Scrutineer's Notebook: 1935 Lincoln K Coupe by LeBaron

by Jonathan Stein

April 26, 2011

A time-honored standard in American automotive luxury, this immaculately restored Lincoln K LeBaron is expected to show well at Italy’s 2011 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este.

While many cars are inspected for FIVA at major events including Pebble Beach and Amelia Island, HVA inspectors sometimes visit private collections or shops as their travel schedules permit.

Recently, we had a request to inspect a car that was about to be sent to Italy.  Dr. Peter Heydon’s Lincoln K LeBaron proved well worth the trip. 

When thinking of fine automobiles being shipped overseas to compete in high-end events, marques like Alfa Romeo, Bugatti and Delage pop to mind. But Heydon is a collector who likes to buck trends.

In 2010 he sent his wonderful Duesenberg Model X to the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este and for 2011 he’ll be back on the beautiful shores of Lake Como with a spectacular Brewster Green Lincoln K LeBaron Coupe that has been successfully shown at top concours in the United States.

This lovely V-12-powered Lincoln was restored to exacting standards beginning in 2005 by Larry Jordon of Jackson, Michigan, while the interior was trimmed by Mark Larder of Homer, Michigan. At that time, the car was stripped to bits and reunited with its original engine, which had been out of the Lincoln for years. Although the restoration is nearly four years old, it still shows beautifully, particularly considering that Dr. Heydon likes to drive and show his cars extensively.

But what of the inspection?

It’s clear that the gleaming dark green Lincoln was carefully rebuilt with all its correct period equipment and to standard specifications—if anything on a custom automobile can really be considered “standard.” That means that the car will receive a FIVA A3 designation, allowing it to compete in virtually any FIVA event for which it is appropriate. As soon as the inspection was completed, the car was loaded into a transporter to begin the long trek to Italy where, no doubt, the Lincoln coupe will be considered very exotic.


  1. Victor Love how eevyrone is wearing blue and white, but they arent all matchy-matchy. Oh and the cancuks shoes . Too cute!

    Love how eevyrone is wearing blue and white, but they arent all matchy-matchy. Oh and the cancuks shoes . Too cute!