Name That Vehicle

January 24, 2012

Thank you to everyone who commented on the vehicle photo on the HVA website and the HVA’s Facebook page

The vehicle in the photo is a 1903 Packard Grey Wolf Voiture Legere.

The Packard Grey Wolf was Packard’s first racing car.  The engine and transmission—originally 4-speeds, with two gears removed to save weight—were placed in a special lightweight wedge-shaped frame with a 92” wheelbase.  The Grey Wolf’s light weight and aerodynamic shape were best suited for record setting.  Weight was listed as 1,310 pounds. The low racer had an aluminum body finished in light grey, giving it the name “Grey Wolf”. 

And the winner of the contest – Jack Weiszer from Portage, MI! Jack is the proud owner of a 1960 Corvette currently undergoing restoration.

For guessing correctly Jack Weiszer will receive a free HVA ballcap. 


  1. Jorgen Christiansen Mt. Laurel NJ

    I believe this vehicle could be a RENAULT around 1901

  2. Jack Weiszer Portage, Michigan

    The car is the 1903 Packard Grey Wolf “Voiture Legere”

  3. Roger Fields Venice, Fl.

    1903 Packard Grey Wolf. Location is Ormond Beach, January 1904

  4. bernie marois south hadley MA

    1903 packard model K S grey wolf

  5. Robert Smith Iowa

    It is a 1903 Packard Grey Wolf “Voiture Legere”.

  6. Charles A. Blackman Madison, IN 47250

    This is the Packard Gray Wolf, NOW in Dayton, Ohio

  7. David Enders Brawley ca.

    Packard Gray Wolf

  8. Myron Ware Newport News, VA

    1903 Packard Grey Wolf

  9. dan n massachusetts

    I think it is a 1903 Packard K-S Gray Wolf

  10. dan n massachusetts

    I think it is a 1903 Packard K-S Gray Wolf