HVA Honor Roll: Buicktown Chapter of the Buick Club of America

by: John Paul

March 16, 2012

Through paid internships for college-age students, this Michigan-based car club is changing lives while promoting historic vehicle preservation.     

Last year, the Historic Vehicle Association asked its members to nominate an individual, club or charity working on a grassroots level to preserve and promote the future of historic vehicle ownership. This month, the HVA would like to spotlight one of those nominees: Buicktown Chapter of the Buick Club of America.

Thanks to dedicated member support, Buicktown Chapter of Flint, Michigan, has successfully provided paid internships to students from Mott Community College and the University of Michigan-Flint. Students serve out their internship at the local Buick Automotive Gallery of the Sloan Museum, where they learn about the preservation of historic vehicles and the museum’s archives. In addition, members of Buicktown Chapter serve as mentors to the students, teaching them about the artifacts, automobiles, and history of the Sloan Museum collection.

So far, Buicktown Chapter has sponsored six automotive interns from Mott Community College and another six from the history department at the University of Michigan-Flint. According to Roger Tyyska, the HVA member who nominated Buicktown Chapter, there have been two instances of students changing their course of study and embarking on a master’s degree programs in museum-related studies.

Buicktown Chapter offers scholarships because they are essential to creating a bridge between generations, one that nurtures the interest of young enthusiasts to help ensure the continuation of the hobby for future generations.



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