Name That Top

August 07, 2012

Thank you to everyone who commented on the “Name That Top” photo on the HVA website and the HVA's Facebook page.

The bubbletop in the photo belongs to a 1962 MGA 1600 MK II Coupe. The MGA series was born in 1955 with a 1500 roadster. The following year, the MGA fixed-head coupe was introduced. In 1959, the 1600 was introduced with updated engine, brakes and other various pieces. The Mk II was introduced in 1961, featuring a 1622cc engine, recessed grille and horizontal taillights. Of the 8719 Mk II’s produced, only 521 of the fixed head bubble top’s pictured rolled out of the Abingdon manufacturing plant.

And the winner of the contest - Ed Yahnker from Goldsboro, NC!

For guessing correctly Ed will receive a free HVA ballcap. 

Here is a photo of Ed Yahnker with his 1951 Mercury:




  1. Michael Attwood Portland, Oregon

    MGA fixed head coupe

  2. Douglas More Norwalk, Ohio

    Bubble top is a MGA Coupe

  3. Grant Glascock Nampa, Idaho


  4. Pat Price Moses Lake, Wa

    It's an MG-A . Probably from about 1959.

  5. Grant Glascock Nampa, Idaho

    This is an MGA coupe.

  6. David Wilson Edmonds, WA

    MGA coupe 1956-58

  7. dustin nicholson katy, texas

    MGA coupe... I'm embarrased to admit I know it, I'm a Triumph guy!

  8. Ken Harris Ca.

    It is an MGA coupe

  9. John Adams Wilmington, N.C.

    Looks like an MGA Coupe to me.

  10. Adam Richardson Bellingham, WA

    MG-A Coupe

  11. Bill Krzastek Waynesboro, Va.

    This is an MGA Coupe.

  12. John Alexander Ann Arbor, Michigan

    The mystery top is on the beautiful MGA coupe (1957-1961), the most exotic car ever made!

  13. Basil O'Connor Florham Park, NJ

    It is an MGA Coupe

  14. Douglas More Norwalk, Ohio

    Bubble top is a MGA Coupe

  15. Rocky Santiago Oklahoma City

    MGA coupe

  16. Rocky Santiago Oklahoma City

    MGA coupe



  18. RIDGE RYMAN new hope pa


  19. Mike Rowles Ohio

    That is an MGA coup

  20. Dave Uttley Rumney, NH

    Vespa 400

  21. Keith Mangles St. Charles, MO 63301

    MGA Coupe

  22. Christen Johansen New York, NY

    1959 MGA with a removable fiberglass hard top.My father had a black one.

  23. Steve Clarke New Jersey

    MGA Coupe

  24. bill miller atlanta


  25. keith usa

    fiat 500

  26. Richard Ksenich Phoenix. AZ

    This is an MGA Hardtop Coupe 1957-1961

  27. Sean Brown Katy, TX

    Make=MG, Model=MGA Coupe

  28. Jerry Enderle Pleasant Plain Ohio

    MGA 1600 Coupe

  29. Bob L. Virginia

    It's an MGA coupe - manufactured from about 1956 - 1962, most MGA's were roadsters, but a few were coupes, they actually had roll-up windows, doors that locked and a somewhat nicer interior. It was my first car - paid $300 and drove it away back in 1966 or so.

  30. Kelcie Edwards Virginia

    MG MGA Coupe prob 1962

  31. Jared Lovell Richmond, CA

    MGA Coupe

  32. Greg Gillman Westerville, OH

    MG = make, MGA = model

  33. Joe Rosales NJ


  34. Robert McGehee Antioch, TN

    MGA Hardtop Coupe

  35. Doug Allen Savannah, GA

    MGA Coupe

  36. Gary Lied Keysville, Virginia


  37. Charles Utrias Warner Robins, GA

    Top is from a Mercedes-Benz 190SL1957 - 1962

  38. jonathan kirshtein Boston

    its an MG MGA Coupe

  39. marc olimpio springvale Me

    59 MG MGA coupe

  40. paul rabjohns Los Angeles

    Looks Like an MGA Coupe to me.

  41. Mike Smith Ft. collins co

    MGA Coupe

  42. John F. Quilter Eugene, Oregon 97401

    This is the MGA coupe that was launched after the roadster which was introduced in 1956. The coupe was made in 1489cc and 1622cc versions as well as the high performance twin cam.

  43. John Russell Traverse City


  44. walt ayre Eliot, ME

    The car with a "top" as pictured, is an MGA circa 1963.

  45. Frank Central Virginia

    I believe this is a Fiat Autobianca

  46. eric singley edwardsburg, MI

    My guess for the bubble top is: Austin Healy Bug-eye Sprite.

  47. Laguna Mike Pflugerville, TX

    It is a MGA Coupe>

  48. Art Thumwood Savannah GA USA

    MGA Coupe, 1960-1961 timeframe perhaps

  49. Greg Perigo Fort Wayne, IN

    I'm taking a stab at it ... 1962 MGA 1600 Mk II Coupe?

  50. Greg Perigo Fort Wayne, IN

    1962 MGA 1600 Mk II Coupe

  51. Larry Fite Hot Springs, AR

    Late 50's MGA

  52. Rick Aiken, SC

    MGA Coupe

  53. Robert Pace Jacksonville, Florida

    This one is too easy. The car pictured here is made by MG, this is the MGA hardtop. This is a fixed top, very unique. I thought they were ugly at the time, now I admire them. Nice choice! Bob

  54. peter leonardo ct

    mga coupe

  55. Dave Hanson 2124 N. 74th St., Wauwatosa, WI 53213

    I believe this is an MGA Coupe.

  56. BART BAKER scottsdale, AZ


  57. Joseph Stanoch Minneapolis, MN USA

    MGA Coupe. Tough to determine the year without seeing the tail lights/front end but it is was built from 1956 to 1962. I own a 1957 roadster.

  58. Paul Yeaman Plainwell, mi

    'Looks like an MG fixed-head coupe . . .

  59. malcolm costa mesa ca

    MGA Coupe

  60. joe Petaluma, CA

    BMW Isetta

  61. Dale Payne Brighton, MI

    The top is a MGA Coupe

  62. Dave Pyle Houston TX

    MGA top. What's a face book?

  63. Jim Sutorus Raleigh NC

    This one is easy. I have had several. It is an MGA Coupe.



  65. Fred Humberstone Oldsmar, Florida

    That is the top of a MGA Coupe!

  66. David Southern Boone, NC

    This car is a MGA. Year could be a 1958 or 59

  67. Fran Lewis Waterford, MI

    It looks like an MGA Coupe

  68. Paul G Trout Elverson, PA

    That top is an MGA Coupe.

  69. daniel perkins tybee island,ga.

    mga coupe

  70. Robert McIntyre Lake Forest, CA


  71. Jon Tribe Baltimore Maryland

    It's an MGA Coupe init!

  72. bruce skaggs ft. myers, fl


  73. Bob Abhalter Kenosha, WI

    Looks like an MGA fixed-head coupe to me.

  74. Bob Graham Richmond Va.

    It's an MGA hardtop.

  75. Robert Leinen Dearborn, MI

    MGA Coupe

  76. Scott Adams Lancaster, PA

    It's an MGA Coupe

  77. David Connecicut

    The car is an MG, model :MGA Coupe.

  78. Wilson Walthall Mckinney TX

    It's an MGA

  79. Joe Rice AArizona

    1950's MG

  80. gregg purvis grand haven mi

    MGA fixed-head coupe

  81. robert burwell new orleans

    This car is an MGA Coupe. probably 1960

  82. L. Lindhurst Sedona, AZ

    The MGA coupe is pictured. I still have my first car an MGA roadster in the garage.

  83. Peter K Bradley United States

    MGA coupe.

  84. Richard Shurrager Mexico


  85. Mike Hunt wrong side of the tracks

    For some reason, I want to paint a large pink dot right on the top of that roof. Do that, and I'll tell you exactly what it is. And another thing -- what's the deal with airlines food. I mean, come on. Really?

  86. Steve Derus Minden NV USA

    MGA coupe

  87. Richard Ferrero Brewster, NY


  88. Ronnie Bryant Medina, Ohio

    1958 MGA coupe

  89. Robert Centennial, Colorado

    This appears to be a MG-A Coupe

  90. Bob Houillon Wauwatosa, WI

    The car is a MGA Coupe

  91. David Littlefield Spring, tx

    MGA Coupe 1955-1962

  92. Robert Houillon Wauwatosa, WI

    MG MGA Coupe

  93. Gary North San Diego County, CA

    I believe that this is the top from an MGA Coupe, late 50's or early 60's.

  94. Mason Corbin Tempe, Az

    The car is an MGA

  95. David B Jefferson Mequon WI

    That's a MGA coupe

  96. Ron Wiley Ravenna, Ohio

    The top is on an MGA coupe.

  97. Herb Clark St. Louis, MO

    It looks to me like the top off a 1958 or 1959 MGA

  98. Rich Bellmore

    Nash metropolitan

  99. Rex Lee Carpenter Niles MI.

    That top to me looks like a Davis.

  100. Robert Hyndman Valparaiso, IN

    MGA Coupe

  101. ken Paso Robles Ca

    Thats a MGA Coupe top

  102. Ron Shimek Austin Tx

    The car is an MGA Coupe.

  103. Vernon Brown Arlington, MA

    Mercedes 190SLC

  104. Jeff wendell Roanoke va

    1956 + MGA coupe

  105. PETER DAVIS Jonesborough TN

    MGA Coupe

  106. Maurice Barnhart Roanoke Virginia

    MGA coupe

  107. george mitchels NJ

    It's a 1958 MGA Coupe

  108. Gary Klawitter Spokane Valley Washington

    MGA Coupe

  109. gerry manny athol idaho

    this top is on a MGA thanks gerry

  110. Frank Earle Friday Harbor, WA

    I believe that the vehicle sporting the hardtop in question is an MGA circa late fifties to early sixties.

  111. Rich Berger St. Louis

    The picture is a MGA Coupe.

  112. Thomas Kaminski Midland, Michigan

    Nash Metropolitan

  113. bruce whipple goose creek, sc

    VW Karman Ghia

  114. Michael T Flagstaff, AZ

    It's a Jaguar XKE

  115. Thomas Holman Minneapolis, MN

    Studebaker, Starlight coupe

  116. Mel Hammontree 1305 daventry Rd. , Midland, Tx

    This is a MGA hard top

  117. Gordy Jack Wheat Ridge, Colorado

    I believe it is a top to a MGA Coupe

  118. Everett Philla Acushnet,Ma

    Could it be a 1953 Metropolitan?

  119. Terry Singer White Bear Lake, MN

    Its from a MGA coupe

  120. Larry Henry Orland Park, IL

    MGA Coupe.

  121. Thomas McQueen Escondido, CA

    This is a MGA Coupe

  122. George Goeppner Chicago IL

    That is top on a MGA coupe. Probably 1959 or 1960, and it is not removable!

  123. Scott Fishe Tualatin, OR

    MGA Coupe!

  124. Gerald Medford Greenville, s.c.


  125. TOM PETERS Jacksonville, FL

    1959 MGA Coupe.

  126. Rodney McDonald Alabama USA

    It looks like an MGA Coupe to me!

  127. Steve Lutz Fort Ashby, WV

    Looks like an MGA hard top

  128. Jack Weiszer Portage, Michigan

    It is a '57 MGA top.

  129. T P Marzilli Jefferson Ma.

    this would be a Metropolitan.

  130. Ira Goodberg Los Angeles


  131. Bob Stahl Olympia, Wa.


  132. jim lees oh

    name this top. Sunbeam Alpine

  133. Eric Langreder Uniontown, Ohio

    MGA coupe, late 1950s.

  134. Eric Bjornstad Orleans NE

    Studebaker Champion

  135. Jules LeBoyer Silver Spring, MD

    Nash Metropolitan

  136. Chris Spence United States

    MG MGA

  137. jOE dUNN New York


  138. G. Duncan Pitts Christmas Florida

    That is a Metropolitan. Most know as a Nash Metropolitan.

  139. bill ebbitt Garden city, mi

    Nash American

  140. terry United States

    maybe a fiat from the fifties?

  141. Joel Weinstein Framingham, MA

    1948 Davis?

  142. Larry Steckel Pittsburgh, PA.

    The roof in question is from an MG-A fixed head coupe.

  143. L. D. Van Benschoten Berlin Heights, Ohio

    My guess is a MGA coupe.

  144. Ed Windfelder Baltimore, MD

    Car is a 1958 MGA coupe

  145. Nigel Matthews Vancouver, BC Canada

    Looks like an MGA Coupe to me! might even belong to Jonathan Stein?

  146. Richard Young Indianapolis

    MGA coupe

  147. dave laughton urbanna VA

    I think this is an MGA Coupe

  148. Elliott Stage San Jose

    MGA coupe. That little vertical chrome piece in the lower right corner is the door latch.

  149. Jimmy Skotidas North Carolina

    The car is MGA

  150. Lynn Nordby Bainbridge Island, WA

    That's an MGA.

  151. Angela Famiglio Weston, Florida

    1958 MGA or near that. I have one that is a hard top and white.

  152. Jim Carlson Alexandria, VA

    MGA coupe

  153. pete lindemann olympia, wa

    That is a hardtop MG. I think it's about 1962 MK II

  154. Hilton Smith Gloucester, VA

    MGA coupe. Probably a 1500. 1955 to 1959

  155. w.gilmore acton ont.canada

    looks like a MGA coupe?Could be wrong?

  156. Gary Edwards USA

    MGA 1600 coupe. 1959 to 1962. The 1600 had the short rear shelf.

  157. N C Ridgely Vero Beach, FL

    MGA coupe

  158. Ron Giancarlo Olathe, KS

    MG-A Coupe

  159. Bruce Deisinger Ephrata Pa.

    It's a MGA coupe based on the snaps on the back shelf

  160. Mike Ranger Chestermere, AB

    MG MGA Coupe

  161. Tom Fountain Valley Ca

    Looks like an MGA Coupe, not sure of the year, say 1959 to 1962

  162. Art Kretzschmar Jersey Shore

    MGA fer shur

  163. George Whiteley Atlanta, GA


  164. Brenda Paupst Petaluma, CA

    1960 MGA Fixed Head Coupe

  165. Peter Cerka Asheville nc

    Mgs fixed head coupe

  166. Jim Cronkhite United States

    Top is on a MGA coupe.

  167. Al Stevens Spartanburg, S.C.

    This is an early 60"s Porsche 356B with a Karmann body.

  168. MGACARNUT Chagrin Fall, Ohio

    1959 MGA Coupe

  169. MGACARNUT Chagrin Fall, Ohio

    1959 MGA Coupe

  170. Melvin Denton Trenton, MI

    Appears to be a 1957 MG MGA Coupe (Hudson)

  171. Lee Rush Peru, IN

    Studebaker business coupe.

  172. Sherwood Parker Tempe, AZ

    MGA Coupe by MG. Lovely and very drivable car.

  173. Mark Petoskey Mi

    1960 MG. MGA1600 Coupe

  174. Charlie Schmalenberger Vancouver, WA

    an MGA coupe

  175. Charlie Schmalenberger Vancouver, WA

    an MGA coupe

  176. Charlie Vancouver, WA

    MGA coupe

  177. J. Showers WV

    MGA Coupe

  178. douglas sedon maryland

    definitely an mga fixed head coupe; here's a pic of a 1969 model:

  179. Gary Sandusky Texas

    MGA 1600 Coupe

  180. robert ziegner sugar land texas

    mga coupe

  181. Steve Wright Illinois

    MGA Coupe

  182. Mike Parker Detroit

    Not an MGA. They have 3 piece rear glass. Is this a Renault Caravelle?

  183. Mr John Hedblom Glendale, CA

    Late MGA Coupe, possibly a twin-cam model

  184. Jim Waterford Mi




  186. M. Elliott San Diego, CA

    MGA coupe.

  187. M. Elliott San Diego, CA

    MGA coupe.

  188. Dave Quinn Michigan

    For sure, it's an MGA coupe.

  189. Jim Sanders Seattle

    1962 MGA Mark II coupe, Old English Whitre

  190. Jack Weller Shelby, NC

    It is an MGA Coupe. Several were on the field at Euro Auto Festival at the BMW Zentrum in 2011.

  191. Mary Hayes New

    MGA Coupe

  192. Rob Kemper Charleston, WV

    Very Easy, My cousin happens to have one, his is a '58 MGA

  193. Rob Kemper Charleston, WV

    Very Easy, My cousin happens to have one, his is a '58 MGA

  194. Barry Ward Denver, NC

    MGA Coupe

  195. Rob Kemper Charleston, WV

    Very Easy, My cousin happens to have one, his is a '58 MGA

  196. Jim Danesi Huntley, IL USA

    1962 MGA 1600 Mk II Coupe

  197. Alan Smith Phoenix, Arizona

    MGA Coupe

  198. john miller sandusky, ohio

    Mga coupe

  199. bob bauer san diego, ca

    MGA Coupe. If the dove gray with red interior are the original colors, then it is a 1600 mid 1959 to mid 1961.

  200. Don Wilson Ca.

    1960 MGA Coupe

  201. Daryle Murray Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    1962 MGA Coupe

  202. Cheryl Smith West Ossipee, NH

    Austin Healey Bug Eye Sprite

  203. Bruce McKeon Thomasville,NC

    1961 MGA coupe

  204. Harvey Miotke St Clair, MI

    While it may be an MGA, I'm thinking it could be a three wheel Davis.

  205. Tim Hellman Wichita, KS

    MGA Hardtop Coupe Late 50's early 60's

  206. Tim Hellman Wichita, KS

    MGA Hardtop Coupe Late 50's early 60's

  207. Gary Earp Fairmont, WV

    1958 MG top

  208. calvin deemer Alabama


  209. Doug Condon Oakdale CA.

    Having owned a 1962 MGA MK II, I have to think it's an MGA hardtop, or coupe. That's my guess and I'm stickin' to it!

  210. Doug Condon Oakdale CA.

    Having owned a 1962 MGA MK II, I have to think it's an MGA hardtop, or coupe. That's my guess and I'm stickin' to it!