Name That Car

June 11, 2012

The 2012 running of the Great Race kicks off in Traverse City, Michigan, on June 23rd, and the driving team from the Historic Vehicle Association is ready, now that the vehicle has a name. Thanks to all of you who voted online, our Olds Super will now be referred to as Miss Adventure!

To truly get a feel for the open road, the undying passion of classic car enthusiasts, spread the good word of its mission, and give back to the community, the HVA team will be participating in the 2012 running of the Hemmings Motor News Great Race.

This year’s edition begins in Traverse City, Michigan on June 23rd and finishes over a week later on the 1st of July in Dearborn, Michigan. Piloting the car—a 1954 Olds Super 88 on loan to the organization thanks to HVA President, Mark Gessler—will be the all-women team of HVA Vice President and Chief Counsel, Carmel Roberts, and Events Coordinator, Katy Jackson. Fashioning themselves in period-correct clothing and hairstyles, the female pair plans to look the part as they navigate around the Great Lakes, through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Ontario, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and back again.

Here’s Where You Come In     

Those following the team’s progress through the HVA’s Facebook page and Twitter  account know that a lot of pre-race preparation has been going on the past few weeks. To keep members entertained as we help with the serious business of raising Autism awareness, the HVA has a lot more in store come race day—more live-blogging, tweeting, filming, and photography to capture what our intrepid team sees and experiences along the way.

And please don’t forget: The HVA’s designated charity for the event is Autism Speaks. Local chapter representatives will be on hand at the start of the Great Race on June 23rd.  But don’t wait to show your support. For more information on autism please visit Donations to the HVA’s Great Race autism fundraiser can be made here.



  1. Ron Brandon Florence, AZ


  2. Randy Fair TX


  3. Becky Hamilton Irondale, AL

    We have a 1965 Olds Cutlass, and we named her 'Bertha', my husband put her name at the bottom of the front windows. We have been to MI, TX, KY to Olds Shows. She is modified and she is a great ride.

  4. Bill Conner Peoria, Az

    I like IKE

  5. lyle pittsburg, ks

    "i like IKE" sound familiar, he also started the interstate hwy system in this general time period-1954 so to me this is the onlu choice! Go ike-looks like a neat ride!

  6. Donald Short Kentucky

    With a nome like Ike you can't go wrong

  7. ACE My Cubicle


  8. Bill Blodgett Charlottesville, VA

    Ike is appropriate for a 50's car.

  9. Tom Holman Minneapolis

    I like Ransom after the first name of R.E. Olds

  10. Howard Tomball, Texas

    You guys have missed it....The car should be called "diane" + dynamic olds 88

  11. richard farrow NC

    those names are dumb OLD88

  12. Mike Norona Mazomanie, Wisconsin

    Ransom seems fitting, we all know how expensive this hobby can be! Miss adventure is cute, maybe too cute. Ocho reminds me of that football goof that chenged his name. Personally, and with no disrespect but to keep it "in period" i might suggest "Two Broads & a Rod." No longer politically correct, but i don't subscribe to that, let's live our own lives! The styling of this-era of Olds' always reminded me of a sad face, i think you can see that. But yeah, Ransom, to memorialize R.E. Olds who began the line. God Bless the REO Speedwagon (i wonder how many kids really know the origin of that band's name??!?!). My best to Carmel & Katy, and many thanks to Mark (who's likely a tad nervous?), may the miles be smooth and the fuel stations in awe to the point they forget to collect!! I've had that happen, my 1951 Dodge 3/4-ton military 4x4 ragtop :) Happy trails, keep 'em rolling!!!!

  13. Bob Plassman Southport, NC

    I had a '54 Olds 88 during my time in the service. The poor thing was rusted throughout, but it was dependable, starting and running when nothing else moved during the winter in Syracuse, NY. Good luck to the distaff team!

  14. Jack Staherski United States

    Ike suits this car perfectly. He was president when this car was manufactured, a strong sturdy leader of the Allied forces previously; AND " I LIKE IKE " slogan seems appropriate. Don't you think ?!!!

  15. Chris Rahschulte Verona, Ky

    The name just fits the car and era.

  16. BEN TIETJENS clinton, ia


  17. Robert 15108

    The car should be named for Ransom Olds.



  19. Paul F. Eberle Sr. Dayton, OH

    My older brother had a metalic green 54 Olds 88 in 1960. I'l never forget in a patch laying contest he set the rear left tire on fire melting the inner tube to the tire. Loved the car, but was too young when it was replaced.

  20. Paul F. Eberle Sr. Dayton, OH

    My older brother had a metalic green 54 Olds 88 in 1960. I'l never forget in a patch laying contest he set the rear left tire on fire melting the inner tube to the tire. Loved the car, but was too young when it was replaced.

  21. Lynn Nordby Bainbridge Island, WA

    The first car I remember my Dad owning was a 1951 - 88 Olds. Very cool. He picked it up new in Lansing and drove it back home to Alaska.



  23. Mary Eatib Colorado

    Have a great nephew that is autistic. good luck at the race

  24. Rob MacDonald Wolcott CT

    I hope they are strong and above average! Sorry Garrison.

  25. Patrick Martin Spokane, WA

    Name is catchy~~

  26. victor colon dallas,TX

    Oldsmobile 88

  27. tom wozab whidbey island, washington

    i love miss adventure for a name but ransom is great because those who know cars will get it and those who dont will be saying huh?

  28. Jim johnson Nc

    Net idea, good luck

  29. Bruce Baker Beaufort, S. C.

    Great car, a friend of mine had a blus and white 88 loved that car.

  30. Kevin Grus Irwin, PA

    Ransom is Oldsmobile

  31. Dave Wyatt Portage, Indiana

    The car fits the Ike era

  32. Rich Bishop Wilmington, DE

    Go, Girls!!

  33. mark schultz marcy ny

    Good luck during the race! Hope to see you in watertown ny!

  34. Harry Tucci PA

    Ransom, Eli Olds, Ransom a totally appropriate name for a super 88.

  35. Jimbeaux Hamilton Seatle

    The other names are lame

  36. william powell Lookout mountain, GA

    Miss Adventure

  37. Steven T Cano Corona, Calif 92881

    Sure wish my 54 Olds 88 wasn't holding me for Ransom! But it has a hold onto my heart strings, a great ride and joy when we take it for a local spin.

  38. WILLIAM SIEMON United States, Dutchess County, NY

    Before I even saw your list of names for the Olds, I came up with "(the) HANDSOME RANSOM", thinking I was supposed to come up with a name on my own. - The car I own is a 1954 Oldsmobile Holiday Ninety Eight (2dr hdtp), red & white. If you had provided a a link, I would have loved to send you a shot or two of the car I have wanted since I was fourteen years old in 1954 when it was brand new. I finally bought my Olds three and a half years ago, at the age of 68. I am now 72. Sincerely, Bill Siemon

  39. Randy Huffman Murrieta, CA

    My Dad had a 54 Olds 88 when we were kids! It was a nice car and he still talk about that car!

  40. Ruben Fonseca McAllen, Texas

    Go girls!

  41. Reynold Kelowna,BC

    I have had several Oldsmobiles but I think that the 1954 Olds is REAL COOL

  42. Joe Stinnett Apopka, Florida

    Your Olds entry looks like a car that President Dwight D Eisenhower (Ike) would have driven in the 50s. It's massive and classy. Perfect for the Ladies!! Good Luck and God Bless, Joe Stinnett

  43. Donald Holland King, N C 27021

    Nice Olds Good luck

  44. Bruce Elmhurst IL

    My choice would have been "The BEAST" asin Beauty and the BEAST. Hence Ichose Ike, short for YIKES

  45. Rick Janowski Liverpool, NY

    Hope to see you all in Watertown, NY. Enjoy.

  46. Steve Osga Charlotte, Michigan

    That will be a great time. wish I could go along for the ride

  47. Kent Burg zimmerman mn

    com on you guys.. you had to have thought of the name ,old's school

  48. Bob Aurora, Colorado

    We had a 56 Olds 88 and a 59 in Royal Oak, Michigan...loved them....great family cars We frequently drove our family of five from Michigan to our old farm in New Hampshire. Never had a problem. Ransom's Rocket. Rocket Girls.

  49. Sharon Goddard Ks

    The first new car my Dad bought was a '54 Olds 2 Dr. hardtop---an unusual fern green and cream color---beautiful. How about "Merry" or "Lucille" for a name? Seems like the Olds commercial in the 1950's was a tune with the words "Come Away with Me Lucille, In my Merry Oldsmobile". Good luck and have fun.

  50. Charles Dayton-Nevada

    the name should be - Willy for olds mo willy.