's a Lotus 7 with mild customization

  6. Marty Boysen Holland, MI

    This is a picture of a 1950's Kurtis-Kraft 500. Probably a '54 or '55 due it having front fenders and being a road car and not an Indy 500 race car.

  7. Christen Johansen New York, NY


  8. Bob Deming Vancouver

    I believe that the car is an Allard J2.

  9. Bob Ewing Whittier,, CA 90601

    The car is a Kurtis 500 K, similar to one driven by Bill Stroppe to many victories in SCCA and CSCC events here in Southern California.

  10. Robert Blase Minnesota

    I believe it is an Allard.

  11. Glen Barker Bridgeview, il

    1955Kurtis 500s

  12. Russ K.C.


  13. shawn champlin mn

    a Katerham--yr?

  14. Richard Campbell NY

    Kurtis 500s (1953ish)

  15. rick bradner vancouver b.c.

    Kurtis 500S - pick a year from '53 to the last "continuation" cars of a few years back. Interesting you feature it in the same issue as the Muntz Jet which was a Kurtis Kraft Sport by a different name...

  16. Clarke Romans Parkville

    Kurtis 500S

  17. Doug Miller Hansville, Washington

    Kurtis 500S 1953

  18. Jim MARSTON Tybee Island Ga

    Allard. not sure of the year

  19. Mike Silverman Arizona

    1953 Kurtis-Kraft 500S roadster

  20. Phil Ethier Saint Paul Minnesota

    Thi s is a Kurtis Roadster.

  21. Kirk Minster Mooresville, IN

    The car is a Kurtis Kraft 500 S, '53-'56. Send the hat to me at 7777 Thorncrest Drive, Mooresville, IN 46158.Thanks for letting me play.

  22. Bill Cawley MA

    Allard J8

  23. Fred Paine Oahu,Hawaii

    Kurtis Kraft

  24. Christopher Collins Canada

    Kurtis 500s

  25. Dave herron California

    Kurtis 500s

  26. Elmer Oltmann United States

    Looks like a 1953 Kurtis-Kraft 500S to me, unique grill.

  27. Thomas Mosteller Worcester, PA

    It looks like a Kurtis 500S.

  28. Peter Rhoten Palm Beach Gardens Fla

    Kurtis with a Caddilac or hemi

  29. Stephen oss Calgary, Canada

    My guess on the mystery car is a 1955 Kurtis 500S.Thanks

  30. MarshMountaineers Hudson Valley, NY

    The vehicle is...drum roll please... An Allard...

  31. Russell Azbill Scottsdale, AZ

    The car is a Kurtis, the model may be The Californian.

  32. Elden DeVore HOMOSASSA

    The car is Kurtis Kraft possible a 1953 model.

  33. Wayne Pursh Pittsburgh PA

    It's a 1957 Stumper

  34. Mark Melichar Littleton, CO

    It is a Curtis

  35. Frank Sifford Charlotte, NC

    It's a Kurtis.

  36. Andrew Seattle, WA

    It's a Kurtis 500

  37. Frank Sifford Charlotte, NC

    It's a Kurtis 500S.

  38. Matt Kemp Indianapolis

    Kurtis 500S roadster

  39. george verrilli 12571


  40. Joe Nowakowski Columbus NC 28722

    Kurtis Kraft race car.

  41. Joe Richardson Kansas City, MO

    Kurtis 500

  42. Charles Webb Indiana

    Kurtis 500 (approx 1952+/-)

  43. Richard Florida


  44. Jim Taylor Phoenixville, PA

    Hi >>Take your best guess at the make and model of this mystery car for a chance to get a gift from the Historic Vehicle Association delivered to your door. -- I say it's an old photo of a 1955 Kurtis 500S. Did I win? /JT

  45. John J NOR Cal

    Nam or car is a curtis or Kurtis a streatable race car. Mostly came with a Chrysler Hemi or DeSoto Hemi and running gear.

  46. AL Cartlidge Apopka, FL

    Kurtis 500S

  47. Ron Meyer Fort Myers Beach FL

    Looks like a Cad-Allard to me

  48. Don Burrows Baker City, Oregon

    it's/that's a Curtiss (Kurtiss?) but think it's spelled with a "C". Kinda like an American Allard. Late 40's/early 50's I think.

  49. Steve Herron Poulsbo Wa

    It's a Kurtis Roadster,,,1954 I would say 500s

  50. Steve Herron Poulsbo Wa

    Its a Kurtis roadster 1953 500S

  51. Paul CT

    The car is a Kurtis

  52. Wayne Pursh Pittsburgh PA

    1957 Alfa Romeo

  53. Ronald Mitchell NC

    Kurtis Draft 500S, Chrysler powered.

  54. Ron Waterloo, Iowa

    Kurtis Kraft 500S

  55. Steve Vaughan Lexington Park, MD

    Super Seven

  56. richard visser ohio

    i think it is a curtis roadster with a cadilac engine built in the 50s.

  57. Bill Akins Longview, Texas

    AeroCar in the James Bond movie

  58. Don Mann Franklin, TN

    Kurtis 500K

  59. Brian Ach NYC

    1955 Kurtis 500S

  60. William Hoover West Palm Beach


  61. Rick Patchen Williamson, NY

    Kurtis Kraft Roadster

  62. Jim Altoonian Rochester ny

    it's a Kurtiss 500 Roadster.

  63. Paul McBride 22714 W 51st Shawnee, Kansas

    Kurtis Sports

  64. Fred Villars USA

    Lotus Super 7

  65. Phillip Toogood Toronto


  66. Lewis Daniels United States

    J2 Allard

  67. Eddie Creekpaum 5401 South Gillette, Tulsa,OK 74105

    It is a 1962 Masaretti.

  68. Roger Boisjolie Hoouston Tx

    that looks like that homemade race car called old Yeller. Looked like crapp but he beat the best with it and they didn't like it.

  69. r panek cicero,n.y.

    1953 kutis

  70. kenneth clark dover Idaho

    Frank Kurtis built sports car.

  71. George kater Williamsburg va

    It is a Kurtis

  72. Jim Croyts San Diego

    1951 Allard?

  73. Jeff Snow La Center , WA

    This is a Kurtis 500

  74. Tom Bishop Troy, MI

    The car is a Kurtis-Kraft. This was too easy.

  75. Dean Paolucci Burlington Ontario

    Hi there, I believe the vehicle is a Kurtis 500 S.

  76. paul lester nr Detroit, mi

    Kurtis Kraft 500S, mid 1950's

  77. John Kindell Henderson NV

    It's a Kurtis Kraft 500S

  78. Tim Strickland Anderson, SC

    Kurtis 500

  79. ed NJ

    Kurtiss 500

  80. adrian warren oro valley, AZ 85755

    Allard J-2

  81. William Gilbert Corvallis, Oregon

    1958 Kurtis 500K

  82. bruce kline Brighton,MA

    Allard J2

  83. Richard Morrison Salina, Kansas

    The mystery car USA Kurtis 500 or 500S. The S version was factory built and the other was a kit. They were made by Frank Kurtis and were like a shortened and widened Kurtis Imdy Roadster.

  84. paul Foden Windham NH

    1952 Allard J2X

  85. Wayne Pursh Pittsburgh PA

    Looks like a Lotus from the 60's

  86. Len Myrtle Beach, SC

    Unmistakable grille of a Kurtis race car.

  87. Glenn Brummer Indianapolis, IN

    The car is a '52-'53 Kurtis 500 S roadster built by Frank Kurtis.

  88. Clint ring Tulsa oklahoma


  89. Duane Achenbach Nebraska

    Looks like a Cord

  90. J Bilak Del Norte Colorado

    1952 Allard powered by a cadillac engine

  91. Dennis Reardon Bryan, Tx

    This car is an Allard

  92. Richard Steinkopf Wilmington, NC

    I believe it is an Allard - likely a Cadillac-Allard.

  93. John Renaud Dearborn,Michigan

    Kurtis sport car

  94. Mike Ruemmler Fleetwood, PA

    Allard J2

  95. Dick Smith Anahiem, Ca.

    It's a Curtiss Craft and most likely powered by a Hemi Chrysler or a Jag.

  96. Paul Foden Windham NH 03087

    1954 Kurtis 500S

  97. Hal Lucas United States

    This car is a Kurtis Kraft sports car friom in the 60s as i recall.

  98. Ron Anderson Downing, MO 63536

    The car is an Allard.

  99. Bill NY

    Kurtis, 500 or somthing like

  100. Craig Oneal Dallas Ga.

    Kurtis Kraft 1953

  101. Richard Smith Mocksville, NC

    It's an Allard

  102. Doug Masto Wall, New Jersey

    It's a Kurtis 500S - I'd love a hat!

  103. Robert Horn Seminole, FL


  104. Dick Hardesty Martinsville,IN 46151

    This is a Cad-Allard sports car

  105. Bob Stavish, Sr. Wilkes Barre, PA

    Looks like a Cadillac Allard. Saw them years ago at Giants Despair Hill Climb.

  106. Mark Haynes Nederland, CO

    That is the front end of an Allard J2, which ran a Cadillac V-8 powerplant- Proof that Carroll Shelby wasn't the first to put an American powerplant into a European barchetta.

  107. Fred Jones Fairfield OH

    How about a 1956 Kurtis Kraft 500S? Hard to tell with the louvers.

  108. mike rossi vashon


  109. Bill Cox Hillsborough, N.C.


  110. Peter Koch Seneca Falls, NY

    Looks like a Kurtis

  111. Bill Hanson Eugene, Or.

    Looks like a 50's Kurtis...the model would depend on the engine in it.

  112. Rod Cottage grove, mn

    Buggati. Racer

  113. Will Owen Pasadena CA

    Kurtis 500 Sports, 1953-55. Close relative of that Muntz Jet …

  114. larry foster bremerton washington

    Bugatti Speedster

  115. Dick Russ Oklahoma City, OK

    Looks like a Curtis to me

  116. Paul McLaughlin Albuquerque, NM

    I believe this car to be an early 1950's era Kurtis sports car. I saw a similar one in Bill Stroppe's shop in California about 20 years ago.

  117. Jack Richard Vancouver, WA

    Looks like an Allard, possibly a caddy powered one.

  118. Bob Lockas Liberal, Ks.

    1960 Curtis

  119. Scott Shelley SoCal

    Kurtis 500S

  120. william carroll Reading Pa.


  121. Sarah Wilson Vancouver, BC

    This looks to be a circa 1953 to 1955 Kurtis Kraft 500S, a road going version of their Indianapolis racer, although due to the placement of the headlights it would seem to be more likely a 1953 model. It would seem that the shape and size of the hood bulges would be dictated by the make of engine installed in the car.

  122. Richard Grand Rapids Mi

    Car is a Kurtis Kraft 500

  123. Hoyt Spearman Hilton Head, SC


  124. Jan burden Long Islamd ny

    That is a Kurtis 500.

  125. David Rohwer Fairbanks AK


  126. Phil Livoti 66 St. George Place, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, 33418

    Red Baron,Cycle car with Indian chief 4cylinder motor

  127. Don Hilston Lighthouse Point, Florida, 33064

    The car shown is an Allard, made in the UK in the early 50's with large American V8's usually. The car is now made in the US as a semi-custom and costs in the 100,000 or more bracket. I drove a Allard in about 1955 for about 25 miles and had a ball, it was Cadillac powered and quite fast and cornered very well as they were road racers.

  128. Bruce Tester Glendale, Arizona

    Kurtis 500S

  129. Martin Los Angeles

    Kurtis 500s

  130. Martin Los Angeles

    Kurtis 500s

  131. William LeVasseur grand rapids, mn.


  132. Mike Bolline Texas Yea

    53 Allard

  133. Lance Walker United States

    It's a Curtis

  134. Art Prancan New York

    Allard J2

  135. william johnson woodward oklahoma

    If i am not to badly mistaken the picture is of a Curtis 500 built by Frank Curtis a famed race car, builder, migtes, sprints, champ dirt cars, & indy cars.

  136. william johnson woodward ok.

    Made a mistake on spelling of Frank's last name it is Kurtis not curtis.

  137. Hal Maddox Florida

    Appears to be an Allard. Cadillac engine etc.

  138. Harry Torgeson United States


  139. Dallas Dill Texas

    I'm always to see a Kurtis at a vintage race.

  140. Darel Mountain Top, PA

    It's a '54 Kurtis 500S

  141. jared ca

    Allard J2+ Lotus7? Damn.

  142. R ich Boggeman San DIEGO cA.


  143. Steve Green Edmond OK

    Initially thought Allard but not with those teeth. I t is a Kurtis-Kraft 500S. 53-54? Maybe supercharged Olds powered

  144. dick lasalle

    Lotus seven

  145. Ken Collings Cape Cod, Massachusetts

    Lotus seven

  146. Steve illinois

    Lotus Super 7

  147. Leonard Moore Pattison, Texas


  148. Dave Wilson Indianapolis, IN

    Lotus super 7

  149. norm hart Springfield Oregon

    kurtis roadster 1950

  150. calvin hamilton Glendale, AZ

    now facebook account but I believe that is an Allard.

  151. pete zendler hubert NC

    lotus 7

  152. Tom California

    It's an Allard J2

  153. Dennis Berry Dexter, MI

    I believe it is an Allard built in Britain with American horsepower.

  154. Ken Coates Coloradol Springs, Colorado

    It looks like a Kurtis sportscar. Frank Kurtis created many different designs of cars with multiple engine choices from large manufacturers, ie: Chrysler hemis, Cadillac's, Pontiac's etc.

  155. Charles Mcnamara Huntley, IL.

    1953-54 Kurtis roadster. We did some restoration work on one for a client.

  156. Joe Roberts Fayetteville, NC

    The car in question is a Kurtis 500M.

  157. Joe CT


  158. Tor Haugland Houston, Tx 77006

    I think the car in question must be a Kurtis Kraft 500s.

  159. Donald C. Lewis Annapolis, MD USA


  160. John Hutchison Townsend GA

    Kurtis 500

  161. Don Baton Rouge


  162. Ken Central FL


  163. john r. duncan The Villages, Florida

    It looks like a kit car that is supposed to look like a Cadillac Allard, an iconic V-8 powered open-fendered sports car of the fifties.Q

  164. Ken Central FL


  165. Bruce Turner Eugene, Or.

    Looks like an Allard

  166. John Shepherd Brasstown NC

    Cadillac Allard 1958

  167. John Baatz 5409 Godbey Dr., La Canada, CA 91011

    Allard, Palm Beach

  168. jerry crowe twin lakes wi.

    curtis, allard around 1953

  169. Walter Zawacki Princeton, MA


  170. Beth Trimble Michigan

    reminds me of an Allard J2

  171. Bill Hanlon Houston

    An Allard J2.

  172. Bob DeVore Martinsburg, WV

    I believe to be a Curtis Car

  173. John Jansen North Hollywood, California

    Allard. Not sure what year, 1959 I think. Cadillac powered

  174. Ron Nardi 126 Route 284 Wantage NJ

    looks like an Allard to me.

  175. Kurt Dodge Elkhorn, WI

    Looks like a 1954 Kurtis Roadster

  176. Graham Ontario, Canada

    It looks like a Lotus/Caterham Super 7. But it is not the one that was in the TV series The Prisoner. And the fenders and grill are different.

  177. Terry Van Eck New Lenox, IL

    The car is 1953-54 Allard

  178. jimmie roan san antonio tx

    looks like a 1953 kurtis kraft 500 roadster, first look I thought kurtis but the wheels threw me off, most of the pics I have seen have mags and a bulge on passenger side of hood or at least a hood scoop. I'm guessing the bulge or scoop would have to do with which engine was in car, if I remember right they weren't all the same, but I could be wrong.

  179. scott bresnahan purcellville va

    1950's Curtis

  180. Ed Hida Wauwatosa, WI

    I believe it is a 1952 Hillman Manx.

  181. Wally Hirsch Queensbury, NY

    The car is a Kurtis Kraft 500S

  182. chris mcgregor okc, ok

    1953-1955 era Kurtis kraft

  183. William Heisler grand rapids

    This is a 1953 Kurtis Kraft 500S. There were few of these ever produced.

  184. david serra deltona fl

    This is a 1954 Kurtis 500 S racing sports car. Made by Frank Kurtis. It was a great racing machine

  185. Dennis White Roswell, Ga. 30075

    This vehicle is an Allard

  186. Joe Marley Short Hills NJ

    Is it an Allard?

  187. adam WA State

    Kurtis 500 S

  188. Chip M United States

    1953 Kurtis Kraft 500S

  189. James Houser Nevada

    Kurtis Kraft 500k

  190. Greg Elgin, TX

    Allard. Maybe only one L?

  191. john gervasi trenton michigan 48183

    This car is a kurtis street car made by Frank kurtis.

  192. john gervasi trenton michigan 48183

    This car is a kurtis street car made by Frank kurtis.

  193. Red Fred San Francisco, CA

    Sure looks like a Curtis to me!

  194. Jerry Keena Belvidere Illinois

    I believe the car is an Allard

  195. Rex Porter Las Cruces, New Mexcio

    I think its a Lotus Super 7 with a custom grill.

  196. Melvin Davidson Bellingham WA

    The ar pictured is a Kurtis Kraft 500

  197. Brian esten RI

    Kurtis kraft

  198. Kevin Behnke Fair Haven, MI

    This car is a Kurtis 500s.

  199. Rich Tweedle Clinton Township, MI 48035

    Kurtis 500.

  200. Mark nderson rizona


  201. Mike Ellis Spanaway, WA USA

    Kurtis-Kraft 500s

  202. bill walker md.




  204. Bob Gerometta Palm Harbor, FL

    It's Kurtis Roadster

  205. Chuck Cayo Watervliet, MI, USA

    Maybe a Curtiss

  206. gerald erhard zanesville, ohio


  207. Jack Welch Melrose MA


  208. Tony Buglione EASTPOINTE,MI

    The pictured car is a Kurtis KK 500.

  209. Wayne Jirka Hoffman Estates,il.


  210. Jack koerner Islip ny

    Frank kurtis's entry into the growing sports car field....I believe it was 1950

  211. Gary Strader Mineral Texas

    This is a Kurtis Kraft.

  212. Jim cambon Ft Collins , CO

    Kurtis 500S

  213. John Weisenauer Ossian Indiana


  214. Kelly Wittenauer Warsaw, KY

    Kurtis 500 S

  215. Wyatt Hazlett Michigan

    1955 Austin Healey

  216. tex cloud norman okla

    looks like a curtis early 1950s

  217. Paul F. Eberle Sr. Ohio

    50s Kurtis

  218. Allan Weiss United States

    This is an Allard powered by a Cadillac engine in most cases.

  219. Tom Evans Tujunga Ca.

    I think that car is " Old Yellow"

  220. Mike Boulka Eagan, MN

    A Kurtis Kraft

  221. Paul Punta Gorda, FL


  222. Pete Johnson Rochester Hills Mi

    I believe this is a 1953 Kurtis 500s, possibly Chrysler powered

  223. jerry vt

    curtis car

  224. Bill Mott Dallas, TX

    Kurtis Kraft 500 2-seat roadster

  225. ken raimondi new york




  227. David True Lubbock, TX

    I believe this is an Allard. Powered with a Cadillac engine.

  228. Doug Phillips Concord, NC

    Allard J-2

  229. George Matt United States


  230. Tony Grier Braselton,Georgia

    Pro type Corvette pre'63

  231. Ed Mucha Goode VA

    Looks to be a Kurtis, possibly a Cad-Kurtis circa 53-56....

  232. Bedford Joyner Memphis TN

    Kurtiss Kraft I believe the car was named. It looks like a muscular Lotus 7.

  233. Gary Boortz San Jose Ca.

    Cadillac Allard

  234. David Johnson Kalamazoo, Michigan

    The vehicle in question is a Kurtis, not sure of the model designation

  235. don stikeleather 719 rhododendron ave ,Black Mountain N.C. 28711

    kurtis kraft

  236. David Johnson Kalamazoo, Michigan

    Kurtis 500S

  237. Merrily Kalispell

    I think this could be a Cord..

  238. Robert Bityk Metamora, Mi

    Looks like a Cadillac powered Allard

  239. J.W. Magner Saint Joseph, MI

    53 Kurtis Kraft 500S

  240. Dean Powers United States

    Kurtis 500K

  241. Clyde Mequon, Wi

    That is an Allard--year not known to me

  242. Duane Betts Wichita Falls, TX

    Loks like an Allard J2 to me!

  243. steven mandell los angeles


  244. Ken Yokota Fresno, CA

    Is that an Allison?

  245. Randy Washington County, Texas

    Kurtis Kraft

  246. Randy Porter Washington County, Texas

    Kurtis Kraft 500 roadster

  247. gary miles davison mi


  248. David Goldwyn United States

    Lotus 7

  249. daryl judd spokane, washington

    It is a 1955 Curtis Craft race car.

  250. Felipe Raad Brasil

    This car is a Kurtis 500S.

  251. Peter Hawryluk Carolina shores N. C.


  252. Rob Diers Long Island,ny

    Kurtis K500s

  253. Noel Eberhardt Cupertino, CA

    It's a Cunningham

  254. Noel Eberhardt Cupertino, CA

    It's a Cunningham

  255. Ed Slawinski Clinton Twp., Michigan 48038

    The car is a Kurtis made in California to mirror the Indy 500 winning car of Bill Vukovich. Vukovich won in 1953 and his car is in the Indy Museum at IMS. The car pictured could be run on the street and then taken to a race track and raced. A beautiful car to drive. Actually this car can be replicated by the son of Frank Kurtis who will reproduce this car for about $100,000.00.

  256. mac nys,usa

    allard, the builder belongs to my car club

  257. gene eidson kennesaw, ga

    max bachloski's "ole yellow"

  258. Tom Haag Madison WI

    Hot Rod Magazine Special. Built by AK Miller

  259. Pete Johnson Rochester Hills Mi.

    53,54, or 55 Kurtis 500s, a cousin of the Munz jet

  260. mike bayautet vancouver, wa

    Allard with possibly a cad engine

  261. Ed Purinton New Jersey

    Kurtis 500m sports car

  262. Tony Kost Yalaha, Florida

    Allard 1952-1955

  263. Jerry Kopydowski Sussex Wisconsin

    Looks like Kurtis to me .

  264. John M Florida

    This looks like a Kurtis 500s racer.

  265. Tom Loftin Lawton, OK

    It's a Kurtis 500, from the early 50's. Flathead Ford engine.

  266. Levy Kight United States

    Kurtis car, useally the earlies with a Ford Flat head,

  267. Tazh Fonville Taft, Texas

    Allard J-2

  268. David Waits Alabama

    1953 Kurtis 500s

  269. terry richardson Dubai

    Lotus 7

  270. Steve Beach North Carolina

    I say it is an Allard.

  271. P R Johnson Esquire Rochester Hills Mi.

    1953 Kurtis 500s

  272. Gerald A. Ricci Providence, RI

    I think it may be a 1950's Cunningham.

  273. michael henry new york

    the car is a 1965 lotus 7 series s

  274. fred luckfield clarkesville, ga 30523

    It'sa Curtis craft vehicle, 1952. Spelling may be Kurtis Kraft.

  275. Craig Harridge Ruskin, FL

    Looks like a 1953-ish Kurtis 500S

  276. d jackman kansas


  277. Cecil Wise Coffeyville, KS

    1953 Kurtis 500S

  278. Peter Bradley United States

    I think this is a Kurtis 500S. They were manufactured from 1953 to about 1955. The grille, front suspension, and headlights look right. However, Cadillac and Chrysler V8 powered cars usually had a central hood scoop. This car has no hood scoop and a blister on the right side of the hood instead. We need to hear from an expert on these cars.

  279. Kevin Dallas, Texas


  280. ken mack washington state

    Allard with maybe a cad motor

  281. ken andersen San Diego

    Looks like a 1953 1954 Kurtis Kraft Roadster built for street use.

  282. Kevin Blount portland oregon

    It is a kurtis 500s, probably circa 1953.

  283. Gene Polhamus Creston, WA

    Late50s-Early 60s Kurtis

  284. Sharon fawley buckhannon, wv

    1932 model deusenberg

  285. Brian Laine Seattle Area

    150's Kurtis Kraft 500

  286. Gary Ellis Sacramento, CA

    My guess is a Kurtis 500-s of about 1953-54 vintage.

  287. Joseph Williams Dana Point, Ca.

    The same manufacturer of the Muntz Jet. Kurtis. From the early 50's. Nice!

  288. Dave Eckert Manheim, PA

    The car in the pic is a Morgan

  289. Lee Hockman Sugar Hill, GA

    The car is a Kurtis.

  290. Wm.B Henson so. cal


  291. Steve Cramer Oregon

    I think it's a Kurtis

  292. John Nee Stanwood, MI


  293. Dave Outten Md

    Kurtis 500

  294. m.henry long island ny


  295. James Dunning Irvine, CA

    Has to be Kurtis-Kraft 500, early or mid-1950s. You didn't ask about engine, likely Chrysler or GM V8. Unless I'm more optically challenged than I realize, hood blister is is off-center to the right, atypical for a V8. Only inline that comes to mind is Offenhauser, often used in track Kurtises, but not in sports cars to my recall.

  296. Doug Burnsville,Mn


  297. Virgil Cole Arizona

    It is a Kurtis manufactured by the race car builder.

  298. Ian Wilson Cole Harbour, NS

    Its the Kurtis Kraft 500s. (That was a tough one. At first I thought it was a lotus 7s with an unusual front grille.)

  299. vincent landers new jersey


  300. Belvedereguy Wv

    It is a Kurtis sports car, early fifties.

  301. ray grosvenor Hailey, Idaho

    I think it is a 1954 Kurtis 500S.

  302. Martin hallam Lansdowne On

    an allard

  303. Joseph Freeman Boston, MA

    It's a 1952/3 Kurtis 500 A sports car modeled after Bill Vukovich's 1953 and 1954 Indianapolis winner. I can't tell what engine it is fitted with, but possibly a Chrysler 331 V-8.

  304. Andy Reins santa clarita, ca

    1950 Curtis

  305. Whitney Harkleroad Lancaster, PA


  306. John Averill Byromville, GA 31007

    Its a Kurtis sports car designed by Frank Curtis.

  307. chuck myers maryland

    Kurtis 500 sportscar built by Frank Kurtis in California.

  308. john raines Corry, Pa.


  309. Bob Graham Richmond Va.

    It's a Kurtis 500 S . The louvers in the front of the hood and in the carb bubble mark it as the first car of that type, as seen in the Kurtis Kraft book by Gordon White on page 137.

  310. Rene Quenneville Alexandria,On Canada

    I believe this to be a 1953 Curtis 500 S. Thanks