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September 04, 2012

Ice cream truck facts and more favorite car accessories – check out some of the Facebook comments and website feedback that caught our attention from last month’s edition of eNews.

All Hail the Iceman

Web Talk 1

Last month, we asked readers to share their favorite “delivery truck” memories. Jewel Tea, Charles Chips and Golden Guernsey Dairy got their share of shout outs. So did Mister Softee and the Good Humor man. Here are a few more…

“How about Sheffield Milk trucks, ESSO trucks and—my favorite—the Dugan Bakery truck?”

—Tom, Maryland

“I grew up in Ohio and, in 1953, Milk Producers still delivered by horse drawn milk truck. I also remember the ‘City Ice’ truck delivering ice to some homes. We used to go to the back of the truck and grab chips of ice before the iceman came back to his truck. Does anyone still remember the ‘Paper and Rags’…and the knife sharpening vendor with his push cart?”

—Bill, Ohio

More Popular Add-Ons

Web Talk 2

Our August shortlist of “coolest car add-ons” from the last 70 years got readers talking about some great car accessories we missed…

“What, no suicide knobs for the steering wheel? My favorite was the Marilyn Monroe on the red satin sheets—Whee! Also, what about under-the-dash-mounted tissue box; ladies loved it. And the compass with a suction cup mount; everybody had one.”

—Mr. Chuck, Florida

[Editors Note: Dear Mr. Chuck: We also have an appreciation for suicide knobs. They, and some other lesser-known automobilia, were recently featured in “Curious Collectibles”]

“Don't forget about the flipper or spinner hubcap; my father had these on his beautiful '49 Olds fastback, they were cool. Also fender skirts were big on the older cars.”

—Gary, California

“I had a 1956 Imperial Southampton 4-door that had a ‘roadside set’—four curved back, folding wooden chairs and a wooden card sized folding table. The chairs and table are painted the off-white color that matches the center of the dash.”

—Thomas Pettie, Mississippi



  1. Al Mosier Sacramento Ca.

    Those were Trully the good old days

  2. Vernon San Bernardino

    Does anybody think it is about time for the DMV to allow YOM license plates on classic vehicles of later than 1969? I'm wondering why 1969 is the cut off date. Shouldn't the date move up at least once a year? Why does 1969 continue to be the cut off date? Does anybody know if there are any DMV plans for vehicles made 1969?

  3. Rod Westville, IN

    Does anyone remember, the Ragman with his horse pulled wagon OF Course! (One of those guys was my Grandfather). The knife man tooting his horn as he pushed his cart (green as a matter of fact). The milk man with his horse and milk at the door, OF Course!, The newspaper boy walking down the middle of the street pushing his cart and throwing the paper right on the step every (almost) time. Of Course! Then there was the kid on the Ice Cream bicycle filled with dryice and going down the street. Times then changed, the milk man had his funny little truck, dripping water all the time as the ice inside melted.....Oh summer time right after dinner, the Good Humor Man in his white outfit drivng his special Good Humor truck. Good memories of those days on the South Side of Chicago....