Name That Vehicle

March 12, 2013

Thank you to everyone who commented on the “Name That Vehicle” photo on the HVA website and the HVA's Facebook page.

As a St. Patrick's Day challenge, we featured the little-known, short-lived Irish Shamrock in this month's photo. You can read more about it here.

And the winner of the contest is...Jim Lane, from Ellenton, Florida!

For guessing correctly, Jim will receive a free HVA ballcap. 


  1. Terri CA


  2. Bob Cominsky Charlotte, NC

    1955 Ford Thunderbird

  3. gary blum louisiana


  4. Keith Holland Cary, NC

    1959 Ford T-Bird

  5. Keith Deaton Kennewick, WA.


  6. Bob Hostetler 3.2210 K PL,Ocean Park,WA. 98640

    The Car is a Lincoln Continental.

  7. David golden Providence, r I


  8. James Volp Maple Grove Minnesota

    I'm guessing this is a Lincoln.

  9. Charles Gould Newton, Massachusetts

    Although not an exact match to my memory of the actual car, it looks like it might be the SHAMROCK, which was one of the very few cars produced in Ireland, along with the Heinkel produced in Ireland as the Trojan under license.

  10. Edward Allen Weaverville, NC


  11. greg spanier kintnersville pa.

    could it be a nash rambler by american motors

  12. Nigel Matthews Vancouver BC Canada

    That car is a 1959 Shamrock, built in Ireland. It was a complete failure. If it suffered a puncture in the rear tire you just about had to drop the rear axle to get the wheel off !

  13. Jim Kuhn Sabillasville, MD.

    Looks like a Lincon, maybe around 1954 or so.May even a concept car!

  14. Rich Baril Simsbury CT


  15. mac lucas San Leandro, Ca.

    Looks like a Ford Thunderbird.

  16. Jan Muzzy Missouri

    It's a Nash Comet

  17. jim armstrong marblehead, MA

    among the most awkward cars of the late 50's. Overall, it looks like a lincoln with a nash grille and a deeply ugly roof. Name? The Awkward-o !

  18. stan kalamazoo mi

    it is a Kaiser Darrin

  19. James Hall Oxford Station, ON, Canada

    The vehicle is a "Shamrock", built in Ireland in the late 1950's.

  20. Robert Olsen Littleton, Colorado

    Looks like a customized Nash Metropolitan wit a 60's Lincoln cut down roof!

  21. Daryl cole Knoxville Tn

    This car is a Nash

  22. larry nj

    its a edselpoliton

  23. steve michigan

    this must be a lincoln of some type--while the grille appears to be nash derived, the roof line and sides are unmistakeably lincoln.

  24. Kevin Sarsfield Upstate NY

    Late 50's Lincoln prototype

  25. Steve Carroll Bradenton Florida

    It's a Rambler ThunderFlight

  26. david jones R.I.

    A 1955-1957 T-bird customized

  27. dan schultz singer island florida

    started as a nash ,then made to look like a lincoln

  28. Clayton Prince Kelowna BC

    Its a Shamrock from Ireland

  29. Chuck Walker Home

    It's a Thingamobob... Or, John Cash's One Piece at a Time.

  30. JimJohnson Wisconsin

    A Lincoln something....

  31. Gil Peters Morton grove, IL

    I thought upon first seeing the headlights and grill that this was a Nash product of some sort. In looking back through different pictures, I still think it's a Nash, around 1958. But that's about all I can think of. I'd love to win something. Wouldn't everyone?

  32. Henry Ashton New York State

    Edsel prototype

  33. Susan Carroll Bradenton, FL

    I think it's a Rambler Rebel, but the grill doesn't look quite right.

  34. Barbara Atlanta, GA

    1959 T-Bird....

  35. Douglas E Major United States

    Nash Metropolitan

  36. Robert Skudera New Jersey

    I think it is a 1961 thunderbird

  37. james perry riverview michigan


  38. R. Dos Santos FL


  39. John Thomas PO Box 3765 Bay Pines Fl.33744

    Rambler MetropolitanFx

  40. Mike Clemson, SC


  41. Pat Flynn Atlanta

    It's a Henry J (Ford)

  42. Ed Mucha VA

    Kaiser Darrin

  43. Mona Potts NC

    i think the picture is of a thunderbird.....not sure of the year....maybe a 1957 1/2.... or could be a prototype....

  44. Dennis Swanson Two Harbors, Mn


  45. mike luciano Summit, nj

    Ford Thunderbird

  46. John Belvedere Grosse Pointe Park

    Lincoln Continental

  47. Mitch Mitchel Tacoma, Wa

    Shamrock, Ireland, mid to late 50s

  48. OSCAR DEL PORTAL United States


  49. Leonard Zapala Troy, ny

    The car Shamrock.

  50. jill Indiana

    I think it is an Edsel.

  51. Sonny Rehm Yuma, Az.

    This appears to be a Nash, removable top, convertible, about 1954.

  52. Mark Metro NY

    A Rambler Ambassador

  53. Andrew hunter PA

    Nash rambler

  54. Bret Gann San Diego,Ca

    looks like a NASH grill, so maybe a Hudson Nash ?

  55. Ken Warren Sarasota, Florida

    'tis an Irish Shamrock.

  56. Arthur Elbling Seattle WA

    top looks like a Lincoln Continental from the , as well as the lines to the rear from the door to the backthe body appears to that of a Henry J that is my best guest

  57. John Nicon Seattle, WA

    I think it is a Ford Thunderbird ("57 or so) with a modified front end, perhaps from a Kaiser Dariin

  58. terry longview , wa.

    is it a nash? kinda looks t-bird like.

  59. Cecil Haas freeport il

    1960 lincoln

  60. mike rossi vashon, wa.

    the car pictured would be a nash metropolitan.


    1959 SHAMROCK

  62. Steve Hoover Illinois


  63. Rich Rausser Somers ny.


  64. john hurley south carolina

    a not seen one since i was a boy !

  65. Duane Miller Washington

    customized nash metropolition

  66. Tony Parla Wheaton, IL

    Looks like a Nash - Metropolitaon

  67. stephen klein corona calif.

    its a lincoln continential with a nash front end and thurnderbird parts

  68. Jim Tjoelker Everson WA. 98247

    Nash Metropolitan

  69. Ron Novak Myrtle Beach, SC

    Car is a Nash Metropolitan

  70. Lonnie Brown Texas

    1955 Nash

  71. gary fluck hatfield pa

    1958 nash concept

  72. William J. McHale Stockton, CA USA


  73. Anne Steele San Mateo, California

    This definitely has its origins in and around the 1958 Ford Thunderbird. The single headlights and simplistic front end seem to say that this was a styling exercise that was later developed into the production car.

  74. Charlie Chappelle Vancouver, WA

    It's a Nash.

  75. Jimmie Stanford Athens, Al

    Nash Metropolitan

  76. gill Arlington VT 05250

    Lincoln --probably 55-56 Continental...our family had a 59 Priemier w/ the diagnagonal headlights..

  77. Mike Doran Montana

    I see parts of a 57 Lincoln roadster and possibly a Nash Metropolitan, but I'll have to go with the Lincoln for my guess.

  78. Stephen Poe La Verne,ca.


  79. Paul Murphy Scituate, Mass

    This car is based on a 1959 Lincoln Continental.

  80. James O Brabble 4504 market St. Ext. Washington NC

    Idont know the year I think it's about a 1955 Zephyr by the Ford Motor Co.

  81. Barbara Clouse warren Mi 48091

    It's a Ford Thunderbird

  82. Greg Hicks Spokane Valley, Wa.

    Is it a Kaiser Darien ?

  83. James Ross United States

    irish shamrock car

  84. Doug Leithauser Bancroft Michigan

    Offspring of a late 50's square T-bird and a Nash Metropolitan?

  85. Thomas Pettie Corinth, Ms.

    Nash Metro

  86. J McCook Athens, AL

    1978 Lincoln Continental Mark

  87. Charles Tobey Dayton Nevada

    this little car is anash metropolitan.

  88. Larry Fite PO 341 Cornelius, NC 28031


  89. sidney minton bartlett, tn. 38135

    Resembles a lincoln but I think it might be a Nash

  90. william tutor creal springs il

    it's a Lincoln

  91. Bob Bagby Fresno CA

    That has to be a Nash Rambler. Oh wait, tail fin looks like a Lincoln.

  92. John McKenzie Endicott, N.Y.

    To me it looks like a heavily modified '59 Lincoln.

  93. Jim Delton Arizona

    I guess it's a Nash Premier

  94. Charlie Millen Ga

    Nash is all i can imagine

  95. Joan Diedrich Hayward, CA

    It is a Nash!!!

  96. Doug Fredericks Florida, US

    It's a Shamrock built in Ireland in the late 1950s.

  97. Gary Arizona

    Looks like a combo of a 58 Rambler, 59 Ford and Packard clipper from front to back.

  98. Crystal Mickler GILROY, CA

    Looks like an old Lincoln

  99. Robert Cromwell Jr. Richmond, Virginia

    Is this a 58-60 Ford Thunderbird ( Square Bird) Prototype? Or a Kiser.

  100. Bob USA

    Ford Thunderbird

  101. Jeff Jessen Lady Lake Florida

    Reminds me of a 'Nash Rambler' in a wannabe sport mode.G

  102. jimmie roan san antonio texas

    got me stumped, always thoulght i could find anything if i tried hard enough. the only thing i can offer is the windshield and bottom of rear quarters look a lot like 1961-1963 ford thunderbird.

  103. Russell Fuller St Charles Michigan


  104. Jan Vallejo United States - Nebraska

    Nash Rambler 50 or 51!!

  105. Bill Colorado

    I believe it is a 1956 Packard Predictor prototype

  106. Tom Eggers Danville, IN

    Nash Healy LeMans 50's

  107. Todd Sebo Denver, Co

    Looks like a Metropolitan.....yet I've never seen one with a roofline quite so cool!

  108. Dave Battle Ground, WA


  109. Joe Servais Oklahoma City, OK

    It's an Irish Shamrock Car

  110. Ray Aspinwall New Jersey

    That car is a Nash

  111. Kaye Feenstra Easton, PA

    Ford Thunderbird

  112. PHIL CARRASCO Tucson , Az.

    Looks Like A Nash Rambler Concept Car From The Late 50's , Early 60's

  113. Paul Vernick Willoughby Hills, Ohio

    1957 lincoln continental

  114. FRANCISCO IBERN Miramae Florida

    This is an Ireland car Shamrock 1963, all fiberglass body.

  115. Daniel Quitter Florida

    1959 Curtis Shamrock

  116. Rita Hutchings Germantown, TN.

    I believe this vehicle could be a Crosley.

  117. Dennis Kent Kent, Washington

    Nash Metropolitan

  118. Bill suddarth Cape coral,fl

    I believe this could be a rambler?

  119. john coppick brookhaven,pa.

    1955 t-bird prototype

  120. Terry Spaeth Upper Grandview, NY

    This appears to be a Nash Metropolitan customized to look like a compact 1958-1960 Lincoln Continental.

  121. steve balash tarentum,pa

    A nash, made to look like a Lincoln turnpike crusier

  122. gary taylor Michigan


  123. David Ashton Enfield, ct

    It is a Metropolitan made to look like a Lincoln

  124. Mark Central Massachusetts

    The Shamrock, a fiberglass car built in Ireland in the 1950s.

  125. Tom Meluskey Wilkes Barre Pa.


  126. robert Dinan United States


  127. Thomas Wylie Hingham, MA

    Nash Rambler

  128. Rob Wood 46660 rt 25,Southold ,New York,11971

    Its A 1956 Nash-Continental !!

  129. Lawrence Jowdy Ontario, CALIF.

    It's a Shamrock

  130. charles northshield rye, ny

    it looks like a Nash Metropolitan prototype.

  131. Stuart Corenblum Miami, FL

    Looks like a Lincoln and a Nash Healey custom build

  132. Art Kitze Ann Arbor Mi. 48105

    My guess is a Studebaker?

  133. David Rosenberg United States


  134. Richard Atoka, Tn


  135. john everett horseshoe bend arkansas


  136. Marcus King Blountville,Tn.

    A Nash and I am guessing as to the year as 1959.

  137. ron kline 49415

    looks like the beginning of the 4 seater thunderbird, but it has a nash grille

  138. Jeffrey Bucciero Fishkill ny

    1958 ford Thunderbird concept

  139. Ian Wilson Elora, Ontario. Canada

    I believe the forgotten classic car to be a Shamrock. Perhaps 1958 vintage.

  140. Ron Spence Apopka, Fl

    I am going to guess Henry J. but dont know the year.

  141. James Hull Rochester Hills, MI

    I think this is a 1954 Kaiser Darrin. It is a very impressive automobile and I would love to drive it.

  142. Ed Brown Palos Hills,IL

    From the grill it looks like a Nash,

  143. Robin Payne Florence, Ms

    I believe it is a Lincoln.

  144. al zim

    Nash Metropolitan. Made in England with an MGA engine.

  145. Gary L. Miller Gurnee, Il.

    Looks like a Nash, not sure of a model. My Grandfather was a dealer for Hudson and then Rambler. Always had fun in his shop looking thru the new car (50s') literature.

  146. Jeff Adams Kansas

    Custom Nash Metropolotian with 60 Lincoln parts.

  147. Bruce Alexander Mitchell, SD, USA

    Ford or Lincoln concept. based on the TBird & Continental

  148. Steve Mammolito Ronkonkoma New York


  149. Mike Chicago, IL

    Its a Nash...

  150. Ron Portland Kansas City MO

    It's the very rare1959-60 fiberglass Shamrock from Ireland. Also very flawed. No more than 7 are known to exist. I have a photo of one that I took at the Wigglesworth estate auction in 2004.

  151. Jimmy Sauss Shepherdsville KY

    One of the rarest fiberglass "production cars", it was heralded with great fanfare in Motor Trend magazine in 1959. Ultimately, only about ten were built. Here's a trivia fact you'll only read here; The 1960 St. Patricks Day Parade in Chicago was led by, yes, a Shamrock car.

  152. Laguna Mike Austin, TX

    I have to go with Shamrock from Ireland. I seem to remember this car when it was introduced.

  153. MJ Indiana


  154. Ralph L. Cooper Michigan

    AMC Nash

  155. Joe canada Irish made SHAMROCK, 1959, as stated by others already, and IMHO what an ugly piece of fibercrap

  156. Jim Adkerson Idaho Falls Id.

    1959 Shamrock

  157. Ray Koziol Martinsville, NJ

    A customized Metropolitan updated to include 1958-1960 Lincoln styliing cues.

  158. Greg DuBose winter park florida

    i think it's a Metropolitan with some kind of Lincoln Kit!

  159. Wayne Pursh Pittsburgh PA

    It's a 1961 Shamrock, (Ireland) With St Pat's day near, nice clue from Hagerty!

  160. Gary Carriveau vista, ca

    A photo of one of the less than 10 Shamrock cars made in Ireland.


    Think it is a 1953 Lincoln

  162. ray wisneski conn.

    Nash Healy

  163. David L Moore Georgetown,TX

    Shamrock", built in Ireland in the 1950's.

  164. mike hilo; hi.

    it's a shamrock

  165. Shane Chapman Wichita, KS

    Shamrock, built in Ireland

  166. Bob Bobrowski Livonia, MI

    I have to agree, it's a 1959 Shamrock

  167. Stephen Giambra Ponte Vedra Bech, FL

    The car is an Irish built Shamrock.

  168. omrick Windsor, Ontario, Canada

    Shamrock made in Ireland. I have a pic of a Green convertible.

  169. joel zaitz St. petersburg, fl

    This is a Shamrock, built in Ireland, only 7 exist, most remain in Ireland, 3 in the US.

  170. jimmie roan san antonio texas

    posted what i thought it looked like it was built from and never did find out for sure what the original plans were for, the best i have to offer is that it is a shamrock, probably 1959 or 1960. looks like only 10 were built and not sure how many are left. where i found it says it was underpowered with a austin engine.

  171. Russell Twine Covington, WA

    1959 Shamrock

  172. jim olson eastpointe mich

    looks like a 1960,1961 ford thunderbird design concept , before production.

  173. John E Dunn Kailua, Hawaii

    1957 Lincoln concept car

  174. Jim Oxford, Michigab

    It's a Kaiser Fraser

  175. Daniel J Querbach Martinsville Indiana

    This is a shamrock. Don't know the correct year. 55>59. Ireland ,Just goes to show, early designed American autos were loved and copied. Now the vehicles are hard to tell apart. Missing the early years and Sunoco 260 too.

  176. Ray white Taylors, SC


  177. Jesse Smith Richmond, Va.


  178. Michael Dworkin San Francisco, CA


  179. Bobby Newsom United States

    Lincoln Premier 1957 (?)

  180. Keith r tenney Novato calif

    It is a late 1950s shamrock only 10 cars were produce. After the factory closed all unused parts were thrown in the lake. These were all fiberglassed body cars. With 1.5 liter motors. With hard or soft tops.

  181. Bill Gehring Seattle

    It is a Nash Metropolitan customized to look like a Lincoln Continental.

  182. Bob Breslin Bradenton, FL

    I believe this to be an Irish Shamrock from downtown Ireland. Kind of a timely display with St. Paddy's Day around the corner.

  183. Pete Ny

    Early 50's prototype of a Ford T-Bird

  184. Jeff NJ

    It's a 1959 Shamrock. Take a look:

  185. Donald Massey Ga


  186. Jeff Duber Ohio

    Vehicle is a 1960 (produced in 1959) Shamrock. Made in Ireland to compete with the American T-Bird but at about half the cost. A fiberglass body on an Austin chassis with a 53 hp 4 cylinder motor.

  187. Marc Taylor KC, MO

    While it looks like an out of proportion 1958 Thunderbird, I believe it's 1959 Shamrock.

  188. daryl judd spokane, wa

    It is in fact a 1959 Shamrock, goofy looking morph of what looks like Nash, '58 Lincoln and the ill fated Packard Predictor

  189. Ray Guerrie Denver, Colo

    This is a 1959 Shamrock only 10 were built. There is only one in the US. Removable hard top w/ Convertible top underneath.

  190. Lloyd Huff Port Angeles Wa

    1959(60) Shamrock.,the Irish Sportscar,with fiberglass body.Somewhere between 6 and 60 built,unsure of exact number as it did come from the land of the Blarney Stone.

  191. Frank Oneida NY

    It's an Irish Shamrock Car

  192. Jim Pennsylvania

    it's a 1959 Shamrock, Irish T-Bird ,was in Motor Trend Magazine

  193. Wilbur Milwaukee

    Australian Lincoln Continental

  194. hal beaumont earlton ,N.Y.12058

    shamrock late 19fifties

  195. Bernard L. Foster 3840 Halloway Circle, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

    I believe it to be a 55-57 Ford T-bird customized.

  196. anthony forfa 7298 Teaberry St, Englewood FL34224

    '57 Edsel Hardtop Convertible is my stab in the dark guess.

  197. Ross Beal United States

    1959 Shamrock

  198. Bill Borden Hanover, Indiana

    I see a few people recognize an Shamrock from Ireland

  199. Bob Bence Boswell Pa.

    The car is a shamrock from Ireland around 1959

  200. Skip Dunn New Mexico


  201. Dick Lardinois Crivitz, WI

    Looks like it could be a mid 50's Lincoln concept car8

  202. brad mason michigan

    shamrock, 50's or 60's, not sure of the year cause they all resembled each other

  203. tom hayes 7005 E.Eden rd hamburg n.y. 14075

    1960 shamrock

  204. nick rizzo 6500 topez dr. crossville tn.

    it looks like a Nash Rambler

  205. bernie south hadley MA

    i say it's a lincoln

  206. Bill K Belvidere, IL

    Nash Concept.

  207. Elwin Johnston Durango, CO

    I spent much of my childhood in the back end of a Nash Rambler. I don't know the model here, but it definitely looks like a Nash.

  208. Dennis O'Brian Los angeles

    Its a Shamrock

  209. Jonathan Henderson Decatur Alabama

    Shamrock - made in Ireland

  210. MARK LEE CUDAHY WI. 53110

    It's a SHAMROCK, BUILT IN IRELAND THROUGH 1959-60. Only TEN were built before it died out. FOUR still exist today.

  211. Frances Butler Bluffton, SC 29909

    1953 Ford T-Bird

  212. Fernando Diaz Miami, Fla

    It is a Shamrock. Also called the Irish T-Bird

  213. Billy Pounds Leander Texas

    It is a "Metrolinknashtbird"

  214. Andy Mortenson Aurora, CO

    Like the man says, it's a 1959 Shamrock.

  215. Jack Brown Carterville

    An Irish Shamrock

  216. Jonathan Karlin Olympia,Washington

    It is a Nash Metropolitan

  217. Laura Martz Cleveland

    1959 Shamrock convertible.

  218. Blac kburn Buddy Goforth Spruce Pine, NC


  219. John Thomas Sacramento

    1957 thunderbird

  220. dave wilson los angeles, ca

    it looks like a nash and lincoln combo

  221. Ed Sable Topeka, KS

    1959 Shamrock

  222. Michael Brillante Staten Island, New York


  223. Dennis Meagher Benicia, CA

    It's a 1959 Shamrock, the "Irish T-Bird".

  224. Robert Mathews Keithville, LA

    Nash Rambler

  225. Mel Ohio

    1961 modified Thunderbird

  226. Lowell Lewis Milton,WV

    My guesss is a Nash Metropolitian

  227. Pete J Rochester Hills Michigan

    Shamrock, Delorian's uncle,

  228. Brian Underwood New Jersey

    The people with Shamrock appear to have nailed it:

  229. roger mishler spring hill, fl.

    looks like the love child of a '59 Thunderbird and a Kaiser/Nash

  230. Jack E Athens ga

    prototype Muntz Jet.

  231. James Lane Florida

    Shamrock, from Ireland

  232. Greg Buffalow Mobile, AL

    Rambler concept car.

  233. Jackie Holland Toccoa,GA

    Shamrock, Ireland made

  234. Charlie Miller Checotah, Okla.

    50's Nash prototype with Lincoln Contenental

  235. Louis Moore United States

    shamrock from ireland

  236. Scruff Fretterd Divide Colorado

    Mid 50s Dual Ghia

  237. von zimmerman jacksonville, fl

    It is indeed a SHAMROCK


    1959 SHAMROCK

  239. Thomas Mott West Chicago, IL

    I think it is a customized Nash Metroploitan from the 50's.

  240. Bill Corn Duluth, GA

    1959 Shamrock. After the factory closed, the unused parts were dumped into the local lake. Quite appropriate.

  241. Suzanne Allen Snellville, GA

    Its an amphiban car!

  242. Joe Lysy Park Ridge,Il

    Have to agree with the last few,a 1959 Shamrock.Looks like it got mixed up in a Seth Brundle "Telepod".

  243. fred grabenhofr lockport ill

    This car is a great combination of a few great old cars from a time past but a time never to be forgotten

  244. Armand Aquilino Syracuse N.Y.

    It looks like the 1959 Shamrock from Ireland

  245. Joseph J. Gondol Brighton, MI

    This car is either a 1958, 59 or 60 Ford Thunderbird Hardtop