Name That Motorcycle

February 23, 2012

Thank you to everyone who commented on the motorcycle photo on the HVA website and the HVA’s Facebook page

The motorcycle in the photo is a 1905 Reading Standard.

The Reading Standard was a product of the Reading Standard Manufacturing Company, which was founded in 1896. Production consisted of both bicycles and “motor bicycles,” the earliest of which were marketed under the R-S name. This 1905 Reading Standard  was powered by a single-cylinder Thor engine producing 1 ¾ horsepower. It may not have seemed like much, but it was enough to propel the machine to 35 miles per hour, which seems fast on a modern road bike. For 1905 the model was called “Thoroughbred.” The original price was $210. In 1923, Reading Standard was absorbed by The Cleveland Motorcycle Company and soon the brand name faded away.

And the winner of the contest – Jodi Wingler from Danville, IN!

For guessing correctly Jodi Wingler will receive a free HVA ballcap. 

Jodi is the proud owner of a 1972 Chevrolet Pickup "Erma Jane".

1972 Chevy Pickup



  1. Rayce (Pat) Hall Los Lunas, New Mexico

    I think this is a 1913 Harley Davidson. Sure hope I'm right.

  2. g penick tallahassee fl

    1912 Henderson........a wild guess.

  3. penick tallahassee fl

    1912 henderson

  4. Jeff Roessler San Clemente, CA

    I'm going to guess that its a Curtiss...of aviator Glen Curtiss fame.

  5. Bob Chamberlin Lockport IL

    I believe your mystery motorcycle is a 1907 Emblem.

  6. Jim Saccomanno Brewster,NY

    Picture is of a 1904 Rambler Motorcycle

  7. jeff hughes salem va

    1957 motebacane

  8. Larry Swofford Austin, Texas

    The motorcycle that is in this month's 'best guess' contest appears to be a Reading Standard... maybe the 'Emblem' model (I think that was what is may have been called. The thing that puzzled me with your photo was that I through they made a few changes to the engine externals or engine sheet metal to distinguish it from the 1903 Indian motorcycle engine...which is what it really looks like... Thanks for putting this out there... Larry

  9. Bob Schneider Scottsdale, AZ

    1901 Indian

  10. Dennis boston, MA

    Is that a 1904 Reading Standard?

  11. jim ish petaluma ca

    could be a vintage indian

  12. PETER DAVIS Jonesborough, TN

    1907 Light

  13. Rick Jolly Kane, PA

    It is a 1901 Holley motorcycle.

  14. Rick Jolly Kane, PA

    It is a 1901 Holley, manufactured by the Holley brothers in Bradford, PA, appros. 30 miles from where I live.





  17. BILL LANE kirkville ny

    1905 reading standard

  18. Warren Bullock Paradise Ca

    This appears to be a 1906 Reading standard. very few changes were made from 1904-1906 for these bikes.

  19. Debbie Dellera columbia, sc

    Harley Davidson 1901

  20. Tom Brekhus Dallas, TX

    1906 Reading Standard motorcycle.

  21. bill gibson Burtonsville, MD

    I think it's a Thomas Pre 1910..... Probably 1902...

  22. Richard Ferrero Brewster, NY

    1902 Indian

  23. Duane Quenzel Horsham, Pa.

    1903 American bicycle from San Francisco

  24. R. C. Kimm Phoeniz, Az

    1901 Indian. I think the later models had the gas-tank over the rear wheel and were refered to as "Camelbacks".

  25. george hammen NC

    Still looks like a 1905 Indian, even with the Reading Standard box

  26. george hammen United States

    1906 Reading Standard motorcycle. It won the Pikes Peake climb that year

  27. Duane Quenzel Horsham, Pa.

    1902 California motorcycle Made in San Francisco

  28. Steve Wood Chicagoland

    It is a 1905 Reading Standard model Thoroughbred.

  29. Steve Wood Chicagoland

    It is a 1905 Reading Standard model Thoroughbred.

  30. Steve Wood Chicagoland

    It is a 1905 Reading Standard model Thoroughbred.

  31. David Hopkins Little Rock

    I think it's a 1904 Reading Standard

  32. John Bauer il.

    I think it's a 1902 Indian

  33. R Hall Ohio

    1903 reading standard

  34. R Hall Ohio

    1903 reading standard

  35. John A MD

    Early First Model Wright Brothers Patent MC